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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2005
Being a bit of an indie-kid at the time, Been Caught Stealing was the first I heard of Jane's Addiction. A friend and I happend to be in Vienna and saw that JA were playing a small hard rock venue, so we went along on the spur of the moment. There were few people there, but it turned out to be a life-changing moment. Listen to Ritual and you'll see why - this is music that operates at a different level. The album gives you a rock-funk kick in the behind to start, before ploughing into some crazy recesses of Perry Farrell's mind with Then She Did, Three Days and Of Course, before ending on a really classic slice of perfect pop rock. It's one of my favourite albums. And I'm not even a rock fan!
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This brilliant album provides a gripping blend of intoxicating rhythmic patterns, jagged guitar riffs and piercing, intense vocals, and is a work of depth that yields its treasures with repeated listening. My favorites include the hard rocking Stop and the catchy Been Caught Stealing, as well as the epic masterpieces Then She Did and Three Days. But most of all the churning Of Course with its poignant lyrics and the closing ballad Classic Girl with its mesmerising melody remain in my mind. Jane's Addiction's sound impresses both with its intensity, helped of course by Farrell's edgy voice, and its ability to shift dynamically between different sonic textures. At first listen - from the opening announcement in Spanish to the last strains of Classic girl - I knew this was a masterpiece. Subsequent listens have only revealed more and more of its rewarding nuances and intricate delights. Ritual de lo Habitual is at times tender, visceral, rousing and quirky, but always intense, dramatic and cinematic, like the best rock music should be.
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on 30 May 2007
It doesn't matter if your into metal, rock, jazz, soul or funk, this has the lot & should be owned by all.

Two parts meet to create the most awe-inspiring, inspirational music ever recorded. The first part of the album presents the faster funkier stuff such as the hearfelt 'Stop!', the angry 'Ain't no right' & the indie dancefloor classic 'Been Caught Stealing'. It was this track that made me get the album to find out more about the band & it really was the most defining moment in the history of my music apprecation to date. I compare this album to everything & it still keeps my interest after first hearing it 15 years ago.

The first tracks are all brillant, but it is the second part of the collection that really sets the band apart from everything. With a progressive, experimental feel hinted at by the earlier 'Obvious', the second half is born by the initially slow-burning 'Three Days' which builds over the course of it's 13 minute's to a searing rally on nature & religion. Only someone with a true apprecation of this track can tell you how utterly mesmerising it is. It has as much character & intent then any number of whole albums I could mention from other bands & is a superb way to usher in the remainder of the tracks. 'Then She Did' is another monumental example of amazing song construction & will be stuck in your head for days. 'Of Course' is a bizarre violin lead fable that neatly seperates the slow build-up flow of the previous two tracks before ending on the frankly beautiful 'Classic Girl' with it's surreal lyrical meditation on love & affection. Yeah, I love this album.

