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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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For all that Stephen Stills was the main sales calling card on this album (originally a double vinyl set), this really is a fantastic ensemble work, where each individual member gets to play their part. 'Manassas' is a wonderful album, that manages to harness the creative powers of all concerned, whilst sublimating their egos to the greater good (and ultimate benefit of the listener). As other reviewers have stated, each side was roughly given a 'theme' or at least a title, but that's of little concern here - what you get is an incredibly intense and concentrated dose of imaginative songwriting, stellar musical performances and moments of incredible beauty. I can't think of many records that are as musically diverse as this, yet still sound like the work of one band. Styles range from fiddle-led country to solo acoustic blues, with much of Stills' acknowledged love of Latinate rhythms and musical textures in evidence. Chris Hillman also gets to offer up some of his finest recorded performances, and the vocal harmonies are richly layered and soaked in melodic appeal. I cannot recommend this album enough to lovers of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, CSNY - anyone who likes quality music. It's also ridiculously cheap on CD. A classic.
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on 28 June 2009
This album has touched me Big Time when I bought it in 1973 and till this day it still does!!! Of all the albums I have ever bought in my life this is still my favourite. I bought it on vinyl at the time (of course), but have bought also 3 copies on CD over the years, so I can play it when or wherever I am at the time.

When I got it in 1973 I was in my late teens, a student and living in Holland and as being Dutch therefore wasn't quite aware/or able to understand what all the lyrics where quite about, but that didn't bother me at all. And to be honest it now still doesn't!

Each number just "swept me away" (funny expression) and they still do. I can play this album over and over again and still do, but it just won't and never will bore me. It is also the variety of several genres - Blues, Rock'n'Roll, Country/Bluegrass and very touching chill-out numbers that makes it so very special.

Even though I actually do now live in England since 1985 (and am still a Dutch - female) I am now obviously totally capable of understanding all the lyrics too, however that hasn't made any difference to me at all how I feel about this album. This album is Totally a Real Classic!!!

I just think it just wasn't that well presented/promoted/plugged enough? to the main public in the US and Europe at the time. If they had done that in those days Manassas would have had a lot longer life span (ok their next album "Down the Road" had a bit of a lesser impact, but 2nd albums can be), they just should have had their fair chance and they certainly deserved a HELL of a lot more credibility!

Just to explain and strengthen my feelings. I've just watched Stephen Stills on TV tonight in a gig @ Glastonbury with Graham Nash and David Crosby (27th June 2009). I was totally gobsmacked! He (Stephen Stills) was totally awesome!!! That man is a genius!

I am not a music expert like some of the other people who have left their expert reviews for this album and am certainly not in any league to Jason Parkes' one (Jason, you are totally the best and I've loved your review).

I am not capable to verify each aspect of the album in detail. All I can do and have tried is to give my thoughts and feelings across and that: the double album "Manassas" by Manassas is totally brillant and if you are considering buying it I can assure you that you won't be dissapointed!!!
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on 29 September 2009
Man oh man what a total mindblast.It's been donkeys years since I last heard this album and I find it impossible to add or improve on the superlatives heaped on by previous admirable reviewers about this set.Stills at his most creative and sophisticated says it all for me .Absolute class.
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on 13 June 2002
This album is an all time classic!It's various musical styles make it so refreshing to listen to.The first part of the album is pure Rock'n' roll with "Jet set (sigh)" and "Rock'n' Roll crazies " outstanding with brilliant slide guitar playing by Al Perkins.The next part of the album is Country music with Stills and Hillman shining, the track "Colorado" has lovely soaring harmonies.The third part of the record is folk/Rock and "Johnny's garden" appeared on the CSNY boxed set.Once again,the harmonies are brilliant! The fourth part is under the title of "Rock and Roll is here to stay" "The treasure" is a long,rambling track which gives Perkins (steel guitar ) and Stills a chance for some good solo playing.
The songwriting is shared by Stills, Hillman and Dallas Taylor and is of very high quality
The Manassas line up is awesome and it's a pity the band didn't stay together longer.They recorded one more album,but it wasn't a patch on the debut album.Go on, enrich your CD collection!!
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on 9 June 2017
Goods as requested, fast delivery. No issues.
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on 24 March 2016
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on 11 November 2008
I actually am addicted to this album. First heard it twenty years ago and loved it then, but time passed and I forgot about it. Bought it again on CD two years ago and I'm still addicted. There's rarely a day I'm not listening to it on my Pod. It's the perfect antidote to the mass of rubbish that's churned out every day on the radio. This is music that reconnects you to great songwriting, musicianship and, in some ways, to yourself.
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on 3 September 2013
If you only ever buy two Stephen Stills albums, this and his first solo album are a must. Stills masters a wide range of American music, from blues, gospel, folk, rock, country, latin...an all the combinations thereof. The fact that he can muster such great musicians on his albums is a testament, although Stephen can play most instruments to a very high level. Over the years this album has remained in my all time top 5 albums. Simply a must if you love great and varied American music!
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on 25 August 2009
As a fan of Stills, and of Hillman and the Byrds and with a drought of any quality new music coming out, I went back in time to look for music related to stuff I knew I liked - and I came upon this. What can I say - it is simply brilliant! Even the few Bluegrass songs are majestic - and I'm not a fan of Bluegrass! How and why this album is note more widely recognised is a mystery! Everytime I listen to the album a different song grabs me - every one of the 21 is magical! Brilliant Stuff!
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on 19 February 2006
Given how long this album has been out and the thorough review that Jason Sparkes has written in this page, doubts about the need for further praise may be justified. Well, that may be the case yet the width and weight of the music contained, as powerful and current today as it was revolutionary then, must conclusively inspire many more testimonials.
This is Stephen Stills at the height of his powers, something that has been amply demonstrated in his first solo album earlier on, and now augmented by one of the greatest line-ups anyone ever put together as a band. Yes, Manassas is a band. This is not "Stills' vehicle," rather it's Stephen Stills leading a group of talented peers and feeding off the creative sparks they generated together.
As I said before other reviews have dutifully listed the gifts of the many classic songs in Manassas, so for the sake of brevity, I won't go on detailing the beauties contained here. To end while I'm ahead, let me just say that this is American music at its best, Rock-Country-Blues-Folk and even some Latin influences condensed into an album that still has few equals.
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