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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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After two reasonably entertaining R&B albums For You and Prince, The Artist Now Known As... fired back with his third album and the first in a string of what could be considered timeless classics. This is Dirty Mind from 1980.

What strikes me about Dirty Mind over its predecessors is how down right funky this album this. Whilst the follow up album Controversy introduced a lot more synth based pop elements to the album, this record holds a solid, straight forward funk element for the entire thirty minute record, only breaking for one or two more melodic tunes.

Fans of Prince will be familiar with the song Dirty Mind, it is a fantastic funk rock song with a great disco pop bass rhythm. It is a lot more synthetic than the follow up songs and was definitely a sign of things to come. When You Were Mine is a nice light pop rock song that balances off the more electronic opening track. Do it All Night continues that groovy funk rhythm and flows wonderfully into the almost Motown ballad Gotta Broken Heart Again. The second side of the LP features more superb funk rhythms in Uptown and Head. The album variety continues on with the charming brief rock number Sister and finishes with another funk based tune, Partyup.

Through out the album you will find top quality musicianship, most of which were handled by Prince himself. With exception of the vocals by Lisa Coleman and the Synthesizer by Doctor Fink, the Purple One himself performed the funky slap bass, the groovy disco beats and all the excellent but criminally under used guitar.

As far as '80s albums go, this one has aged wonderfully. The CD print of this beauty still sounds crystal clear and in my opinion is a much more enjoyable listening experience than the vast majority of Prince's '80s CD releases. I would however recommend buying the re-issue LP over the disc. The sound in general is a lot more rich, packs a nice wallop where it needs to and much like Around A World In A Day and other Prince albums, just sounds better overall.

People will argue until they are blue in the face that Purple Rain is Prince's finest album. But I feel that as great as that album is, it lacks the edge and consistency that you will find in Dirty Mind. This album knows what it wants to be and doesn't screw around with too many musical variations and styles. It is a straight up funk rock album, nothing more, nothing less and it is a thing of beauty.

Published by Steven Lornie of Demonszone
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on 11 May 2017
Love this album and love the fact that it was delivered within the time frame brand new and still in it's plastic covering.
I hadn't used this company before this but will definitely check back in with these guys when picking up another.
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Listening to 'Dirty Mind' today is quite a remarkable experience. What hits you about the album is how fresh it still sounds, how full of passion/aggression the vocals are and how tight, snappy, funky and cool the music is. Ironically, back in 1980, what hit the headlines about the album was its lyrical content and controversial explicit adult content. While its true songs like 'Head' and 'Sister' (in particular) were way outside any of societies acceptable boundaries back in the day, its a shame that whenever an artist breaks new ground his or her's work is usually slated for doing so. In many cases, innovative work like this often gets 'buried' under the weight of criticism and scandal and results in a premature end to a recording career!

So, what exactly have we got here? The simple answer to that is 30 minutes (its not the longest album you will ever buy) of the tightest funk that's bristling with great guitar riffs and which mixes new instruments (synths) with old as if they had always been together. 'Do It All Night' and 'Uptown' were U.K. single releases but were nothing like anything being played on U.K. radio at the time. Production wise the album was as ahead of its time as Kraftwerk's 'Autobahn in 1975 and only the rock tinged, radio friendly 'When You Were Mine' would have had a chance of charting had it been chosen as a single...

So then, to sum up, you can dance to tracks like 'Uptown' and the title track but none of the material here was designed particularly for dancing. A whole lot more is going on here than just another black wannabe trying to move yo' ass!

While Prince went on to make a lot of more successful records than this he rarely made a record anywhere near as good.

