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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Slave To The Grind
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 10 May 2017
Better than youth gone wild which was also good but can't beat the consistent bitter,rebellious nature of the form of slave to the grind!
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on 11 November 2008
I totally support all reviews on this CD: this remains one of my all time favourite hard rock records, and I am 41 and have been raised with that music and all the big names. It is not a very widely known thing, it is always in the "5 CD's for one euro" heap on sales days, but man this album just ROCKS. It is sheer power, my favourite being The Threat. I always make a gift of it to young guys who think Metallica are the thing, and most of the time I get the "wao I did not know this, this is tops man!". Still today the sound comes across as really powerful, the vocals are amazing, the guitars murderous, and the songs really good. Skid ROw never made anything that good, before or after. If you like that kind of music, this is a MUST HAVE.
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on 1 March 2006
1992,a year after metallicas black metal and the grunge revolution was killing metal and heavy rock,i had listened to skid rows debut at least 200 times before this was released and when my parents got it for me i threw it in the tapedeck,yes tapedeck folks,no cd players at this time, and i waited and the opener' monkey business 'blew me away,it seemed heavier and angrier than anything on the self titled debut,i was going mad and screaming,thats how excited i was but nothing prepared me for the next song,that song was the self titled song 'slave to the grind',it just tore me to shreds,it was so heavy and thrasy and so different to the skid row sound,it was just so chaotic,i ran to tell my sister,she didnt care,i knew no other metallers so i was left alone to know that i just heard one of the best songs ever,the entire album doesnt remain in the same heavy tone but it is a classic,i remember dad shouting at me for listening to the song 'get the fxxk out' and i knew i had a special album here,mindblowing,life altering brilliance,we all have albums of our youth ,this is one of mine and i still love it today
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on 11 October 2004
Skid Row's second album has a lot to live up to in order to match the bands debut effort, however this album almost suceeds in doing it. This album is heavier then 'skid row' but it still manages to be quite melodic at the same time (possibly one of the reasons why it is so good).
The album is a mixture of haevy rock and some increbible power ballads. Singer Sebastian Bach has the best voice in the whole of rock and this is well demonstrated on this album, in reality even though bassist and guitarist Rachel Bolan and Scotti Hill write most of the lyrics, it is Bach who really brings the songs alive. His ability to make the hair on the 'bach' (sorry could'nt resist) of your neck rise on certain songs is something which is very difficult to find. You can see how Bach made the band what it was through listening to the album 'thickskin' (after he had left the band), the great lyrics are there but the band is just a shadow of it's former self.
The album itself is let down by a couple of poor tracks:-
Get the f**k out: is quite imature and doesn't really fit in with other songs on the album.
Physco love:- Don't really know what it is about this song but i just don't like it. It is quite a good song but is nothing compared to what the band can do. (Sounds more suited on thier third album 'subhuman race')
Apart from these the rest of the tracks are awesome. Slave to the grind, in a darkend room,livin on a chain gang and the threat are the best tracks. The part in 'The Threat' where the music stops and Seb screams 'to make me smile pretty for the wrecking ball' is unreal (listen to it you'll know what i mean.
Overall this album is unmissable for anyone who likes thier first album or 80's metal in general. It is also good for those who just like hard rock. Skid row were an incredibly underated band and were one of the best bands from the era (behind guns and roses and possibly Motley Crue).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 April 2013
I had Skid Row's self entitled 1989 debut album for a while before I decided to buy the second one: 'Slave To The Grind', released two years later. I didn't take to it immediately, possibly because it's mostly much heavier and less melodic than the first. However, after a few listens, it soon became my favourite.

The album's heavy title track is as good as anything on the debut, and killer ballads like 'In A Darkened Room' and 'Wasted Time' (my hands down favourite Skid Row song) should be considered '90s rock classics.

As much as I still love the 'Skid Row' album, the band had defiantly matured musically with 'Slave To The Grind'. The songs on here far are more powerful and raw with meaningful lyrics. If you love Guns N' Roses at their peek, Skid Row's second record must surely be alongside it.

Highly recommended!
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on 30 June 2002
How do i write a review for an album that i still scream along to now...10 years on.. in my car!? Its worth the entrance fee just to experience the powerful opening track with a gorjuss intro (stop me if i get over the top) that is "Monkey Business". The groove that is laid down is so infectious and you just get compelled to sing along. The next two songs fly by with some great riffs and outstanding vocals ("Slave to the Grind", "The Threat") and then we come to what i consider to be the best song the Skids have done. "Quicksand Jesus" is what some call a power ballad but the power of the transition from acoustic to electric is so powerful and coupled with Sebastian Bachs' unreal vocal performance and the usual thought provoking lyrics(very evident on the entire album)it creates a memorable song. The album continues on with the good "Psycho Love" and the crazy "Get the F*ck Out" only to be followed by a very groove laiden- "Living on a Chain Gang"..impressive twin guitar solo here. "In a Darkened Room" follows "Creepshow" and is another ballady track with a great guitar melody(repeated by Bach in the song) and more strong vocals. A more pacy "Riot Act" provides some head banging relief before a crunchy "Mudkicker follows it. The album finishes with a tale of grief on "Wasted Time" and rounds off a rollercoaster of an album that i recommend to any self respecting metalhead who appreciates someone who can really sing and prefers songs with melody and deep lyrics.
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on 24 April 2013
It is very raw, it is nasty, it is wilder and less melodic than the first eponymous album. For those who seek a more gentle side to the band, there are of course the rock ballads. To me, "Wasted Time" belongs to the greatest tunes the rock scene had in the 1990s. All in all, an OK album, but its predecessor was much better.
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on 18 August 2006
Heavy rock and Metal gets a rough deal in the media at the expense of "rock" like The Killers,and Franz Ferdinand! This is a life affirming CD,Sebastian Bach was still a young man when he made this album and it still hits home 14 years later!! Thats music!

Wether you like the thundering heaviness of Monkey Business or the beautifully haunting ballads In a darkened room,Quicksand Jesus or Wasted Time which are from from slushy love songs,but very emotional deep odes for a better life.My God it's practically a perfect metal album,the likes of which you don't hear anymore,sadly.

I agree with a previous review,if your life is in a downer,play this CD at full volume,it will change your life.
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on 24 March 2001
Skid row hit all the right buttons on this cd,if your down in the dumps now,i defy you to be after listening to this,its full of energy,raunchy rock and all the things that make you forget your troubles,get this,u gotta life again.
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on 17 July 2000
Skid Row's "Slave to the Grind" is SKID ROW at their best! On this album the band was clearly working together as a unit, and the styles of the various songs are diverse as the personalities that formed this incredible band. Sebastian Bach once again used his impressive voice to deliver the goods. Overall, the sound on this album is more aggressive than SKID ROW'S first effort. At times the lyrics seemed to focus more on negativity than rebellion. Still, overall, the album deserves a place in every collection. I know it will always be high on the "play list" in my own collection. Any fan of Sebastian Bach's vocals will especially appreciate this album since now they can listen to his first solo effort "Bring 'Em Bach Alive" and hear him sing six of the songs from this album again, live, and better than ever. If you're a fan of bands of this end of the genre, you may be pleasantly surprised to find many of them have 1999-2000 releases. Check out your favorites! "Don't wait for a better day. Or you won't get there at all."-Kane Roberts-(Used with his kind permission)
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