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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Stay On These Roads
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£2.98+ £1.26 shipping

on 18 August 2016
What an excellent album. 'There's never a forever thing' is just about the best track a-ha have released. This is an achingly beautiful song. Closely on its tails with regards to beauty is the title track; a bit like 'take on me', Morten weaves his velvet voice round this lovely melody, trading mid-range vocals for the gorgeous falsetto. Other tracks are also noteworthy, such as the mature 'you'll end up crying'. I think A-ha are so brilliant, as all their songs are so melodic.
I was thinking of five stars, and it really is a fantastic album, but I thought it should lose a star for 'touchy' which has a great vocal, but the chorus is so cheesy and cringe worthy.
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on 26 June 2017
Great album really enjoyed the demo tracks and alternate version of "out of blue comes green" really good track
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on 23 March 2017
Great album and plays fine
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on 8 July 2017
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on 27 May 2017
I enoyed this in the 80s and still loving it now.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 February 2017
A-Ha released their final studio album of the Eighties in 1988 with 'Stay On These Roads', which a lot of people seem to dismiss as something of a weak effort, but I really enjoy it. I do agree that it isn't quite on par with it's predecessors as a whole work, and that it isn't as good as some of the mostly acoustic in style masterpieces which would follow. However, the amount of enjoyable tracks on the record, merits a four star release overall, as opposed to three. There are some weak cuts (a few songs which do drag on in length and become rather boring after a while), but it's still a fine album with lots to write home about.

These internationally successful Norwegian men were never just another pop band, and they have given the world some excellent music over the many years they have been together, building up a very rich and diverse back catalogue. On here, things open up most beautifully with 'Stay On These Roads', a very atmospheric song which sets the tone of the entire album.

That was one of five hit singles, along with The Living Daylights', which was used in the film of the same name, and is one of the best James Bond theme songs, and 'The Blood That Moves the Body', a very stylish track. The others, 'Touchy!', and 'You Are the One' are mediocre pop songs, but still provide some good fun amidst the more serious, and stirring balladry. Among the album-only tracks, 'There's Never A Forever Thing', and 'You'll End Up Crying' particularly stand out as highlights.

I'd say that 'Stay On These Roads' provided more 'depth' to A-Ha's music than their previous two, and there are some excellent tracks among the simply average. As usual, Morten Harket's vocals are magical, and this was a change in direction for the band slightly, in that there are more slower tracks than their then trademark uptempo. Intelligent pop music is what these men were all about.
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on 26 October 2015
I have been waiting for this to be given the Deluxe treatment since the first two albums were done in 2010.The album has been remastered and had the 12 inch versions of the singles added to the first disc,which is the the main reason for buying this edition as I have not been able to find them on any 80s collection,except for stay on these roads extended. The second disc has early mixes and alternate versions which,for a collector,are a bonus.
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on 26 November 2015
"Stay On These Roads"- Deluxe Edition -Disc one has got so many great Songs that I love.So hard to choose which one of the Songs I love more Than the other."There Is Never Forever Thing"- I first heard this beautiful Song last year on line ,I am glad I got these Deluxe issue ,now I have three versions of the Song ,the original one,the Demo and acoustic version of the Song I am delighted ,and amazed ,over these amazing Song. There is also a bit of information when and why this Song was composed .On the second CD.there is an early version of the Song"You Are The One ",and Alternate version of this Great Song as well as the original one On the first CD. Early version of a Great Song "Stay On These Roads",On the second CD,as well as the original on the first CD.There are Demo Songs,Alternate Songs early version of Songs, and A writing session of a Song" Sail On My Love".As a Music Enthusiast it truly is a joy to listen to A-HAs early work- their Songs are really Great ,A-HA perfection is in all their Songs,weather is a Demo ,Early Version or Alternate Versions of a Song -Songs ,lyrics ,Instrumentals,are always Great ,Awesome Voice ,Your Talents,Mr.Harket,Mr.Furuholmen and Mr Waaktaar are a true Gift to us all , Thank You A-ha for sharing it with us . "Stay On These Roads"Deluxe edition is a perfect gift for those who Love Great Music !
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on 31 October 2009
aha released this album years ago and the living daylights was sucessful for them being used on the james bond theme of the film of the same name. The title track with the album name still is a wonderfull piece of music sung with a really good voice that is quite original..The album certainly has its 80s sound.Quite trendy at the time and a good listen today.
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on 20 December 2015
'Stay On These Roads' (1988) was produced by Alan Tarney, a successful producer in the 1980's, working with artists such as Cliff Richard, Barbara Dickson, Leo Sayer, David Cassidy (the 'Romance' album) and The Moody Blues ('Keys To The Kingdom' album).

