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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2005
This is great. I bought both Bill & Teds on DVD fairly recently and was watching the first the other day and I had forgotten how good the soundtrack is on this film. I just love classic rock with guaranteed solos throughout as well as a great sense of simply a great song....which all tracks on this album have of course. Can't even point my finger at a badun' on the whole album. The last 3 however are the best (Bricklin, Robbi Robb and of course Power Tool) Look, just buy this if you like Bill & Ted in the slightest. Even of you don't you will still have a great album!
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on 29 March 2011
I was one of the few who saw Bill & Ted's in the cinema, before it became a bit of a phenomenon. Whilst the charm of the film is well appreciated, just how good the soundtrack is is often overlooked. Early tracks by Extreme (alas no more), Big Pig and Power Tools remind you of key scenes in the film and just make you smile. A great soundtrack from a cimema jem and well worth getting if you need cheering up.

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on 12 February 2007
Having been looking for this CD for a few years now (I didn't want to pay ridiculous prices) I can say this is one of the best soundtracks I've heard to date and also great road music. There are so many good songs on here it's hard to single one out, personally I think I'd go for Father Time but In Time, The Boys and Girls are Doing It, Play with Me and Two Heads are Better Than One are almost equally brilliant. I love the energy this CD gives off.

I got this beauty 5 stars!
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on 6 March 2000
Since I first saw Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure about six years I've always thought of it as comedy. A funny one, one of the funniest there is in fact, but last night I was listening to the soundtrack when I realised the secret message.
It's a utopian story, the first stage in the old world's transformation to that beautiful futuristic world where everyone loves rock music, even the dirt is clean and everyone is excellent to eachother. The brilliant point is that this perfect society doesn't have to stem from serious politics and that the instigators of paradise are, in every sense of the word, morons.
But surely you're thinking this review belongs in Amazon's new Video & DVD section. Well, the film's soundtrack is quite simply essential to our greater understanding of the film. The nine artists (Shark Island feature twice) are largely unknown, with only Extreme having gone on to subsequent success (they had a UK no2 with `More Than Words` in 1991. However every track stands on on it's own, every one could be a hit single indepedant of the film. There is no filler or orchestral pieces that so mar so many soundtracks.
The first, weaker half consists largely of four minute rock songs with attitude. However Glen Burtnik's mid tempo `Not So Far Away` sets the standard for the brilliance to come. It is side two where things get interesting, kicking of with Big Pig's drum heavy `I Can't Break Away.` It irritates at first but boy, does it grow. Shark Island's `Dangerous` is the finest of the side one style material.
The next two songs are the high point of the album and the main reason why I am going to all this effort. From the moment the guitar kicks in on Bricklin's `Walk Away` you know you are in the presence of greatness. From that opening roar the pace does not slacken one inch and I challenge your goosebumps not to stand up everytime the vocalist cries, `There's no one around.`
Which takes us on to album's moment of genious, Robbie Robb's `In Time`. The message in the chorus is simple, `In time we'll be dancing in the streets of light/ In time yeah everything will be alright`. Not just the message of the film but a sign of hope to everyone in this world, whatever their problems. The melody is also impossibly beautiful. Why oh why wasn't it released as a single? It would have been number 1 for months. Surely it's not too late.
Unfortunately the album ends with a whimper, Power Tool's `Two Heads Are Better Than One` being the slightest track on the album. Still, after Bricklin and Robbie Robb we can forgive them.
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on 15 January 2008
After wasting too much time searching on the high street for this classic soundtrack, you can understand my enjoyment at finding the bargin for both Xcellent Adventure & Bogus Journey!

This album is well constructed, thankfully full of the original music found in the film, though it's organised in a fashion that starts slow and only gets better the deeper you get into the album. Thats my personal opinion. Lots of the songs are full of great lead guitar solos, que your own air guitar solo to fit in with Bill & Ted :-)

Nice to find and really worth listening to if you enjoyed the movies, you'll love the soundtrack. Father Time is my personal favourite.

Party On...Dudes :-)
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on 28 December 2000
One of those worth it types of CD that you just can't get in the shops anymore. If you want the Bill and Ted essence in your own home, it is perfect. Probably not as good as the bogus journey soundtrack overall, but if you are a fan then you have to have it. Memories of the film.... sigh.
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on 9 November 2011
bought it for the track 'In Time' which is played in part when B@T arrive in the 'Future'. Fantastic guitar work, alas the rest track is average. nothing wrong with the music on the disc,if you like the music of the film, just make certain, that, if like me, you were buying for one or two tracks that you know what they sound like in their entirity.
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on 20 December 2015
Most Excellent - Bodacious... Yes! This is an excellent soundtrack from a classic film. I love playing this in my car on the way to work as it really cheers me up! This, along with Waynes World and many more 80s/90s movies are a must own if you want a bit of nostalgia or want to Party On! Recommended
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on 5 November 2010
Grew up watching the film and never had the soundtrack. This CD arrived promptly from the seller, brand new and has hardly come off the cd player yet. Not just nostalgic, there is some really great music on here and forgotten 80's anthems!
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on 7 June 2014
An album that just makes me smile and sing along like a massive goon. Gotta love Bill and Ted, and the music is just grand too. Some hugely cheesy 80's rock action here, but hey, just enjoy it for what it is, and play it loud.
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