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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2011
Death Angel's Act III is a classic release that has aged remarkably well and still holds up to this day as one of the band's best albums and among the better albums the genre had to offer.

This 1990 album remains my favorite album by the band and the one which I will most frequently recommend to potential fans, it is more fully-realized and focused than the albums that preceded it, as well as better produced.

The album opens up with the excellent `Seemingly Endless Time,' and `Stop,' which are varied and interesting songs of mixed tempos and directions as befits the band's style, yet are two of their most straight forward and `normal,' songs from their initial pre-breakup/pre-reunion era.

In addition to the out and out thrashing, the album contained the big ballads `Viel of Deception,' and `The Room,' which are far from your average cheesy attempt at radio play, but actually great compositions.

The whole album is rock solid, with no real filler to speak of. Great vocals, unbelievable musicianship and intelligent mix of thrash and melody are the main take aways from beginning to end on Act III.

If you are into thrash metal at all, at some point you really ought to check out Death Angel; sometimes you'll have their young age, race or connection with Kirk Hammet used as reasons to give the band a curiosity listen, but this album needs no gimmick or hook. If you enjoy well written, impressive and interesting music then pick up a copy.
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on 11 August 2000
While not one of the all time classic thrash metal albums, this one has achieved a level of excellence unmatchable by today's more commercial metal bands. Both the vocals and instrumentation are superb, never dropping below that level of excellence. "A Room With a View" actually manages to rise above the level. This track is the highlight of the album, and is a classic that would not be out of place on any thrash metal masterpiece. After you have collected the greatest of the great, make sure you the next thing you sample is Death Angel.
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on 5 May 2008
After a 14 year hiatus, Death Angel released the much anticipated Art Of Dying, then this year saw the release of Killing Season.
Both solid albums and out & out thrash metal.
For me, Act 3 is the Bay Area cousins most mature & accessible album. Released in the spring of 1990 it predates Metallica's Black Album in its melding of frantic guitars & drums with REAL melody & harmonies, especially on the vocal lines.
There is more than enough thrash here to satisfy the most rabid of tastes but where this album scores is in the willingness to experiment.
Slap bass, funk guitar, rap/gang vocals; all are in this mix. All of DA's members are decent singers & the album is awash with strong vocal performances & harmonies. Mark Osegueda does a fair impression of Rob Halford at times with the lead vocals and you wont find any bog standard 666 lyrics either!
Dennis Pepa & Andy Galeon on bass & drums respectiveley are a formidable unit, never willing to take a backseat to the guitars! (Since departed) rhythm guitarist Gus Pepa adds plenty of hard riffs to the brew but the real plaudits must go to Lead guitarist, Rob Cavestany who serves up quality solos, fills & chords from start to finish. One of metal's finest lead players, he marries technique with feeling in ways that Kerry King & Jeff Hannemann(Slayer)are incapable of. He's also the main backing vocalist here, and can step up to the plate when required to sing lead vocals. I understand his recently released solo CD is excellent.
2 Tracks really stand out here, possibly the albums most daring.
VEIL OF DECEPTION: Stunning acoustic track with some amazing vocal harmonies, with a cool jazzy/funky vibe midway.
ROOM WITH A VIEW: The standout track - starts with more atmospheric acoustic chords & emotive vocals, then a great chorus and a beautifully played short acoustic solo before bursting into life with a lead break that is reminiscent of Stairway To Heaven's classic solo. Then the song plays out with spine chilling guitar melodies that wouldnt sound out of place on any of Pink Floyd's 70's epics!
The production by Max Norman is clear, crisp & organic, giving the album a classic rock feel at times and there are still plenty of kick your face in songs eg Seemingly Endless Time, Disturbing The Peace.
Basically if you like Metal with intelligence & dont mind a bit of diversity then you'll like this. If you are a hardcore Slayer or Sepultura fan (no disrespect, i like some of their stuff) then this may be too mellow in places for you.
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on 23 October 2012
I love the band, love the bay area thrash scene, this album is great and a must have for any thrasher and metalhead.
There are some great songs like 'Disturbing The Peace' and 'Discontinued' and even the acoustic parts are great.
Until this era they never disappointed me, Buy it! And the previous ones! Now!
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on 23 April 2011
Mega album from band with loads of talent, songs and attitude in the thrash genre. Deserved more recognition when it was originally released but it paved the way for their later output which is definately worthy of any success that comes their way!
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on 5 July 2011
I love this album. Year after year I do not get tired of listening to it. Every single track is worth listening to. The songs are very varied and sometimes complex with a lot of shifts and breaks. Both fast tracks and ballads holds through. The axework is masterly be it acoustic or electric. Buy this masterpiece if you in any way fancy heavy metal - I promise that you will be amazed. Death Angels new work is fine too, but this album has been around for 21 years and is as fresh and exciting as ever.
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on 17 March 2015
What an excellent album forgot how much i loved this back in the 90s.
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on 29 May 2016
love these my ears are still ringing from the volume in my car
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on 2 May 2004
This is the only album I can listen to from the early 90's explosion of thrash metal. 14 years on this album still holds true. I am afraid the new album "Art of Dying" doesn't come close kids. Sample this one instead, then buy the subsequent 'The Organisation' records, and realise how great Rob Cavestany is.
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on 4 November 2016
A class album all thru yet not flat out thrash .
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