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on 21 January 2005
Please read this through before jumping to any conclusions, you may be surprised. I went through 52 minutes of agony to write it. Below is an (honest) song by song review; actually describing each track. Justice must be served.
Rock n Roll Star: From the start, Liam's vocals are cringe-worthy. An attempt to display "attitude" is entirely unsuccessful, it just sounds whiney and annoying. Liam's torture and the horrific lyrics put a stubborn bad taste in your mouth, like cod liver oil. What a repetitive, boring, dragging and unimaginative ending to a song. Rubbish.
Shakermaker: The intro to this song is bad, and it only gets worse when Liam starts droning along. The melody is more childish than your average "cartoons" release. I can really enjoy some nostalgia in music, but this? Music? Hardly. Surely even the most loyal oasis fan has to admit that this song is a blunder of epic proportions. Good grief, 2 tracks out of 2 with mind numbingly bad endings. Pathetic.
Live Forever: How did oasis get away with the lyrics here? Doesn't it make your stomach curdle when he uses his uninspired falsetto? Yet again, Liam's vocals take the song to a new level of pure headache material. Getting used to Oasis' drab endings shouldn't be a good thing, but it the end to this song is certainly a relief. Drivel.
Up in the Sky: Hahaha!!! Entertaining stuff here. Ok, the promises the listenable intro makes are so spectacularly broken by a falsetto that would be unwelcome in the worst pub karaoke.(0:35) If you're looking for uninspired, unoriginal lyrics you can't go wrong with anything from Definitely Maybe. However, Up in the Sky stands out in this aspect. Why they even pretend this meaningless dross has any profundity behind it is beyond me. Disgraceful.
Colombia: The intro; a blatantly inferior copy of any Stone Roses intro. Unmelodic, go nowhere lead in guitar lines pre-empt what we were all fearing. Yep, more lethargic, globular drones from "him". Calling this singing should be regarded with about as much respect as the prospect of the Loch Ness Monster. Clocking in at over 6 minutes, do Oasis take this racket to any new level? You know the answer. Grotesque.
Supersonic: A song highly acclaimed and respected by football hooligans and other various delinquents. Perfect: predictable lyrics, uninspired melody and a totally conventional structure. With over 1 full agonising minute of pure filler to finish, I feel for those hooligans. To be fair, one of the best songs on the album. Vile.
Bring it on down: Calling this dense white noise is over-flattering. A truly bad, unoriginal bridge section disposes of Liam's monotone, but, greets another minute and half of tiresome guitar time-wasting. It's impressive how nippy and ugly the Gallager brothers manage to make this, and so devoid of any musical material. Criminal.
Cigarettes and Alcohol: Yep, they've managed to butcher T.rex's catchy riff. What cheek. The kind of song that always sounds better whistled in the shower than on your stereo. "You've gotta make it 'appen!!" - Who was responsible for this? Insulting.
Digsy's Dinner: Fortunately, most Oasis fans admit this song is bad. As a song itself, bad? - but of course. However, its short length, upbeat rhythm and relatively clear sounds make this a welcome interlude, a cold refreshment after that blandness exhibition. The fact that a song this bad comes as a refreshment, serves as a testament to the grim quality of the album as a whole. Abysmal.
Slide Away: To begin with, this song has the same boring vibe as the rest. But by this point, your brain blocks out the familiar racket, and the painfully bad lyrics hit home. The fact that they manage to drag one poor melody to the gates of hell and back (about 6 minutes) is quite an achievement. But not one to be proud of. Disturbing.
Married with Children: Quite a catchy tune. Too little too late.
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on 2 November 2011
I used to enjoy pop music. Up until early 1994. This is when everything changed for me and I ended up loathing it. Enter Oasis. For some reason, the world went mad (as they still are now), thinking this group was the next Beatles and praising Liam Gallagher's voice. I can assure you that anyone with an ounce of musical ability, with any singing training will tell you, the man is tone deaf. He cannot sing a single note in tune. Allowing this band to succeed opened the floodgates for a whole lot more talentless and unmelodic artists to taint the already damaged music world. Ever since Oasis, no-one has an ear for melody, no one can recognise a good singer. This was the beginning of the end. All the songs on this album are horrible, especially with the nasty vocals that are present. As evidence of his talentlessness, watch him when he sings. He stretches his neck in a horrific pose and overacts an already repulsive pose. One cannot sing properly with their vocal chors stretched like that, hence the nonsense that comes from his hideous mouth. If one took a violin and started hitting it on the wall and said, 'Here, I'm playing the violin!' any reasonable thinking adult would drive them to the nearest psycho ward. Gallagher is doing much the same with his vocal chords, but no-one seems to mind. 'Oh I like his singing, look how popular he is.' AAAH, popularity. The most common argument that Liam can sing. Unfortunately, most people don't have the sense to realise that 'popularity' does not mean 'good'. Simple. Case closed.
And as for this sounding like The Beatles. Please. The only similarity I heard were a few celli or double bass on Wonderwall. Big deal. The 'singing' is not alike, the playing ability is not alike. Where are the Harrison Indian songs, all of Macca's whimsical and throwback songs, where are the excellent Eleanor Rigby's or Tomorrow never knows? They may wear the same glasses the Beatles wore in 1967-68, but this does not make them the Beatles. Even the frog song is poles apart from their best song; can't think of one of the top of my head, but would be one sung by Noel, who has a weak voice, but at least TRIES to sing.
This is an insult to proper bands from the '60s up to the '80s. Oasis should be made to give back the entire fortune they have made to charity, admit they are frauds and get respectable jobs.
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on 24 February 2010
Oasis is music for the football hooligans, and pot heads of the world, and let's face it, there's ALOT of them, and thats the ONLY reason oasis sell anything... lyrics that a 5 yr old could write are easy for you chavs to understand... thats why you like it, you can relate to it, nice easy sing-a-long football "choons" right?

