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on 10 March 2007
In 1990, George Michael had released his second album entitled, LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE VOLUME 1. This album is not what FAITH turned out to be, for this album, still taking up George's sound of Pop/R&B, sheds George of his FAITH skin. This is a great album that DOES cover the concept of what is going on the world.


The first single from the album. This song is beyond amazing. It is definitely one of the best songs on this album. It seems to focus on the way we all struggle to survive in the world of today. I think he's trying to point out that making money these days is not all hunky dory. If listen closely to just the music, it'll sound like something John Lennon would compose.


The second single from the album. No, this is not a re-recorded rendition of the classic hit he had with WHAM! The hit he had with WHAM! was an dance type love song, while this song is just about George throwing away his "Faith" days and shedding new skin. The music video that went along with this single is definitely my favorite George Michael music video. George does not appear in the video, but five sexy supermodels do appear. Those five models are: "Linda Evangelista", the beautiful, innocent-looking short-haired blonde, wearing only the turtleneck sweater, "Naomi Campbell", the foxy African-American Brit, who dances around, wearing a bikini and headphones, "Christy Turlington", the doe-eyed brunette who walks straight down the living room hall, wrapped around in a bed sheet, "Cindy Crawford", the sexy brunette, who relaxes, while taking a bath, & "Tatjana Patitz", the seductive German Blonde, who stands up against a wall, smoking a cigarette.


This song was originally recorded back in 1974 by Stevie Wonder. I have never heard Stevie Wonder's version and I do not care to hear it because I do not like Stevie Wonder or his pathetic music. But when I heard George's rendition, I immediately flipped over it. He sings it so smooth and he sings it with heart.


The acoustic guitar really brings out the sound of this song's music. Not a bad song.


The fifth & final single from the album. This is an amazing song that seems to focus on two different people who have seemed to found each other and seemed to have found love for each other. Definitely a beautiful song.


The third single from the album. Usually, medlies are performed live in concert and live promotional performances, but George decided to record a studio medley. This song was more impressive than I had expected. "Waiting For That Day" is also about George shedding his skin from his "Faith" album and coming into another era. Definitely a great song(s).


The best of the bunch - appropriate at a time when the first Gulf War had just started.


The fourth single from the album. I cannot go without listening to this song. This one is absolutely amazing. The acoustic guitar is incredible. The harmonies are amazing. George's voice is, as usual, outstanding. Definitely a song not to miss.


Not bad.

WAITING (Reprise)

This song brings this album to an end and is a reprise of the "Waiting For That Day/You Can't Always Get What You Want" medley. This version is even better, especially in sounding more mellow and more subtle, with George's voice sound very smooth and soothing. A song no fan should skip.

Before I got this album, I was expecting only two or three songs to be worth listening to, since I considered FAITH to be George's best album. But after listening to the entire album, I was shocked to hear how incredible this album was.
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on 27 December 2016
Just listened to Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 in full again for the first time in about 10 years. It's fiercely hypnotic. Stopped what I was doing, sat at the screen curiously staring at the sparse album cover, taking each lyric in, trying to deconstruct each feeling he purveyed. Even though each track sits in it's own space of Folk, Funk, Jazz, Orchestral, Operatic, Bossa Nova, World music, Reggae (in that order - which is a feat in itself considering it's a relatively short album)... everything is meticulously placed and strangely glued together by George's highly reverbed voice cosmically echoing over the music. Found myself feeling rather melancholic and almost shedding a tear at Mothers Pride, the topic of which I have no connection to at all in my own life, but the way the song is delivered is so heartfelt and demanding of attention, I could not resist being drawn into it - yet the juxtapose is that it swirls around in the air like a grandiose piece of Debussy.
So much emotion in this album. The album that followed had the sublime "Jesus to a Child", which when listened to in context of his own life/loss is masterful and untouchable; but as a whole piece, Listen Without Prejudice is the album that in my eyes solidified George's place as one of the most talented singer songwriters I'd ever heard. Just had to share that, felt right; the songs justify.
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on 16 January 2000
Gee, Mr Michael (or Michæl as he spells his name on this album), why didn't you release such grown-up stuff before? I kinda liked your discopop from the Wham! times - but on »Listen Without Prejudice«, you really show an amazing talent.
The songs are very emotional, and the instrumentation is really great. My favourite is the funky »Soul Free«, narrowly challenged by the tense atmosphere in the jazz song »Cowboys And Angels« as well as the fluteplay and strong vocals on »Mothers Pride«.
The least good song is the far too easy Wham! leftover »Freedom 90«, but apart from that one, they're all really really great songs.
An album that doesn't need prejudice in anyway. Simply beautiful!
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on 26 December 2016
On Christmas Day 2016 GM left us. Of all the great albums he made in his short lifetime LWP remains his greatest artistic statement and his tour de force. To some it maybe one of the most depressing of all time, to others the greatest. It for me is one the best pop albums of all time. It's hard to pick a standout , but 'Praying For Time' has in this time become more irrevelant now.

