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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
State Of Euphoria
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 8 August 2015
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on 25 September 2014
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on 16 January 2016
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on 13 September 2014
Great album and brought back memories of my youth
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on 28 July 2010
I have to give this 5 stars simply because it was the first Anthrax album I owned (sadly on cassette - although I believe that format is being fondly recalled now on account of it's VHS-style deletion). It is not their best but it is nowhere near as bad as their worst. Quality-wise it still stands securely within their 'Belladonna' releases from Spreading the Disease to Persistence of Time and has a great many excellent tracks, despite a slightly warmer sound and a lack of rawness that lent itself so well to their previous 2 efforts.

'Be All...' and 'Out of Sight...' are very similar in tone, composition, length and subject matter. This is no bad thing as they are kind of also-ran classics. 'Making Me Laugh' is a classic and one of the highlights here, together with the excellent cover, 'Antisocial'. 'Who Cares Wins' is a little like 'Skeletons...' from Among the Living in quality and type of track. It's fast, quippy, frenetically played and is trademark Anthrax - but no cigar. 'Now It's Dark' is a belter of a song, and true to its name it is a very dark sounding song, lots of downtuned power chords and low bass - one of the highlights. 'Schism' is ok, a bit love it or hate it. 'Misery...' is a kind of inbetween song and is great if you've read 'Misery' by Stephen King as it comes across as very dark, but it's missing something. '13' is fine but merely a silly musical interlude and 'Finale' starts well but meanders out of control and gets rather tedious towards its far too lengthy timespan.

In my eyes a classic for purely personal and cultural reasons. But their best was surprisingly just around the corner...
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on 21 March 2014
When I bought this album back in the day it was my first exposure to Anthrax, and was also my exposure to thrash metal, as prior to this the heaviest band I was listening to were the likes of GNR, Crue, W.A.S.P & Maiden. I seem to remember buying this on the strength of the song Anti-social, which I heard on some VHS tape or another. At the time I was broadening my musical horizons. I was, and still am, mostly about hair metal, but I have a side to me that wants something a bit heavier as well.
I really liked this right from the off, and I think that was probably down to the fact that despite its heaviness, it was at the time probably their most commercial sounding album as well. Over the years I would say that Megadeth has risen to my top of the thrash pile. but Anthrax for me is probably next alongside Metallica.
For me this was the perfect introduction to the band, and personally I would recommend this to anyone who likes more melodic rock, but wants something a little heavier. The thing Anthrax had in Belladonna was a vocalist who was actually a better singer than bands like Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer etc. Where those guys all growl, Joey actually sings.
This is why for me it was a great album to dip my toe into the thrash waters, and paved the way for my introduction to the genre.
Yes, the best song on here is a cover song, but that doesnt take anything away from the rest of the album. The opening pair of Be all, end all and Out of sight, out of mind, are as good as anything from back in the day.
I didnt mind the Bush era Anthrax, but for me this is the real Anthrax, and this is the real Anthrax album.
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on 6 February 2014
There's a few splendid Anthrax albums, with Among the living and State of Euphoria being the pinnacle (I was going to note 'imho' but that would be disingenuous, as it's plainly true).
I grew up with the feeling that whilst Among the living had the better tracks, the production was far too tinny and thin, which took the edge off the album.
State of Euphoria however, had the sound spot on, a rich, solid chunky production which blew holes in your walls.
If Among the living had that production it would've been hailed even higher.

But then I bought this CD and frankly, some of the tracks sound like I'm listening to them through a couple of pillows strapped to the speakers. The instrumentation sounds like it's going from the bottom of a swamp and Joey Belladonna sounds like he's singing from behind a sofa, half a mile down the road.
After a bit of a play with my nobs I got it sounding ok but my word, whoever mixed this CD needs a spanking.
But not in a good way.
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on 10 June 2008
Anthrax back when this came out was known as one of the "big four of thrash" along with Metallica, Megadeth & Slayer. For those that were into the scene prior to a later arrival due to Metallica's commercial success of their black album can remember the scene and I'm sure would agree.
Like Metallica's greatest years that the true fans pine for were from `Kill `em' all through to`...And Justice for all', Anthrax's greatest years were from `Spreading the disease' through to `Persistence of time' (many may include fistful of metal but for me it isn't the classic Anthrax with the classic line up. It was just their first).
At the time like most fans I was mad on the album `Among the living', but after all these years and going back to the scene and buying up again all the classic albums, I actually like this album best. It is the darkest Anthrax album they made and to me is the most mature. The lyrics are 100% and have a very streetwise attitude with a good sense of reality.
All in all it is a great album with not one bad song. The bands technical ability along with Joey Belladonna's voice is talented and powerful enough to appeal to fans of Arena selling classic Heavy Metal artists like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest yet at the same time the riffs and attitude is hard enough to appeal to the more matured thrash metal fan.

When rave over Metallica's classic years and sound I think many have forgotten Anthrax's classic years and sound. This to me was for me their best.
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on 28 February 2006
ah memories,some good,some bad,this album takes me back to when i was 11 and life was a somewhat happier place,before i got this album i was just into rock music such as guns n roses,motley crue,skid row etc,i thought i was the man,then my cousin gave me a copy of this in tape,i listened and fell in love with the madness on display here,the grooves were killer,it was thrash metal,it was fast,it was heavy,it was new to me and i jumped for joy,i heard this album before i even heard metallicas kill em all etc,it was because of state of europhia that i got into the other bands in the genre,it is simply a classic for that reason alone but this is still a killer album,maybe not anthraxs finest but i treasure this like few other albums
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on 20 September 2014
Many Thanks
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