Perry himself said that Jane's were like a cross between Bad Brains & Duke Ellington & this is a pretty accurate statement, although it could probably better describe the also brillant 'Nothing's Shocking'. It does however indicate how much perserverance this may take with some, but really though it just needs to be heard to be believed. Truly timeless. Buy it.
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on 23 February 2004
This album is my favourite album of all time and it is unquestionably down to the songs 'three days' and 'then she did'. We can harp on about the commercial side to the album, 'been caught stealing' and the more obvious funk rock influences, but these two songs should have been the benchmark for the rest of the album - absolutely shatteringly unique songs of immense feeling and an ability to formulate an inexplicable altered way of thinking. What people should do is sit by a fire in the dead of winter, put on a set of headphones and dim the lights, no, turn them off! and listen to three days from the start - LOUD. If you have ever been to THAT place in your mind before, I'd love to know the song capable - tell me NOW!!!
"True hunting's over, no herd to follow, without game men prey on eachother, the family weakens by the bites we swallow" - A sort of neolithic mammouth hunt on the Chilean steppes gone wrong through over hunting, the turning on one's own - this is brutal spooky imagery with soaring musical landscapes and a sound that morphs into totally different movements from the last. The guitar solo is the greatest ever. Nothing like it - No words of this sort have ever been put to music before or after without being somehow cheesy. Perry Farrell does take some getting used to but it isn't about listening to his voice and saying 'not my thing', if you switch off and listen, you will SWITCH ON! you may catch a glimpse of what I'm getting at (or not!!) But as I said, most people just don't get it.
Oh, just my opinion!
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on 18 December 2002
Ritual de lo Habituel was bought by myself as an experiment, a spur-of-the-moment occurance, and now i am eternally pleased with myself for doing so. Jane's Addiction are truly great, the pure funk of this album is on a plain of its own. Stop! is an amazing start, and immediately demonstrates their true musical ability. The unexpected versitility of this record is so surprising. The album moves from the Chili-esque funk start of No-one's Leaving, to the guitar-whining greatness of Three Days. Buy it if you have a pure love for excellent funk/rock music. However, if you like Avril Lavigne then I advise you run very fast in the opposite direction so as to protect yourself from me beating you up for even attempting to tarnish such wonderfulness.
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on 21 September 2006
The greatest thing about Jane's Addiction was the way they fused metal, thrash, psychedelia and folk to make something totally original and continually listenable. Listening to 'Ritual'only drives home how much the current music scene, with it's obsession with bands liberally impersonating acts from the past, needs more groups with the wide-ranging tastes and sheer ability showcased on this record. The Spanish spoken intro sets a vaguely unsettling tone before 'Stop' roars to life with Dave Navarro's frenzied freefalling guitar. From there, the album winds an occaisonally repetitve path through hard rock on 'Ain't No Right', swirling psyhedelia of'Obvious' and the mantra-sounding 'Of Course', taking in the most well-known Jane's track 'Been Caught Stealing' before arriving at 'Three Days'. Everything that earned Addiction there alternative greatness is on display: a classic ten minutes of Navarro's guitar mastery vying for dominance with Perry Farrell's hackling, shrieking vocals about a different kind of Jesus and Stephen Perkin's thunderous drumming. Although , it lacks some of the primal aggression of their first release, 'Ritual' makes up for it with sheer variety of rock music, and from one cd, what more can you ask for?
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on 18 August 2000
Arguably the band who made the 90s possible. Nothing's Shocking, the first studio album, came out when Guns'N'Roses and their ilk dominated the charts here and in the states, and blew things wide open from a similiar rock base. Their success paved the way for Nirvana et al to cross over.
This album is more diverse, and perhaps a little less focused. But throughout Perry takes on themes and ideas few others in pop have ever tangled with, and the band, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins particularly, make sky-scraping music to match.
Although their demise was probably well timed, as much as anything they were a live band, with Perry a charismatic front-man and the ultimate entertainer. If he gets it back on track I'm sure he still has much to offer.
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on 25 April 2015
I am sat here kicking myself that I didn't buy this when it came out 25 years ago. Like many rock fans, I took to the dance floor weekly to Been Caught Stealing, but good track though it is, it doesn't represent the emotion, power and complexity of this album. I happened upon this in a charity shop and took a punt and so glad I did - I'm now probably the 'latest to the party' Jane's Addiction fan there is. Around the same time I got into Warrior Soul, they were one of my fave bands at the time and there's a few comparisons to that here. I urge any rock fan to buy this album - now.
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on 19 January 2016
What an album....its got the lot.Was played this album on the way to the see them live in Birmingham 1991 The Hummingbird (£7 quid..) mainly because my old school mate Aid could not drive.Well they were ace and i still play this album now..must be played loud.
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on 20 October 2002
This album is worth getting just for the single 'Been Caught Stealing'. From the word go, you get that raw sound that's become the Jane's Addiction trademark. Jane's Addiciton are one of those bands that other's are compared to, their sound is both sweet and sour simultaneously and, in Perry Farrell, a vocalist with a fantastically unique voice.
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