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on 12 August 2017
If you like Scratch Acid, this album is for you.
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on 27 June 2007
Scratch Acid is one of those bands that really don't fit (thankfully) into any real "style" of music. The songs here are violent, noisey, and quite wild, and the bizarre screams and yowls of Divid Yow are so crazy and absurdly performed that its very hard to understand them unless on certain mind expanding substances (substances the band was very into).

Yes, the band that distributed 40 hits of acid amongst their audience has compiled all 28 songs about dark and stormy nights into one great album.

"Ya know the way it happens when ya ride in the night & it's cold & dark & rainy

and you look up at the moon's balls & it invents ghosts for you to scream with

you play with the wheel until you get the feel of just how real

it might've been if you turned back but now it's far too late"

Musically, the only thing to compare this to is Yow's later band, the more popular Jesus Lizard, yet somehow that band never captured the nightmarish, surreal insanity that Scratch Acid does. The music here is also much tighter and organized. The drum and bass really play perfectly together and create original intro's for great songs like She Said and Amicus. Everyone in this band played so amazing well with one another it sad we don't have more music from this band.

In short, many bands try to sound disturbing and violent, but VERY few succeed. Scratch Acid is one the bands that did. If that's what you're into this band will not disappoint.
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on 4 July 2011
The best description I can give of this band is they are kind of like a cross between the Butthole Surfers and the Pixies....Though, unlike those two bands, they have no pop leanings (and before any purists comment, I'm aware the Surfers' music was originally pretty transgressive, their songs always had hooks of some kind, so I'm fine calling them a pop band, alright?) Also unlike these two bands, Scratch Acid use their surreal and violent noise songs to paint vivid and ugly paintings in the listeners heads.

The band as a whole can move from a huge amount of song stylings. Take the first 8 songs here, which originally comprised their debut EP, which goes from:

- HUGE sounding noise rocker CANNIBAL (where howler David Yow sounds like David Bryne on a violently bad acid trip against giant a shifting rhythm section), to...
- Crampsesque rockabilly song if written by a necrophiliac, to...
- Hardcore punk explosion which might work better as a compilation track, but here is apt to take the listener aback.
- Next the trippy, almost moving OWNER'S LAMENT, providing a lovely solace song for demented freaks out there (if you can, listen to the way this song moves from one piece to another, and back again, like a rollercoaster soaring to Heaven and down to Hell)
- "She Said" follows, a song that has one mood on it's mind - alarm. From the repetitive bass to the megaphoned-in vocals...offering only a distant, echoed respite for the lone "chorus".
- "Mess" sounds like the band are playing two doors down and...well, it sounds like Scratch Acid.
- "El Espectro" stops and starts, with Yow screaming for all he's worth, like a bizarre carnival act.
- Finally, "Lay Screaming", a beautiful droning reverb nightmare with a chorus too obscene to be repeated it. Strangely, one of the catchiest songs on the record, with a Paul Learyesque surftone solo that both hypnotises and disturbs.

In additon to this, you get two more records, their only full length and their ultimate EP. While the first is my favourite (especially since the full album sounds like it was recorded in someone's toilet), the disc is an excellent purchase for anyone who likes the psyche punk of the eighties, but feels like the Butthole Surfers and the awful Gaye Bykers on Acid are too cartoonish (not that this record is a patch on Locust Abortion Technician or Hairway to Steven).
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on 20 September 2007
I thought I was the only one. These were obscure even in the 1980's but now are a rare acquired taste. Sounds abit like Surfers, Nick cave occasionally,cramps maybe. "owners lament" is one of those evergreen tracks that sounds good in any decade.
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on 31 January 2015
You probably have to SERIOUSLY like Jesus Lizard to consider buying this....i like them, but not this much.
Within Scratch Acid you can hear to kernels of JL, but the tracks tend to blend into one style (i know - i'm being harsh, considering it was their first outing)...but compared to the eclectic nature of their 'mature' records this might leave you feeling a little disappointed.
Yow's vocals are ranting (no change there)...but seem to lack a 'focus'.
W-Sims guitar/bass hasn't quite got his 'sound' yet.
i think my heart/youth bought this, not my ears.......all in all - a shame
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on 14 January 2001
Here it is...Scratch Acid's entire discography on one CD... Superb!!! Scratch Acid are indeed one of life's little known pleasures and the presence of "Mary Had A Little Drug Problem" is well worth the price tag alone... That's not to mention the scream drenched vocal assault of "Cannibal" or the Beautifully orchestrated "Owner's Lament". The songs on this album show us all what US guitar music in the 80's could have been like. Admittedly, this kind of music was (and never will be) aimed at the masses. It will only speak to the people who seek the hidden pleasures in life. Just like The Birthday Party, Big Black or the not-so-hidden-these-days Pixies, Scratch Acid will indeed have played a very important role in the shaping of any looming Underground/Alternative music scene of the new millennium.
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on 27 December 2003
I agree totally with the other guy,scratch acid were one of life's unknown pleasure's,and will remain to be,but i think that suited them totally,i mean if they were like some huge band with no 1's in every counrty and stuff,they would have been a diffrent band,but well they wasnt thank god!
i bought this album from amazon,along with a melvins album,but i didnt give the melvins album a look in for a few day's,cause i was to busy getting my head around scratch acid,the album is so dark even on the heavy songs,like the beautiful 'OWNERS LAMENT' untill the haunting scream's of 'CANNIBAL' this album must not be forgotten as did it pave the way for other noise/underground bands,and has big insipation on me and my band,how can a band so small and unknown be so damn good? well this band was,and will continue to echo the howl's of 'GREATEST GIFT' !!!
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on 5 January 2015
very pleased
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on 2 December 2015
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on 9 January 2016
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