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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 September 2000
Big L was one of the most compleate rappers of all time.This first album shows the young MC expanding the boundaries of rapping by constantly changing his style and delivery with every song. Listen to his toungue twisting verses on tracks like 'Put it on'and 'Let em have it L'and realise why this MC got respect from Gangstarr,Nas,and his whole D.I.T.C. crew just to name a few.Listen to his stories about the 'hood'he grew up in, on songs like 'Danger Zone'and 'Street Struck',a place he held close to his heart,a place that finallily took his life.On 'I Don't Understand It'Big L goes on a furious rampage against the people who are exploiting the music and culture he loves, and on the next track 'Fed Up With The Bullshit',L lets us know he's got some serious issues he wants dealt with. The cut '8 Iz Enuff' gives us an introduction to what i belive L does best;command a posse cut.This track contains some memorable verses especially from Herb McGruff and a young Cam'ron. The jewel in the crown though is a track called 'Da Graveyard'.This again is a posse cut with the always great Lord Finesse dropping a gem,a pre platinum Jay Z dropping a verse so nice i will always respect him no matter what he does in the future,just because of that one verse.BUT somehow L still manages to up stage everyone else by opening his mouth and relising one of the most intense pieces of rapping you could wish to hear,you just need to make sure you don't wear the rewind button out on your system. The production is tight all the way through with Buckwild,Lord Finesse,and Showbiz always making sure the beats live up to the lyrics on this CD. After listening to this album a few times you will begin spitting out some of L's funny,crazy,and touching oneliners without even thinking about it. Big L's lyrics could be funny,serious,or violent but they were always Hip Hop.When L died a part of Hip Hop died too,but if you want to hear a 'Street Genius' get this album and realise L will be around forever,maybe not in body but in spirit and soul. BIG L REST IN PEACE.
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on 26 December 2005
i cannot stress how good this album is and how talented big l really was, he has the most brilliant and clever lyrics ive heard, the production is very old school but brilliant, every song is a classic, big l is amazingly underrated and i have only met two other people who have this but they both agree its brilliant. he raps about important issues such as racism of police, how kids in the ghettos should go to school instead of selling drugs, girls who go out with you for your money,and the most ironic of all, how rappers who are rubbish and do not even write their songs go multi platinum(50 cent) and rappers are brilliant hardly get any record sales, this is ironic because its what happened to him. anybody who even remotely like rap should own this and even if u dont i think you would appreciate the genius of this. It was a great loss to the rap world when big l died and i think had he stayed alive he would be crowned THE BEST RAPPER ever. also the guests on this are great too(although not as good as big l) and though most of them are unknown it has a young jay z who raps the best ive ever heard him rap(and i have five of his albums including reasonable doubt) and a young camron who was then kill cam, hes not bad either.Big l has lines such as"step to this you get shanked up, i knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt" pure genius and "im undefeated thats the stone truth cos battlin me is like fightin a gorilla in a phonebooth, and countless other lines, you cant not own this and call yourself a rap fan, buy it now, today if possible your missing out on a lot of enjoyment
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on 13 August 2005
Lifestylez ov da poor and dangerous can be seen as an extension to the fact that the mid 90's was the golden era for hiphop. A Landmark in its own right, it put Big L on the map as one of the most potentially talented MC's around. Filled with superior and legendary punchlines, dark beats courtesy of hiphop legends like Diamond D & showbiz, & of course Big L's trademark witty flow and style this album CANNNOT be ingored by any fan of that NY hiphop sound. If you're looking for an album that hits you on first listen and makes you dive for the rewind button in an effort to re-live the supreme talent you thought you just heard, then Big L -Lifestylez ov da poor & Dangerous needs to be in your collection. RIP L and props to DITC for holding down the underground in the 90's! PEACE
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on 6 December 2004
Undoubtably, one of the top ten rap albums of the 90s, and one of the most accomplished debuts of all time. From the time I heard 'Devil's Son' (unfortunately not on the record) I was yearning for this album and it does'nt disappoint. L hits you from the jump with 'Put it On' and 'MVP', but it is the darker side of L's character that he portrays most beautifully on the excellent 'All Black' that reminds you of his skills. Today's kiddies think Jay-Z is the greatest? Well, Big L makes him look 'very ordinary' on the obligatory posse cut contained within this album. Lord only knows what this guy could have become. Rest in Peace, Big L.
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on 17 November 2002
Would u all please rise for undoubtedly the most underrated rapper to grace God's green earth. His combination of sick flow and unbelivable wit make this guy, for me, easily one of the greatest, but underutilisec rappers of all time, and this album underlines it. From street anthem 'Put it on', to MVP, to Da Graveyard, where he puts Jay Z to shame (Jay Z is good on it, but L is just outta dis effin' world!) this album is just toooooooooooooo sweet. Anyone who remembers hip hop how it was, in its illest form, pick this up now, and forget the jokers around now who claim they are the illest.
p.s pick up his 2nd (albeit inferior, cos of his untimely death) album to hear the worlds greatest freestyle, and thats no lie.
Big L Rest In Peace!!!!!!!!!
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on 12 October 2006
Big L is one of the best mc's to ever touch the mic his flow is sick and has some of the best punch lines ever here's some of my favourite ones;