This expanded edition has 'state of the art' remastered sound by Rhino/Warner Music, which brings a new depth & clarity to this excellent long-player. Five of the original album's ten tracks were hit singles, starting with the theme song for the James Bond movie 'The Living Daylights' in July 1987.

The latter song was re-worked for the album. The hit single/movie version only appears on this set in extended form, although the 7" version has appeared on compilations. It is said that the members of Aha did not get on well with the composer John Barry in the studio. John Barry himself disclosed that Aha had a 'bad attitude'.

On many albums, it is the singles which stand out. On 'Stay On These Roads' it is the album tracks which are most satisfying; songs such as 'This Alone Is Love' & 'Out Of Blue Comes Green' are both superb, with outstanding lead vocals. Morton Harket's voice has a greater range than most pop singers. 'There's Never A Forever Thing' & 'Hurry Home' are also impressive. The rhythm of 'Hurry Home' appears to simulate the rhythm of a train to match the 'freight train running' lyric.

The title track 'Stay On These Roads', a hit in March 1988, is the best of the other singles, with another great lead vocal. 'Touchy' (8/88) has never been a big favourite, but 3 more versions are included! 'You Are The One' (12/88) was a catchy enough hit single, but why does it appear 5 times on this set ? The 5th version on CD2, a rough demo, is an unnecessary inclusion, especially when the other 2 decent versions on CD2 (early/alternative) are sufficient. 'The Blood That Moves The Body' (6/88), a minor hit, is featured 3 times, with a very good demo recording on CD2, in stereo. CD1 features remixed/extended versions of all 5 singles, as well as the original album.

The 20 track second disc contains demos and alternative versions. Normally I am wary of this kind of bonus material, after hearing 'Montage Of Heck' by Kurt Cobain, or the poor quality demos on Saxons 'Wheels Of Steel' or 'At The Speed Of Sound' (2CD edition) by Wings, but these are mostly good quality recordings. Yet again, the highlights are 'Out Of Blue Comes Green' (Alt Mix) & 'There's Never A Forever Thing' (Demo) and also the track 'You'll End Up Crying' (Demo) with its double-tracked vocal, which is close to the finished album version.

Some tracks on CD2 are nothing special, mostly near the end of the CD. The demo tracks 'Umbrella' & 'Evitar' are previously unreleased for a reason; they are both poor. 'Sail On My Love' (writing version) is a segment of 'Stay On These Roads', and is not worth releasing, especially when there is a very good early version of the latter on CD2, which sounds 'finished'.

Interestingly, the 'Hurry Home' demo contains synth parts later used on the song 'Stay On These Roads'. The demo of 'This Alone Is Love' cannot compete with the superior album version, although the ideas are interesting. Wisely, the voices in the background were taken out. 'The Living Daylights' (Demo) has improvised vocals with incomplete lyrics. 'Cold River' is a 1987 demo of a song which later appeared on 1990's 'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon Album.

5 stars for the original 10 track album / alternative versions, with upgraded sound, but 4 stars overall for the inclusion of the five dreaded 'remixes', out of which the 8 minute plus 'Touchy' (Go-Go Mix) represents the absolute nadir, and at least five demos which I could live without.
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