the type of morons that listen to this garbage are the type that love movies like the football factory, anything with swearing/drugs etc
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on 2 December 2008
A terrible lot of old rubbish. Possibly some of the worst music in the entire history of Western civilization. The vocals are nazalised and grating. The music is an unoriginal copy of the Beatles, but without the imagination of Lennon/McCartney. In fact, Oasis amount to little more than a tenth-rate Beatles tribute band. The lyrics are very badly written and lack poetic qualities. If there was any justice, every extant copy would be burnt along with the original mastertapes, to prevent anyone ever having to endure the torment of hearing this "music" ever again. I wish I could have given this 0 out of 5, or possibly minus infinity.
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on 11 December 2017
Oasis' debut hit the unexpecting UK Rock Scene like a ton of bricks, more or less coining the term/genre/whatever 'Britpop/rock,' Oasis were never comfortable with the label and understandably so. For all the clamouring on their much more polished and radio friendly, sophomore effort '...Morning Glory?,' 'Definitely Maybe,' is a rawer, more guitar-driven and unashamedly 'rock' album, despite what the one off 'Wonderwall' fans and journalists of the time will argue.
Liam Gallagher's voice is a brilliant mix of 'The Sex Pistols'' Jonny Rotten's OTT sneer and, well, Liam Gallagher, hos voice is very unique and compliments the music expertly, Noel might have written most of these songs (if not all!?) on his own, but as Liam retorted, commenting on their still ongoing separation : 'He wrote them, I made them,' ..hard to argue really!
To give Noel his due though, the guitar work is masterful, from borderline heavy/hard rock, up tempo, good time on a night out bounce on 'Rock 'n' Roll Star,' slowed down, pseudo-psychedelia 'Shakermaker' all the way to the mellow blues, country tinged closer 'Married with Children,' it's the guitar that is the perfect foil to Liam's throat and arguably, the leading voice..argue away! Kudos to the bassist and drummer who do an excellent job and are perhaps, the most eclipsed and under-appreciated band members ever!
Everyone knows the other 'big tracks,' 'Live Forever,' 'Cigarettes and Alcohol,' and 'Supersonic,' but its' the 'other' under appreciated gems that carry the weight of this album and make it just that - an album - not 5 massive hits and 6 fillers the track listing might suggest to someone who's never heard them before. 'Slide Away' is a long, epic and 'Columbia' is arguably the bands' best ever track. 'Digsy's Diner' might be considered a 'dog's dinner' by many but it's enjoyable enough, despite being the weakest on the album.
Finally, what males this album even more remarkable after 23+ years' is how well its' aged. The music is as fresh as ever, and while some of the 'up in the air' lyrics seem pretty random, a key line form 'Cigarettes and Alchohol;'

'Is it worth the aggrivation? To find yourself a job, when there's nothing worth working for?'

is as poigniant and relatable today to the average blue collar citizen as it ever was in an age of zero hour contracts. There are many more examples no doubt, but this is the one that stands out for me - you will no doubt find our own! After all, no 'Wonderwalls,' instead, Oasis's rawer, harder, better debut album, which has aged VERY well!
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on 23 September 2010
For fifteen long and eventful years in the music industry (1994-2009), Oasis certainly made their presence felt to the public. The mixture of Noel and Liam Gallagher's sibling rivalry and their alcohol fuelled tempers made the mancunian rock band a favourite with the tabloids, both during and beyond the 90's. But even those who despised the band on a personal level had to admit their music was of the highest quality; an attitudinal rock sound that satisfied music lovers who may have been left depressed by grunge, or felt that boy band pop contained too much saturated sugariness that made them gag. To me, their music was one of the standout highlights of a brilliant decade known as the 1990's.

Noel and Liam are no longer seeing eye-to-eye (then again they rarely ever did!) and have gone their separate ways. But the music they made together will be talked about in a mostly positive light for many years to come. Any diehard Oasis fan will tell you that "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" is THE album to own, and it certainly is their best day's work. But their debut album, 1994's "Definitely Maybe" should not be written off. In fact it provided the stratospheric springboard needed for "What's The Story?" to obtain its UK 14-time Platinum status.