My girls are like boomerangs No matter how far I throw them, they come back

Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don't make it thirty-six

F*** karate Big L practice Gun Fu

This ain't Cali, its Harlem n we do walkby's

Cause battlin' me is like fightin' a gorilla in a phone booth

Overall there are loads of great punch lines. Put it on and all black are my favourite raps but there all class (except for 1 or2 sub par ones). If you are easily offended by things don't buy this because big l makes the old eminem look like a little girl scout selling biscuits for charity. This guy has obviously had a hard life. This is the only album he dropped when he was alive which is a pity. If his life hadn't been taken he would have probably been the best rapper period but you have to take him as he was and that is this album. Big L is smart and asks good questions include why good rappers like him can't go gold (this album isn't gold the big picture is) and rubbish ones go platinum. You have to go out and buy this album if you like rap make it gold. I do think the fact this guy is so unknown makes him even more appealing as only hardcore rap fans would have this. Either way go buy this album it's a classic. in the words of Big L, "A tech nine is my utensil,

Fillin n****s with so much led they can use they d**k for a pencil"
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on 21 April 2007
If Big L had not died, he would have been the best ever. His hard hitting truths mixed with silky smooth flow and intoxicating voice make Big L the biggest loss to hip hop of them all. His mainstream appeal never really took off but there is undoubtedly a hint of Big L in every other rapper thereafter. Big L was the greatest MC ever to pick up a microphone yet he will always be overshadowed by the more successful artists such as Biggie and Jay Z. However, of these three NY artists, Big L was the greatest at catching a beat and undoubtledly at freestyling. This is evident in the freesyle session with Jay Z stretch and bobbito. It wasn't that Jay Z was sub par that day, but Big L wass just too good. L's clever punchlines and metaphors make him the true king of NY. Who else could cme up with the witty line, "mad hoes ask beavis I get nuttin but head" during a freestyle session.

Anyways, back to the album. This is pure hip hop a must own and could possibly have been the greatest album of them all, if Big L had better promotion. Every track has a great beat, great lyrics and a truly untouchable flow.
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on 11 February 2005
big l's album is by far the most listened to out of all my albums brought over 5 years.
His lyrics could easily rival g-units/aftermaths lloyd banks with such lines as
"Don't step to this coz i got a live crew
u might be kinda big but they make coffins them size to"
not only do his lyrics make u laugh, but at the same time make you think, and rewind to hear it again
The aggresive beats, and even more aggresive lyrics suit his flow and every track on this album , in my view, is better than any other track on any other commercialised album.
Porbably the most underated rap artist, big l's album deserves more recognition.
if ur a true hip hop fan, buy this album.
r.i.p big l
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on 18 April 2006
I aint gonna bang on too much about this album,If you havent heard Big L before he has one of the illest flows ever laid on wax & some of the best punchlines ever spit.just read the other reviews and buy it.
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on 15 February 2013
great masterpiece of some classic "horrorcore" hip-hop, controversial not commercial, the way it's supposed to be. if you need some REAL hip-hop in your collection I would recommend this highly, sit back and listen to these beats, or even better whack this in your car and turn it up! this is a must buy!
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