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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2004
I am a latercomer to Kyuss's music, I found out about them after getting hooked on Queens of the Stone Age. I discovered that Josh Homme (Queens Singer/Guitarist) was also the man behind Kyuss so I checked them out.......and boy I am glad I did.
There is a lot of debate among Kyuss fans as to which of their albums is the best, I personally love them all and find it hard to compare any of them. My favourite Kyuss song is 'Gardenia' off Sky Valley due to its incredible heaviness and groove.
However, this album 'And the circus leaves town..' is a masterpiece. You can really see what direction Josh Homme was planning on taking after Kyuss as he introduced a lot more melody on this album.
I personally think John Garcia's voice matches the songs perfectly and both music and vocals complement each other nicely.
Standout songs on the album are 'One Inch Man' , 'Tangy Zizzle', 'Size Queen', 'Catamaran' and the incredible 'Spaceship Landship'
The latter of those is a monster of a track and is arguably one of the best hard rock songs of all simply rocks like a ...!!
There are also some really cool instrumentals and this album, in particular 'Jumbo Blimp Jumbo' which is shows off Josh's amazing guitar ability.
In fact that is the one thing that stands out in all of Kyuss's albums, yes the drums are superb and the bass is f**king incredible but the guitar playing is out of this world and Josh really is a guitar god.
If you are new to Kyuss I would get this album and 'Sky Valley' first and then work back to 'Blues for the Red Sun' and 'Wretch'
I have just added their 'greatest hits' album to my collection although it is mainly full of live tracks and rough cuts that didn't make it on to their proper albums.....still worth a purchase though as anything Kyuss did was awesome.
Don't today.
And if you are into the whole desert/stoner rock thing then check out Karma to Burn and Queens of the Stone Age who are two of my favourite bands.
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on 16 July 2002
The answer is no, this legendary group disbanded shortly after the resulting tour of this album. Unfortunately, they became famous (rising to cult status in the underground) after they split because of bad publicity. If not we may have still had Kyuss to this day!?
Anyway, ...And The Circus Leaves Town is usually one's 3rd Kyuss investment; beginning with the highly acclaimed (even Q Magazine and Kerrang! like it!!) Blues for the red sun album, secondly Welcome To Sky Valley, usually the fan's, hardcore fans, and indeed my favourite, then this little beauty!
I still cannot decide which is better 'Blues', or this, it is quite (but not too) different than these other two albums. It is quite experimental and dosen't contain many psychedelics or, indeed instrumentals. There are, of course, the fundamental elements that make up any Kyuss album present; Homme's dark/light guitar split personality, Scott Reeder's flowing, soft basslines, pounding drums (now taken over by Alfreo Hernandez rather than Brant Bjork), and the voice of the desert John Gaercia's distinctive vocals.
But theres something different to this album, it seems more empty and sinister, like the album art of a flooded, deserted caravan park, like they had the premonition of the band split whilst making the album. However that dosen't mean it's depressing! Its far from it, the contrasts of hard rockers;HURRICANE, mid paced chuggers;ONE INCH MAN and floaty instumental pieces within songs create a neutal mood and one hell of a brilliant album.
The most noticeable oddity of this album compared with the previous 3 is the song EL RODEO. It begins with a strange effect laden guitar melody which stops and starts. An odd, slightly funky sliding bassline enters and creates an odd beat. Drums enter and the song contiues with the odd bassline guiding the drums and the guitar meandering around the two instuments. Its quite hard to describe. Then the rhythm hits a solid wall of steady heaviness out of nowhere. Garcia's vocals emerge from the heviness for a moment then stop. The stop/start/fake ending that Kyuss use oh so often comes into play once again with the song jumping from one slab of heaviness to another. Vocals emerge once again and carry on till the end with Garcia repeating 'RODEO!' over. Its is an odd song even for Kyuss. It also happens to be one of my favourite tracks off the album.
This album is another classic from the lads we know best as the greatest band that ever walked the earth!
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...And The Circus Leaves Town is the fourth and final studio album by legendary Desert/Stoner pioneers Kyuss. The album was released in 1995, just before the band split up prior to any significant touring in support of the album.

Featuring `Hurricane,' and the single `One Inch Man,' the album continues the band's evolution from raw garage sounds to spacey, psychedelic numbers mixed with solid rockers.

No two Kyuss albums sound all that alike, but all retain a common theme of bassy sounds, 60s/70s rock influences and John Garcia's vocal style. ...And The Circus Leaves Town takes the band even further away from their debut and into some new territory altogether.