Here we have eleven songs, most of which are of the highest quality. ROCK `N' ROLL STAR is a strong track with a title that appeals to anyone who has fantasized about riding tour buses, living in hotel rooms and handing out phone numbers to potential Playboy models. LIVE FOREVER is an upbeat piece that makes you feel really good about living life. The song was apparently written in response to a depressing one by Nirvana about wanting to die. Good call. Who really wants to sing about death? Meanwhile SUPERSONIC is another brilliant piece with a powerful bass, and lively electric parts following both choruses. All of these songs are great to listen to; their appeal being their raw and untamed rock sound; the dominant drum beats; the free roaming guitars. The message they send out is very clear. "This is us. This is our music. We like it. We don't care what you think of us or what we play."

OK, now for the drawbacks. Both COLUMBIA and SLIDE AWAY drag on for a bit, with both songs lasting over six minutes each, although they are still cracking tunes to make your eardrums vibrate to. Also the final track, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, is a mellow piece that is not bad, but is more than likely to be a culture shock to the rock enthusiasts who lost themselves in the much stronger ten tracks that came before it. But none of these flaws is gonna stop me from giving this album 5-Stars.

I don't feel the need to say much else here. "Definitely Maybe" is a rock album I've greatly enjoyed and always will do. It can either be bought via download or by good old fashioned CD...or even older fashioned cassette! But in any case it is a greatly recommended purchase.
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on 21 December 1999
Definitely Maybe is the album that kicked it all off. With interest in guitar music fading by the mid-90s there was a need for something big to come along and shake things up. It was the album that started a thousand bands playing in their garages. It was the album that taught the decades youth what good music sounded like.
The album was criticised at the time for being a Beatles-soundalike. Oasis played up to it by constantly sourcing the fab four as their major influence, and the critics pounced. The Beatles are without a doubt one of the best bands of all-time but Definitely Maybe is one of musics classic recordings. There is not a track on it that would look out of place on a Beatles LP and a few would have made it to the red or blue albums.
It opens with the dirty guitar intro of 'Rock'n'Roll Star' shaking the speakers - and this is a record to play loud. As the drums kick in you find yourself strolling around an imaginary stage, finally reaching for the mic as Liam blurts out "I lived my life in the city". This is a song that makes everyone believe they can rule the world - the ultimate curtains-closed air-microphone rock-out.
'Shakermaker' is probably the weakest song on the album but even that was worthy of release as the band's second single. Think 'I'd Like to teach the World to Sing' performed by the Sex Pistols.
And this brings us to 'Live Forever'. Noel's finest lyrics, Liam's finest vocal and the finest song of the decade. "Maybe I will never be / All the things that I want to be / Now is not the time to cry / Nows the time to find out why". It doesn't get better than this.
'Up in the sky' is classic Oasis rock, 'Columbia' an overpowering filthy guitar track which has to be played loud. These lead to 'Supersonic' the incredible debut single with slightly suspect lyrics and 'Bring it on down', the albums most indie track.
The TRex driven 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' is one of the anthems of the Britpop generation. The album swaggers with a couldn't give a f**k attitude and this is it's crescendo.
'Digsy's Dinner' is a funny, bouncy song and 'Slide Away' is mysteriously sexy; just lie back and let the guitars wash over you. 'Married with Children' is an acoustic gem, ideal for putting on after your girlfriend has left you. It ends the album and leaves you feeling somewhat smug.
As you can probably tell, I'm an Oasis fan. This album is the reason why. For anyone who believes they have a comprehensive record collection of the 90s, this CD is a must. If you were there at Knebworth or Maine Road you don't need persuading. If you listen to British music in 1994/5 you ought to know. If you are a living breathing human being who likes glorious melodies, powerful vocals and great rhythms, then you need this album. It was Britpop. It is the album of the nineties.
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on 6 May 2000
Oasis' debut album shook up the British music industry and started the mid-nineties "Cool Britannia" phase. A band hungry for success produced a raw sounding album heavily influenced by the Beatles, Kinks and the Stone Roses.
Every track here is a classic from the poignant 'Live Forever' through the singalong anthem 'Supersonic' to the quirky 'Digsy's Dinner'. This established Oasis as Britain's finest act for years and, at the same time had discovered the irrepresible Gallagher brother's - the greatest songwriter since the sixties and the greatest British rock and roll voice since the same period.
'Definitely Maybe' set them on the road to stardom and chart toppers with their follow-up album 'What's The Story (Morning Glory)'. If you haven't got it, there's a big gap in your record collection.
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on 15 November 2000
An amazing album which despite the band being in their musical infancy, contains many classics. Notable songs include Rock n Roll Star, Supersonic (their debut single), Cigarettes and Alcohol (a true anthem if ever their was one), and the majestic Slide Away. The vinyl version also contains Sad Song which is a great song and it's a shame more people didn't get to hear it. Please buy this album NOW!
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on 9 September 2003
This is a classic and the best Oasis album by far.
While it lacks in production, that isn't what the album is about at all. It is about energy and energy is what it gives.
"Rock n Roll Star" and "Cigarretes and Alcohol" are some of the best songs ever recorded.
Buy this CD
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