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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2017
Brought back memories of going to see the Lion King in London 2010, with our parents. It was absolutely wonderful. A memorable occasion. Enjoying listening to the music again.
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on 5 July 2017
One of my favourite albums, would highly recommend.
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on 30 July 2017
Not pleased the cd looked used
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on 19 February 2013
Fantastic really pleased
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on 29 November 2016
Wouldn't download again from seller. Stuck in a Amazon app on phone and won't mix with rest of my. Music so don't get to. Play it very often.
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on 2 August 2009
This album collection of score and songs from The Lion King is frankly unprecedented in its all-round strength. Rarely is every tune so perfectly suited for the film it is associated with, and moreover, even less frequently is the music brilliant as a stand alone melody. For me, the songs are the triumph of the film's soundtrack, with each actor reaching beyond the requirements to deliver stunning sing-alongs; "Be Prepared" , the song of Scar, performed by Jeremy Irons was top class, and Pumba, Timone and Simba in "Hakuna Matata" were also resonant.
I will admit that my love for the film, its storyline, the characters and how it made me so emotionally involved when i first watched it and ever since, may have swayed my response to the music. However, the fact remains that the film's success owes much to this soundtrack and deservedly so. Subequently, it receives the highest acclaim from me and this is supported by a generation of avid fans ever since.

5* is the only legitimate rating for this epic.
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on 17 May 2003
When the soundtrack to this amazing film was first heard, critics said it didn't live up to previous titles such as The Little Mermaid. Please don't believe them!
Being one of those people who loves soundtracks, out of my collection (which includes various Star Wars CDs and The Matrix) this is the most played and most adored.
It's too hard to describe in words how magical this soundtrack is, especially the emotional and beautiful instrumental tracks (the tracks near the end of the CD). The African drums and vocals are really powerful and woven well into the orchestrated tracks.
People who dare to rank this CD as something sub-standard need to take a deep breath and listen to it again. If it doesn't blow you away the first time, try try again!
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on 8 January 2003
This album is still one of Disney's best musical albums. Standing high up in the top 5 of the best selling soundtracks of all time, this multi-platinum album has sold 10 million copies in the US alone. The sweet melodies and flute inspired music is peaceful and relaxing. It's just like listening to new age music. Kids as well as adults will love this work of art. Some of Elton John's greatest works can be found on this album. The music from "El Dorado" is nothing compared to this masterpiece. Hans Zimmer's music and Elton John's vocals make a great collaboration. This multi-Grammy award and Oscar winning album is a sure winner. It's for lovers of all traditional Disney music (like the music from Beauty&the beast, Mary Poppins, and the Jungle Book). If you're also interested in great instrumental music and originality, you'll love this creative album! It was the first album I ever bought ( when I was 7).
The album starts out with the powerful popular "Circle of Life" with a great beat and a powerful vocal performance! It's a powerful passionate masterpiece! Next on the album is the ever-so-popular single that kids will still love today, "Oh I just can't wait to be king" another track with a good beat collaborated with great African drum sound sin the background!
Then the music suddenly changes into an evil creative track, "be prepared". But then you go on to the movie's most popular single at the time the fun-loving Timon and Pumba dance to "Hakuna Matata".
The album is filled with peaceful, fun-loving, romantic, and evil tracks as well as great instrumental works by Hans Zimmer. But still alongside the addictive "Hakuna Matata" is the romantic melody with great vocal performances. Yes it's "can you feel the love tonight" a passionate track with good lyrics and an influencing theme. Even though Elton John would probably be given the credit for making this album such a hit, it's hard not to think of Hans Zimmer. It's the main reason every track is fantastic in it's own way. If you're looking for an album for your kids, looking for peace, looking for enjoyable music, looking for instrumental new age type works, and looking for inspiring &influencing music-this is something you should buy!
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on 21 January 2004
Hold on now children. Sure, the Elton John songs are great. In particular, ‘Circle of Life’ (as heard in the film) sticks in the mind, as an irresistible blend of contemporary Western song writing with glorious African vocals. That spectacular opening zoom up to the head of Pride Rock as it hits the chorus (you know the bit) is a movie image that will probably never leave me, and its awesome impact owes BIG TIME to Elton’s songwriting talent. The quirky ‘Hakuna Matata’ and his likeable pop ballad version of ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ are also definite high points of the album.
But hang on. We cannot speak of this soundtrack without mentioning the efforts of a certain Mr Hans Zimmer! (The previous user comment seemed to imply that Elton John also composed the orchestral cues – boy, did he get HIS lions crossed!)
The orchestral score aspect of ‘The Lion King’ is epic and beautiful, and simply WORKS, because it never allows itself to admit that all we’re really dealing with here is a few thousand cute animal drawings. Zimmer unashamedly approaches the drama and emotional nuances of the story with respect and straight-faced sensitivity; happily, no gawky cartoonish fluttery is anywhere to be heard.
His themes are great, and there are many. (Watched ‘The Lion King 2’ recently, and without Zimmer’s memorable leitmotifs, it seemed to have no soul.) Two or three of the motifs, in particular, capture just the right combination of majesty and tragedy (“a king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun…”), while the uplifting African chanting creates a nice contrast from the heavier stuff (heard, for instance, when Simba decides to leave the jungle and return to the Pridelands). The track ‘To Die For,’ however, is a cut above the rest, which underscores my favourite sequence in animation history: the Wildebeest Stampede. Did you ever hear anything darker or more intense written for any cartoon before this? Unlikely, my friend, unlikely!
There are a few holes in the album, and I’m disappointed that this Special Edition hasn’t been used as a chance to release more of Zimmer’s score. If you don’t own the first album, it’s well worth purchasing all the same.
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on 23 October 2001
this soundtrack is what anybody who truely enjoyed the lion king needs. it includes the five main singing tracks (circle of life, cant wait to be king, be prepared, hakuna matata, can you feel the love tonight). the backing music is all wonderfully done, even if you dont like classical music, this will stun you. then there are elton john's versions of three of the songs, each a great comparison to the film's versions. i am 16, and my friend is 17, it is our favourite cd, because it is a laugh to listen to, and the songs leave us feeling really good. a feel good cd for all the fans!
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