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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Rock and Roll Over
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.73+ £1.26 shipping

on 23 June 2006
After reading some of the reviews below it seems that this album has not been appreciated by all is perhaps it should be. It is after all one KISS' better records with a classic rock edge to it.

Coming after Destroyer, the band decied to return to their roots and ditch the epic production of the previous record. However their song writing had changed from before Destroyer. They were not quite as harsh and much more grounded in arena rock, plus their success led the songs to be far raunchier. Over all it is a strong album. The highlights include Take Me, Love 'Em & Leave 'Em, Makin' Love, Hard Luck Woman and Calling Dr Love. The rest of the songs are good to average, with tracks like Baby Driver and Ladies Room letting the side down a little. On the plus side, it is often over looked by the band. Take Me has rarely been on the set list at concerts and to my knowledge neither has Love 'em & Leave 'em. This keeps it fresh unlike Destroyer which is sometimes played too much. On the downside the production is not as good as it could have been. Hard Luck Woman sounded much better when remixed on Double Platinum, I Want You and Calling Dr. Love sounded far superior live and See you in your Dreams goes from filler to killer when Gene Simmons reworked it for his studio album.

There are a few minuses to this album but enough pluses to make it a worthwhile purchase. Not quite their best album but very strong and packed with good tunes all the way through.
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on 15 May 2011
This is a classic melodic metal disc. This type of metal still sounds pure and well sung as compared the most of the thrash scene etc. And this was KISS at their best, the expiremental classic "destroyer' was out by the time this came out and the band just wanted to lay down some good hard rockin'. Which they did at this time KISS was the worlds top selling band (they are still top sellers though) ; for good reason too; they combined melody and attitude with solid songs. They even managed to have two hit singles from this one> "calling dr. love' and 'hard luck woman' and both songs and this cd sound as fresh and fun as if it were produced yesterday. Melodic metal is not about screeching but about crafting good songs and this group pulled it off in this true class of it's genre.
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on 26 February 2014
Rock and Roll Over is a much more hard edge album than the somewhat overproduced Destroyer and is reminiscent of Kiss's earlier albums. It contains some great notably Calling Dr Love, Ladies Room and Mr Speed. Also the overlooked Baby Driver and I Want You. I also love Ace's guitar solo in Love em Leave em. Hard Luck Woman was written by Paul with the intention to give to Rod Stewart. At Gene's insistence it was given to Peter.

Rock and Roll Over is not deep or profound, just good old meat and potatoes rock n roll.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 December 2008
It was amazing how fragile Kiss ego's were at this stage,smarting from the criticism of 'Destroyer',some of it justified,the band went straight back to basics and produced a classic,containing in concert favs - 'Dr Love/Makin Love/I Want You' alongside some of the band most underated tracks 'Hard Luck Woman','Love Em Leave Em','Take Me' and 'Mr Speed',this is possibly the finest original Kiss era studio release.Just imagine if Eddie Kramer had harnessed a drum sound like 'Creatures of the Night',this just might have been the metal album of the 70's!!!

This is certainly my favourite KISS 70's studio album,fantastic from start to finish.
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on 12 February 2010
Probably one of the best KISS albums you can buy. It's got that classic 70s rock sound. Went double platinum and contains quite a few KISS classics, namely "Calling Dr. Love", "Hard Luck Woman" and "Mr. Speed". A great overall rock album. Good buy for any KISS fan and/or classic rock fan.
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VINE VOICEon 30 December 2005
I'll be honest, I don't own this actual CD yet, but I know all the songs. I don't understand anyone saying it's not as good as Destroyer. A masterpiece? What? How can you honestly sit there and say a masterpiece would contain such complete rubbish as "Flaming Youth", "Sweet Pain" and "Great Expectations"? Even "King of The Night Time World" isn't brilliant. The same goes for Love Gun, the other KISS 'masterpiece'. "Plaster Caster", "Tomorrow And Tonight" and "Christine Sixteen" are all way below parr. Too many KISS fans got too caught up in the hysteria surrounding the band between '74 and '77 and failed to notice that half the songs they were putting out were sub-standard pop-songs. Comments such as "Destroyer is a masterpiece" and "Kiss never get soft" (scroll down) are jokes. Or stupidity. One or the other. I mean, how can a band that produces "Beth", "Hard Luck Woman", "Tears Are Falling" and numerous other SOFT songs not get soft? Doesn't mean they're bad songs, obviously. Just means such a statement is moronic. Fact remains, the supposed 'masterpieces' are patchy at best. Especially Destroyer, which only has four truly great songs on it. Rock And Roll Over is a much more solid and consistent effort, as were the debut, Dressed To Kill and Hotter Than Hell. After the 70s, Creatures of The Night, Revenge and Carnival of Souls are where all the good action is. The three heaviest KISS albums. If anyone ever says any of those three albums is bad, kick them very hard and explain to them that face-paint isn't cool, but hard rock music is.
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on 31 May 2013
This a a cracking album I bough as a result of having all previous Kiss albums. It probably marks the end of their Glam-Rock phase and introduces the fan to their heavier material found on Love Gun (although Destructor is heavier). All tracks are worthy of listening to, however, I recoment a preview of "I Want You", "Calling Dr. Love", and "Love em and Leave em".
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on 6 February 2012
This IS certainly the most overlooked Kiss album. Perhaps on balance this is the most consistent of Kiss' back catalogue (much like: 'Hotter than Hell' and their debut). I can't let songs like ladies room be knocked... The Alive II version of this track is certainly edgier but nevertheless this has it's own feel.

The headliners of the album are: "Calling Doctor Love", "Hard Luck Woman" and "I Want You", however the surprises to me (as a relatively new Kiss fan) were: 'Love Em and Leave Em' and 'Take Me' - These totally rock! - a gem from Gene and a stormer from Paul.

I could not recommend this any more highly as this is my favourite KISS album overall. I do not concieve there to be a average track - and yes, it beats Destroyer... Just! Alive IIKiss - Hotter Than Hell (NEW CD)
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on 11 July 2016
Another one of my favourite albums by kiss . Excellent album worth buying
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on 4 October 2000
"Rock And Roll Over" was released at a time where Kiss were at the greatest and were releasing some of the greatest material of their career. Their previous album "Destroyer" was one of their best albums to date and this album follows that brilliance. The album is really hard rock in nature and includes some of the bands signature tracks such as "Hard Luck Woman" (which is one of the softer songs on the album, not that Kiss ever get soft) and "Calling Dr.Love". The great thing abut this album is that it has really stood the test of time and sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released 25 years ago. The album is a rock classic and is hard rock at its best and is highly recommended, especially to a lot of the bands of today who can learn something from this great album.
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