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on 5 August 2001
Seemingly tired of the implied naughty sexuality of the first two albums Prince went all out to shock on his third, giving listeners an insight into his "Dirty Mind". Prince was clearly not going to be a MOR average artist.
From the suggestive album cover (Prince in bikini briefs against bed springs) he left the listener in no doubt to what the album theme would be...
And this proved the case. Aside from the political statement "Party Up" (Allegedly written by The Time frontman Morris Day), the anti-establishment "Uptown" and the tender ballad "Gotta Broken Heart Again", it was all sex fuelled relations from there on in. The synth-pop title track opens the album with a clear indication of his future manifesto. Sex would play big a big part of Prince's music for years to come yet.
Songs like "Head" (A story of ....) and "Sister" (...) set out to shock from the start. But when the music's this fresh and challenging who was arguing! Well the "Moral Majority" were for one. ;)
It was the Beatle-esque pop perfection of "When You Were Mine" that is my undoubted highlight and arguably his best song to date. It was later covered by Cyndi Lauper.
By very nature of the topics covered Prince limited his potential fanbase here. So although not as big a seller as the former more commercial based album, Prince declared his will to experiment and push boundaries dramatically.
Rough and raw sounding as it is, this remains one of mine and many other Prince fans favourite albums.
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on 28 January 2010
Dirty mind was a hopeful purchase for me, as i did not expect much really. WOW was a amazed when i got it. The CD has 8 tracks and clocks in at around 30 mins, but that 30 minutes was the one of the best musical experiences i have ever had. It is simple in sound but yet very complex and that is often the great things about Prince. Every track on here flows off the last, making it a great party tracklist (perhaps over 18's only though!) It is outrageous and provocative (sister, Head) but also tender (when you were mine) while the stand out funk tracks are partyup and uptown, which display The artists knack for a killer chorus and message very early in his career. This album is one of the 4 Prince seminal works along with 1999, purple rain and sign o the times, and is thus a given for any Prince fans collection, but is also strongly reccomended for music lovers in general. Outstanding.
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This really is a 30 minute tour-de-force. It has the lot - ballads, rock, funk work-outs etc and should sound dated given the instrumentation. But these songs are so, so good. By far Prince's most satisfying album - for any other artist this would qualify as a Greatest Hits compilation.
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on 27 April 2016
This was NOT a Japanese Imports as listed and was second hand, not impressed at all
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on 24 March 2014
I'll keep this short, like 'Dirty Mind' itself. I'm fairly parsimonious when it comes to spending money on a particular item, and so spending a fiver on a mere 30 minutes of music would usually be unthinkable. But you'll never find a 30-minute gem this aesthetically perfect by anyone - not by the Beatles, not by Steely Dan, not by anyone. This is the ne plus ultra, and possibly even the sine non qua, of poprockfunk.

The lyrics are wicked, Prince's delivery is infectious and impossibly natural, the whole record was hugely influential, and it's the most fun you can have without laughing. BUY IT NOW, and impress all your friends when you tell them that what they're obviously digging was released in 1980.
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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2009
The first "proper" Prince album for many, "Dirty Mind" remains a classic. Yes, the sound is dated, falsetto vocals and synths dominant in the mix, but there is much to love here.

As dirty as its title suggests, the album is pure filth from start to finish, and I just love it! The title track is a cracker, but is immediately bettered by "When You Were Mine", still one of his greatest ever songs, a great guitar riff running through it. "Do It All Night" harks back to the sound of the "Prince" album, and "Gotta Broken Heart Again" is the album's sole ballad.

The second half is stunning. "Uptown" is a boisterous anthem about a night on the town, but then this gives way to the notorious "Head", a song devoted to the tale of Prince deflowering a virgin by means of oral sex. Nothing could prepare you for the punky thrash of "Sister", its shocking lyrics dealing with the taboo subjects of incest and, once again, oral sex. Finally, "Partyup" is, as its title suggests, a party anthem, the companion piece to "Uptown".

His first classic.
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on 23 March 2001
This album marked the start of a remarkable run of albums that ended 8 years later with Lovesexy. This was Prince's 3rd album and was something of a departure from his 1st two. This is a raw engery filled funk fest of an album. The emphasis is on the funk but there also a cracking ballad in gotta broken heart again and also contains one of his best pop songs in when u were mine, fantastic lyrics " following him whenever hes with u" sloppy seconds for poor old Prince. Head is pure funk class with a wonderfully keyboard solo. This album is very Dirty, and Very Very Funky.
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