Thank you and RIP George Michael.
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on 1 November 1999
This is one classic CD and although sometimes sounds a little dated it is gauranteed easy listening...yet still powerful enough to make your toes curl when listened to carefully.
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on 6 January 2000
George Michael at his very best the songs are strong and passionate and definitely one to sit in and listen too.
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on 4 August 2016
Recorded during his epic battle with Sony Music (err sorry George but weren't YOU the one who signed the 7 album deal or however many it was???) this album, and George's coming of age output represents some of the finest music of the late 80s. Standing out for me are the sublime Praying for time, Cowboys and Angels and Something to Save. This is George's masterpiece and anyone who save the excellent South Bank Show upon the LPs release will recognise the craft contained within along with the blood sweat and tears experienced during the Sony Music dispute. A creative piece that stands up today and will long after I've left this place. Outstanding. Thank you GM.
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on 27 October 2017
I am a diehard George fan who had this on pre-order for months.Fabulous music. However the print in the accompanying book is so faint that it is nigh impossible to read the lyrics ( if you didn't already know them). I am sure that this is a printing fault and as such should be reported. George was a perfectionist and he would not be happy with the way this book was printed.
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on 8 January 2018
I thought I ought to try a modern vinyl pressing to assess quality and compare with my old stock. As a long time fan of George I thought this the one to try after the positive reviews.
Well I think it is a case of the Emporer’s New Clothes, This is the only record in my collection where I had to leap to adjust the tone controls and not just slightly! Excessive bass subjugated the vocals. It is awful as recorded. Not really a disco selection but that’s where it would be at home - Listen to the bass.
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on 22 March 2006
If like me you have kind of always floated around the outskirts of GM then I would recommend this album as a stern follow up to Faith.
Yes Faith is pop but the melodies are strong and you really need that in your mind when you take on this album.
Firstly this album is GREAT - it is full of different layerings of songs and melodies that just stick in your head all day.
It took me a while to get this album but actually the maturity in just 3 yrs is fabulous. You should also discount the chart placings - the low charting singles was because George was sabotaging his own career in a way - not appearing in videos, having no text on his singles or having text and no pic.
Anyway his artistic views kind of covered the value of the songs and speaking of the songs:
1) PRAYING FOR TIME 5/5 what a cracker of a song - the tip of the iceberg really - if you get this song you will get the album. It is a crashing ballad about opening our eyes to the world. UK #8 - 1st single (B-Side: If You Were My Woman).
2) FREEDOM 5/5 THE song that got me into this album - it was the only song I considered from this album as being worthy for a long time before the rest grew on me. About reflecting on the Wham days. UK #28 - 3rd single.
3)THEY WON'T GO WHEN I GO 4/5 A broody ballad his voice is faultless on this - I love his rendition of this classic, he really shows that he can apply his voice to anything. I just marked it down because it is not a GM composition.
4)SOMETHING TO SAVE 5/5 A cheeky little track in my opinion - acoustic guitar driven pop very upbeat and well just nice (love his high voice around 2:40 over the strings). Seems to deal with not communicating in a relationship. B-Side to Cowboys & Angels UK #45 - 5th Single.
6)COWBOYS & ANGELS 5/5 WOW what a strumpy, swinging piece of jazz this is. Carries itself so well. It is a grower you just need to keep putting it on because it has its melody. I can't describe it is genius at 7mins. UK #45 - 5th Single.
7)WAITING FOR THAT DAY 5/5 Oh yeah THAT song - the song of the album most say and yes it is a clever song by not having much about it but a hook of a line in "My memory serves me far too well". The line "and if these wounds are self inflicted" always sticks in my head. I think this is spliting up and trying to find another woman but having the memory there all the time - not able to move on. UK #23 - 2nd Single (B-side: Fantasy (found on the Best of....such a great song!)).
8)MOTHERS PRIDE 5/5 A soft and tense piano ballad. I feel the emotion in this one. Stark with a panpipe that shouldn't work but does. All about sending a boy off to war....very poignant. Could get boring but its on 4mins which is its saving grace. B-Side to Freedom UK #28 - 3rd Single.
9)HEAL THE PAIN 5/5 Great great great - he gets it spot on here. Clever pop and I really appreciate it - the hook here for me is "how can I help you, please let me try to" the lyrics fit the melody so well. This guy is a genius with this song. UK #31 - 4th Single.
10)SOUL FREE 5/5 The oddest track for me. That piano sounds dated here and very early 90's but it works and the song is strong - great vocal range expressed here. It seems this song does signal the arrival of Too Funky. B-Side to Heal The Pain - UK #31 - 4th Single.
11)WAITING (REPRISE) 5/5 This track is needed - it provides great closure after Soul Free tails off a bit. Follows on with the melody of Waiting for that Day a bit. I think it is George asking for people to look again at him. B-Side to Praying For Time - UK #8 - 1st Single.
Knowing that there was a plan for LWP Vol.2 of more dancey songs planned for the following June (91) makes Freedom and Soul Free seem out of place - but thank god they got on here because the album needs them. I would have liked "Fantasy" on here and "They Won't Go When I Go" off cause its a non GM track.
BUT this is one of the most complete continuously good George albums and LOOK 9 out of 11 of the tracks appeared on the CD singles from this album showing just how strong it was (plus I guess George didn't want old Faith tracks or live performances appearing except Father Figure/Kissing A Fool (the most mature of Faith) on WFTD).
Final words
Get this album - put it on and wonder what GM must have gone through between 1987-1990 - the man has had so much struggle and vented it delightfully through an amazing album
I WISH he had never wrangled with Sony this album would have been HUGE!!
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