The band were on fire and the musicianship and performances are absolutely exemplary, which when combined with their best production job to date results in one fantastic record.

Standout tracks include material like `Catamaran,' and `Spaceship Landing,' which were impressive and ambitious, as well as the aforementioned `Huricane,' and `One Inch Man,' which keep the album's rock credentials up.

Some Kyuss fans don't rate this album just as highly as the two which came before it. Regardless, once you've tried those two albums jump straight into ...And The Circus Leaves Town with both feet, you won't be disappointed. Perhaps it cannot live up to the classic status of those two records, but it is still a brilliant album and well worth investigating.
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VINE VOICEon 5 June 2006
This album completes the legendary trilogy alongside the other classics 'Welcome to Sky Valley' and 'Blues For the Red Sun'. With this album, their last full length, Kyuss alter their sound and style slightly, creating a deeper and lower guitar tone and generally slower tempos. The result is a huge moody monolith of an album that sweeps aside thousands of other 'stoner' bands. '...And The Circus Leaves Town' is a fine way for Kyuss to wave goodbye after a truly legendary but tragically short-lived career.

'Hurricane' boots things off in short and sweet rocking style. It's a fun rocker, but a rather mediocre start to the album when considering the immediately engulfing openers from their past albums. But this I found would be the style of the album, it is a slow burner, gradually progressing and weaving. 'One Inch Man' is another short and sharp track, but this time the band creates a more subtle and sophisticated song. Homme's guitar paying especially shines on this with some very cool and almost psychedelic guitar effects, complemented by the classic John Garcia raspy vocal delivery. Generally John's vocals are less in the mix with this album when compared to previous releases, taking a seat behind Homme's guitar playing, which is at its all time best.

The album really picks up when 'Phototropic' begins. This song shows a new side to Kyuss - a moodier, more melancholic sound with a slow, brooding build up leading to the desperate croons of John singing 'under light I have never seen/reach up to the sun'. 'El Rodeo' continues the moodier, atmospheric style, once again building to huge walls of sound and John's emotionally packed vocals. Often seen as a two-song piece, it remains a highlight of Kyuss' career.

'Tangy Tizzle' starts the closing of the album. It is the best closing in Kyuss' career, and simply one of the best in metal and rock history. Personally I feel the last four tracks on this album create the pinnacle to Kyuss' short-lived career. After the heavy and fun rocker of 'Tangy Tizzle', something more similar to 'Blues For The red Sun' style, 'Size Queen' delivers one of Kyuss' best songs. Striking me as a combination of the 'Sky Valley' structure of verse/chorus (something the band generally get away from on this album, most of the songs just flow into different sections), and the newer moody, brooding guitar tone this album introduces.

Then 'Catamaran' hits the listener with its sheer beauty. Calming yet highly melancholic, it makes for great reflective listening by recalling all sorts of feelings depending on your mood - sometimes it feels very lonely and vast, sometimes it's a cool summers breeze with a refreshing 'cool air'. Whatever it evokes, it is a masterpiece of simplicity. 'Spaceship Landing' comes crashing in with its bellowing drums and dirty sounding guitars. Starting off like a straight-forward heavy rocker with angst-ridden lyrics about insecurity and drunkenness, the band then display their talents and exactly why they are the kings of the genre. A simply gigantic riff comes in, slowing the song down to a menacing, brutal pace. One of Homme's best riffs ever, and he knows it, he carries on, each bar building groove. The song moves in and out of various movements until reaching the main riff for a huge climax. This song is such a tribute to the band's talents. Their ability to create simply amazing riffs and melodies - sharp direction changes - complex structures...all in one epic track. I cannot praise this closer enough.

