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  • Blue
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on 19 January 2018
This is, with no doubt, a masterpiece musical work from Joni Mitchell and, according to “Discogs” list, there are 118 versions of “Blue” around the world and, amongst them, 18 in the US… Regrettably, Amazon do not make distinction on reviews and put them all in one bag so, I believe that it will be of much help to the community if reviewers start for announcing what version are they reviewing exactly… Therefore, first I must write that this review is about the HDCD version mastered by Joe Gastwirt… And what a lousy work that turn out to be… A wonderfull album completely ruined… I have listened it once, at the minimum level of sound that my hi-fi can possible deliver, and I had terrible headache… Unbearable to listen due to the reverberation on the high notes… Considering that the music in this album is mostly in the high level registration, due to the tonality of Joni’s voice and the instruments mainly used (piano and acoustic guitar), what could be a a very enjoyable musical journey became an acoustic nightmare... I will not try again… Shame on this mastering… My advise is not to get this cheap (on price and on quality) HDCD version and try the more expensive first cd version of it (I have not listened to it, but I have earlier cd editions of "For the Roses" and "Court and Spark", and they are all just fine)... How I regret that my original vinyl copy of this one was lost for somebody else…
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on 19 November 2012
This was the first Joni Mitchell album I purchased and it pursuaded me to buy Court and Spark, which is another great and when I get the chance I'll certainly get more, because Joni has not dissapointed. The songs on here work beautifully together and really show off, not only Joni's wonderful, quirky vocals and instrumentation, proving that she is not only a talented singer, but a talented composer, not to mention a batch of great lyrics. There is a great sense of maturity and reflection to this album, which is perhaps why it is only relatable to those of that mindset. A lot of the songs hark back to personal times in Joni's past, leading many to see them as self-indulgent, but I would say that the ambiguity of the lyrics allows the listener to relate to Joni, making the album both personal for the listener and Mitchell, which makes you feel much more involved in the album as a whole.

The tone of the album is a mellow one, but that isn't to say that it is actually depressing. Of course it does have its lows, such as the stunning title track, All I Want, Case of You and The Last Time I Saw Richard, but these songs have a wonderful melody and are not depressing to listen to, because of the beautiful instrumentation. The piano intro of Richard is beautiful, as is that on Blue, which also has one of Mitchell's best vocal performances on the album. I also love the guitar work on Case of You, one of Mitchell's classic tracks.

There are on this album what I would call uplifting tracks, particularly, California and Carey, which are two of my personal favourates, particularly Carey, which has a very interesting story behind it too. There is also a clever piano chord in the song, River, which is reminiscent of Jingle Bells, as Mitchell begins her seasonal song that really displays some fantastic lyrics.

However, I will try to relate to why some people may not like this album. If you like albums where a lot happens, there is a really high brow, production with instruments coming in all directions, double tracked vocals and pulsating basslines and all that, then perhaps this album isn't for you. Mitchell uses Piano and Guitar very sparsely on this album and her vocals are kind of airy and distant. It is a very quite album which is great for reflection and perhaps suited to a maturer audience, although not necesserily (I'm 19) but still I would take this into consideration before purchasing this album.

None the less I beleive that this album is a masterpiece and one of many as far as Joni Mitchell is concerned. It's beauty lies in the raw beauty and passion with which Joni Mitchell sings and performs her music, which is forsaken these days for high production gloss and sheek synthisised sounds, not to mention auto-tuned vocals. This is a very human record and I think that any human being who has lived and experienced a lot in life will find something on this album with which they can relate to.
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on 8 August 2017
Such wisdom and maturity. Uplifting and heart wrenching. A multi talented instrumentalist, one of the great voices. Green is a poem from the heart to her daughter given up for adoption.
Blue, both the track and the album are rightly admired. From Elvis Costello to Rolling Stone.
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on 21 July 2008
I first heard the song Case of You in the film Practical Magic and thought how wonderful it was. I bought the film soundtrack (the whole music selection for the film was pretty good) and then i bought the album Blue to see what the rest of Jonis work was like.

I fell in love with the album so completely, that now i've moved to MP3 and sold 99% of my CD's i can't bear to part with this one. One of the others is Court & Spark.

The music is so simple, the strings, drums, and her voice- the most wonderful voice i have ever heard, conveying such emotion that the music and words combined make the whole album an amazing rollercoaster of feelings and thoughts.

I'd recommend to anyone who has ever felt any kind of emotion.
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on 15 June 2017
Absolutely brilliant, one of my favourite albums, love listenening to it in the car when driving Well packaged and quick delivery. Many thanks.
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on 25 May 2017
excellent early Joni, still listening and enjoying.
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on 2 March 2017
Beautiful and a real classic .......
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on 7 November 2012
This is one of the most highly regarded albums ever made. If there were six stars available I'd give it ten! that's how good it is!

If you ask any musician who has heard it (and millions have) for their opinion. they will, like me, find it really hard to Express properly, Just how influential and truly awesome an album this is. But all you have to do is listen to understand that this is very. very. very. special.

Enjoy :)
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on 2 June 2017
A really good price for such an amazing cd
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on 21 November 2016
A haunting album that stimulates more memories from my teens. I think I was in love with Joni when I was 15 and this came out and always found the title track very haunting.
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