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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2001
FINDING MY WAY-title track could easily be applied to the entire album. A very early example of Rush's talents it is easy to hear the many musical influences that helped to shape the future band we all know and love. Led Zeppelin, Budgie, Black Sabbath to mention a few, are all in there somewhere but Ill let you have the fun deciding which band inspired which tracks. Sorry no extra points for guessing correctly.
NEED SOME LOVE is a great upbeat track as is FINDING MY WAY both having a strong beat and plenty of rhythm. In contrast HERE AGAIN sounds a bit laboured and plodding-good guitar bit in the middle though,
On a heavier note WHAT YOURE DOING has an excellent thumping beat, best appreciated through headphones to get the full benefit from the echo effect on the vocals. Watch out for the BIG FINNISH!!!!
If like me, you like to sing along <so long as there is no one around to hear me>then the unsophisticated lyrics and easier pace of IN THE MOOD is the track for you.
Then for the "quiet bit" but not for long, BEFORE AND AFTER is much more peaceful and melodic to start with but soon leads into another brilliant showcase for the busy guitar fingers of Mr Lifeson.
Final track WORKING MAN, or is it the start of Passage to Bangkok <had to check I had the right CD here> is another solid heavy metal influenced track, just slightly too long for its own good as it tends to wander off a bit in the middle.
I really enjoyed this album, as it is a promise of things to come. Full of enthusiasm, power and enjoyment not to mention talent it has the real beginnings of a future Superband.
I strongly recommend you follow the manufacturers instructions "For best results play at maximum volume" What else!!!
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on 8 June 2007
Before Rush started singing about goblins and hemispheres, they wrote about good old fashioned sex and work.

This is like Black Sabbath without the darkness: a superb collection of three-minute classics. The guitar riffs are timeless, and good enough to be half-inched by any number of 21st-century rock bands.

Don't let the naff cover put you off: if you like loud electric guitars and great melodies you will love this album.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 September 2010
A lost classic before the lofty lyrics and ideals of Neil Peart this is a superb little album of simple good time heavy rock n roll.

Contained on this disc are four bona fide classics the thundering rock/metal of 'Finding My Way & 'What Your Doing',the gloriously laid back 'Here Again' with killer lead guitar by Alex lifeson and of course the albums most famous track 'Workin Man' thundering rock at its best.

The rest of the albums tracks are excellent with the likes of 'In The Mood' being a rock n roll anthem unlike anything they would do in later life.

Geddy Lee's vocals do take some getting used too,his bass playing however is instant,a superb all round performance with special mention of John Rutsey(RIP) who's standard rock n roll drumming powers the disc,it would have been interesting to see the route they may have taken had he remained on board.

This is not a fancy album ,those came later but it will always have a place in my collection.
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on 16 March 2007
The sole album to feature original drummer John Rutsey ( who went on to be a body builder ) This debut album was originally released on the bands own Moon Records label ( orginal copies of which are now no doubt very collectable ) before being reisued by Mercury.

Of all their early albums this is the most Led Zepplin like. Check out Finding my Way for a example. It features little of the lyrical depth they would go on to explore with later albums with the arrival of Neil Peart. Many of the words were composed whilst the album was being recorded due to John Rutsey apparently not willing to use his own at the last minute saying he had destroyed them.

The album was recorded remarkably quickly ( just a few days ) and at night, due to the studio being much cheaper at that time of day. The speed of recording is thought to be because many of the songs being in the bands live set so they were very familiar with the material. However, inital recording did not go well and subsequent long term producer Terry Brown was brought in to fix / remaster recordings resulting in what we here today.

Several key tracks would go on to be staples of the bands live set for years to come. In the Mood, Working Man, What your doing, Finding my way.

Rutsey remaind with Rush for inital dates to promote the album before leaving to be replaced by Neil Peart who has remaind with the band ever since.
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on 21 May 2014
A classic album that contains such anthems as Finding my way, Need some love,What you're doing,In the mood and of course a classic Rush song Working Man.Although Neil Peart was not on this album it is a good measure of a band that was going places and were already writing classic rock songs delivered by very good musicians.Neil was the missing piece that enabled them to be so successful for so long after this album.It may be a shock for some that Geddy's vocals are so high but it suited the sound they had at the time way back in 1974.Well worth a listen if not already familiar with Rush's back catalogue.
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on 21 November 2009
Okay so I am a big Rush fan but this is album is sheer class when you think when it was released. Stomping numbers right through from start to finish. I still love this album as much as the day I first heard it and think I always will
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on 28 March 2012
It is a testament to the band as to how far each album is removed from each other. Rush's first is the most 'rocky' and akin to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, alas without being quite as good as either. Rush's back catalogue is important to see how they began and because they get better and better with every album. This is good but there are no real stand out tracks. Even 'Working Man' is really only ok, especially when compared to even tracks like 'The End' from Fly By Night.

'Finding My Way' is good but it is too long and noodly. 'Need Some Love' and 'Take a Friend' are better. They are fun rock tracks that don't outstay their welcomes and are quite catchy too. 'Her Again' is sufficiently melancholic but at 7 mins + it veers on the side of overindulgence. 'What You're Doing' is also quite forgettable but the only one I would eject from the album. 'In The Mood' is a great little 70s rocker. 'Before and After' starts mellow and then rocks out and is somewhat of a precursor to the excellent 'Rivendell' on Fly By Night' only not as good. And 'Working Man' is ok but is again too long and noodly.

Overall not a triumph but definitely no disaster. They are always proficient musicians and their early writing is notable for what was to come down the line. One for fans and completists only.
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on 18 May 2009
I purchased this album and was taken back to when I first time I heard Rush in the late 1970,s They were amazing then and still have that something about them.Working man, in the mood, etc. all brilliant songs. They are all fantastic artists and musicians.I have nearly every album they recorded and although this one may not be the best it is up there near the top.
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on 24 January 2013
For some reason I didn't ever get round to replacing my Vinyl version of this album. It was was one of those "yeah maybe" purchases. Now I have it I am very happy. The sound has been handled very well, making the whole album sound fresh.
After (many) years only hearing parts of this album in concert halls or live CD's you forget how good it is as a first album.
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First studio album, circa 1974, remastered in 1997. John Rutsey on drums before illness meant he could not tour and was replaced by Neil Peart. Not sure who I am writing this review for, to be honest. If you have never heard of Rush, best place to start is wiki and then pick up "spirit of radio", or another anthology, but this is a great start too. This album, is rush just getting started, but it's all there; Lee's distinctive voice and lyrics, lifeson's guitar (though more restrained than in later albums), thumping heavy rock riffs. Love it. Probably still my favourite Rush album.
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