This is one of the best rock albums you will ever hear. I find it amazing some people call this their worst effort, or even a 'boring' album. The quality of musicianship is unbelievable, making other 'stoner' rip-offs look like dummies.
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on 13 December 2000
Kyuss have always been about sound interpretation i.e interpret the songs as you see fit and with their first 3 albums especially Blues for the red sun and welcome to sky vallley the palm springs boys had managed to mix an awesomely heavy rumbling with a beautiful and mysterious melodic undertone. While the circus leaves town does to some extent leave behind the blueprint created by theese two works of genius it still contains truly astounding tracks which is if anything more acessible then its predecessors. The album ranges from the whirlwind opener Hurricane to the massive sprawling album closer spaceship landing, the album should have been the one which took them to the big time but unfortunately the band broke up in 1996, but the circus leaves town can stand proudly alongside blues for the red sun and welcome to sky valley as one of the truly great metal albums and a defining example of the genre dubbed stoner rock.
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on 4 April 2006
ok. well, for me nothing can or will ever beat blues, but can it rival sky valley? i dont know. on second thoughts, no, but its still great. apparently, many fans prefer sky to anything but that isnt the case among the many kyuss fans i know, blues all the way. of course this is outstanding too though. i would say that this is kyuss's sexiest album. they always do the beautiful thing and seague melody into brutality but this album seems to do it quite perfectly. a couple of tracks dont quite hold up (the ones between el rodeo and size queen; but not including) but overall this is a slitheringly beautiful swan song.. bytheway, i dont know what amazon are on about with their track listings, the actual order is quite different
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on 16 October 2008
Being a very long standing fan of Kyuss, having got into them when Sky Valley first came out because I heard 1 track (Gardenia) on the Radio 1 rock show as a kid and thought wow - this is what I've been missing - and then going to see them in London twice (1st at the Camden Underworld then the Astoria 2 - still got both ticket stubbs and T-shirts from the events!) i think it's about time I wrote a review.

To be honest I'm not really a metal fan, I've been more into other types of music for a long time but I can put this album on and from the word go it grabs me. Hurricane is just the most perfect start to this album, hard, fast and briefly in your face.

One inch man adds a little cheek and posture but rattles along in a deep dark hearty manner.

Next come two of the darkest and deepest of Kyuss's tracks. Very broody, moody and intense. I prefer Gloria Lewis but the detachment and instrumentals of Thee Ol Boozeroony work fantastically well.

For me, even now, 13 years after I first bought this, Phototropic disappoints. It just doesn't seem to go anywhere and it's one of those tracks which you forget about. It's not filler, it's just different and slower but not in the way that "Space Cadet" on Sky Valley keeps you enthralled.

The next track is a distinct highlight and a particular favourite of mine. The scene is set from the 1st chord and it builds and builds and builds to a great crescendo. El Rodeo is an absolute classic!

Track 7 - Jumbo blimp Jumbo, has great chords and a classy start. It's one of Kyuss's "floater" tracks. It doesn't build but it develops adding layers of intrigue. It's like it tells you a story but without any anything being uttered.

Tangy Zizzle has another great catchy start but meanders slightly. This could have been developed a little more by the band into a great track. Disappointing but still rewarding. I think the problem here is that following on from the last 2 albums (Blues for the red sun and Sky Valley) the band were trying something different but got pushed back into their old rhythm which is what they were trying to alter.

Next comes Size Queen. This is lovely little funky number. This shows that the band really were pushing their boundary and their experimentation was paying off. John Garcia's vocals sound quite different but still keep his natural gravelly edge. Then after the intro to Size Queen the heavy bass kicks in and we're back on planet Kyuss, before looping back around again. Brilliant, classic Kyuss. Different but maintaining their imprint.

Catamaran. What can I say, Kyuss never covered tracks and to all intents and purposes they haven't. Well, they have but not many people will have heard the original. Still very good and a worthwhile intro to the epic that's about to hit your stereo.

And now we come to their final monumental epitaph (well not quite, we still were going to get Un Sandpiper and the Fatso Forgotso tracks). Spaceship Landing is one of the most genuinely inspirational tracks. It takes you on a journey from the opening drum beats to the seemeingly unending riffs and twisting melodies. Classic.

In short, this album is sheer class by a band so far ahead of their time it's ridiculous. Their live shows were immense. The absolute disaster is that they didn't continue for much longer producing material. Where were you all? What on earth were you listening to at the time? If you've not already bought any Kyuss albums then buy it as well as Blues for the Red sun and Sky Valley - you won't be disappointed.

If you have the others then what are you waiting for. You need to get this as well. There's no point only doing half a job... Just buy it!

Happy listening.
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on 20 July 2016
If you like Blues For The Red Sun and Welcome To Sky Valley then you'll like this. Possibly a bit more varied but the familiar guitar sound is there. To me it sounds better in the car than on my semi decent home system (like the above albums) - maybe it's to do with the production, but anyway well worth the outlay.
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on 8 March 2012
This is kyuss' last album, which is a pity, as it is awesome, the whole band pare on top form. The song "el rodeo" is simply amazing, I just love the transitional way it goes from building up to rocking out. Although I would prefer "blues for the red sun", I still think this is a great album, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums are pretty close to each other in terms of quality.
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on 9 March 2016
One of the best albums I ever bought. Amazing stoner rock but genuinely good quality and interesting music.
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