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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

on 9 November 2016
Good album. Il like it.
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on 23 May 2008
If you like your music perfectly pitched and over rehearsed then this album is not for you. BUT if you believe in punk, that anyone can have a go, then this is one of the originals. "Vincebus Eruptum" is a real mess, with clearly ad libbed guitar work, but that is why I love it. It is a one of those records that just gets the blood flowing "Parchment Farm" just rocks, listening to this album is like having the band in the room. Crazy loud, a must listen
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 September 2016
This out-of-print stereo reissue from Track Records UK comes in a jewel case with an informative colour booklet with liner notes and rare photos. It sounds at least as good as the original Mercury/Universal single disc releases. Follow the links below for my more detailed reviews of the original albums......

1. "Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) 3:47 (Philips 40516-A, 1/68, #14US)
2. "Rock Me Baby" (B.B. King, Joe Josea) 4:22
3. "Doctor Please" (Dickie Peterson) 7:53
4. "Out of Focus" (Peterson) 3:58 (Philips 40516-B, 1/68)
5. "Parchment Farm" (Mose Allison) 5:49
6. "Second Time Around" (Peterson) 6:17
7. "Feathers from Your Tree" (Dickie Peterson, Leigh Stephens, Peter Wagner) 3:29 (Philips 40561-A, 10/68)
8. "Sun Cycle" (Peterson, Stephens, Wagner) 4:12 (Philips 40561-B, 10/68)
9. "Just a Little Bit" (Peterson) 3:24 (Philips 40541-A, 6/68, #92US)
10. "Gypsy Ball" (Peterson, Stephens) 2:57 (Philips 40541-B, 6/68, #92US)
11. "Come and Get It" (Peterson, Stephens, Wagner) 3:13
12. "Satisfaction" (Jagger/Richards) 5:05
13. "The Hunter" (Booker T. Jones) 4:22
14. "Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" (Peterson, Stephens) 1:38
15. "Babylon" (Peterson) 4:22

the band:
Dickie Peterson – vocals & bass
Leigh Stephens – guitar
Paul Whaley – drums

Produced by Abe "Voco" Kesh
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on 22 November 2010
Magnificent noise on this one. I read about this band courtesy of Lester Bangs who slated them for being a poor man's Hendrix soundalike. Guess I'm a bad judge of what makes a great sound coz I really like this album. Rock Me Baby is my fave track. For the simple reason it's just great blues noise not trying to be anything else.
Granted this album won't appeal to everyone becoz it does contain a load of screechy feedback noise and amps cranked beyond the proverbial eleven to create a shocking soundscape, but since the bass player died I'll never get the opportunity to see them live so I will never hear the world's first heavy metal band in flight at full, ear-splitting volume. As such this piece of plastic will have to suffice. I have since bought this album on vinyl becoz that is how it should be heard. Checked out some footage of them on Utube too, and they sound like they are the loudest blues band ever. Awesome if u dig that kinda thing right? U don't? Stick to Michael Booblay or Justin Bebo then.

Blue Cheer was slang term for some of the alternative medicines available back in the day... this album certainly is a welcome alternative to the artificial garbage we are subjected to by the likes of Herr Cowell.
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on 26 October 2007
I got this album a few weeks ago and must admit it's a grower, I cannot believe how heavy it is for it's age, full of feedback and bile it's no wonder these chaps influenced the almighty Pentagram later towards the early seventies. The only downer is that it's only got six tracks which is far too short, however it is well worth shelling out for as it puts a lot of modern metal and rock to shame, fans of Black Sabbath and Pentagram should give this a try!
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on 22 December 2011
vincebus eruptum and outside inside are without question albums from a different planet / time. sounds like they were played / produced by barbarians from the dinosaur era trying to play souped up blues rock .... total mayhem. rough as old boots. and i love it.... tho it is not for everyone. u gotta love it because they blew up the studio recording this..... cheers
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on 3 November 2012
rougth around the edges and good in its time but not the best that the late sixties had to offer by a long way? still alot of energy and fun.
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on 23 May 2005
As a downtrodden culureless teenager of the 00ies I'd have to say that this reallly f**king rocks-big time! I'd heard about this lot like blowing up their recording studio and being run by the hells angels but what I got when I actually heard this album it was incredible!!!! It actually sounds like they're like playing live in the next room!Puts all that modern "Oh! Look at us we're a rough tough garage band sh*t" to shame. Hell, it even puts early Grand Funk Railroad and Cream to shame!~ My only complaint is that its not quite long enough. If it was, say, another ten minutes long it'd be so f**king awesome. I just get a little bit disapointed when it finishes, that's al....sigh.
Summertime Blues-- This has to be tongue in cheek,. Its rough but its not nearly as rough as the rest of the album. Sorry to all you serious fans but it makes me laugh. It just sounds a bit cute thats all. Still pretty cool though.
Rock Me Baby-- The blues is meant to be slow and sorta like sleepy yeah? This is So cool cos its slow and lazy but also incredibly erratic at the same time. Ever so cool!
Doctor Please-- Another Bluesey track. The vocallist works his way up to a screaming crescendo--its magic. Under the influence, my ar*e, these lot seem to have a tiny ammount of blood in their LSD system~more like it!
Out of focus-- I lurve the riff on this. I think it was featured in a movie or something; this track that is. It seems just the right length. Probably my favourite on the album
Parchment Farm-- Now this is hot. Psychotic... thats what it is. These guys must have been so good live!
Next Time Round-- Probably the 2nd best track I reckon, but this sort of album you can just put it on and let it go! Anyways, my favourite bit is that you cant tell when its gonna end---it quietens down speeds up and then FINALLY finishes halfway through a riff! If there's something to cheer me up its this album!
None of my friends like it though.....sigh.
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on 25 October 2001
Remember the moment in Kubrick's 2001 when the ape's thrown bone turns into an orbiting nuke? This album represents a similar moment, but the bone turns into a Heavy Metal flying V.
SEE . . neanderthal garage rockers discover that their amps go ALL THE WAY UP TO ELEVEN!
WITNESS . . the towering monolith of Marshall stacks!
HEAR . . acid rock played by people who sound like they're actually under the influence!
Chaotic approach makes it less immediate than early Sabbath or the Stooges, but those would be the nearest reference points. The production is quite amazing, with guitar and bass sounds like you've never heard before. A significant influence on a new generation of two-fisted garage maulers like Bangtwister...
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on 4 April 2012
this does sound different to the old stereo mix , fuller more rounded although still totally distorted. the bass drums and some vocals magically appear from the guitar chaos. however i would still want the stereo mix as i feel some of the guitar parts vanish a bit on the mono mix. and i know leigh stephens was a hopeless guitar player but its nice to fully hear him destroy his guitar amps.... own both i do. 2 quick extra points the new cd of outsideinside is also a must. and vincebus has just been reviewed in record collector mag and the reviewer said " a moderately heavy guitar tone then compared it to deep purple mk 1 " ??????????????? idiot. sloppy journalism. cheers
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