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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2000
When I first heard this album, I was unashamedly dissapointed. Previous 'Fugazi' albums seemed to be a marked improvement compared to this. However, patience! Bear with it, give it some time, and then it is easy to see that, yes, 'Fugazi' have managed to produce another album of mastery. It would appear that previous reviewers were unable to spare much time in their listening of the album. By no means is it their best work, but it is still worth spending your hard earned cash on.
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on 31 July 2010
I've loved every Fugazi release before this one and liked each subsequent one. This is one of those albums I keep coming back to time and time again thinking I'll give it another go and that maybe this time I'll like it. After having persevered for many years I've come to the conclusion that this just isn't a very good album.
It's almost like they're trying too hard- the previously insightful lyrics are dry, grating yelled polemic. Tunes and rhythms are scarce, replaced one minute by bland plodding beats and the next by jarring experimental guitar work. This is Fugazi trying to sound like Fugazi. I'm not asking for easy listening but their sense of groove and melody really seems to have taken a holiday.
I do appreciate that they're trying to move their music forward here, but to me this is just wilfully abrasive and pointlessly difficult to listen to. Repeated listens only confirm this. The subsequent album 'In On The Kill Taker' did a far better job of mixing challenging music and rhythms and would have been a much worthier follow up.
It's not all bad, but I do feel that overall this is a mis-step and nowhere near as good as their other releases.
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on 3 July 2004
Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam, At The Drive In, Rage Against The can hear there influence everywhere yet seldom is it acknowledged.
Not a breakthrough album like 'Nevermind' but then Fugazi had been making this kind of awesome, textured sound for years before 'Steady Diet'. It's not all shouting either in fact this album contains a lot more subtlety (well, subtle for Fugazi!) than you might expect namely in 'Exit Only' and 'Long Division'. The uncompromising lyrics and simultaneously angry yet heartfelt music made sure it didn't trouble the mainstream charts or have the impact that bands like Metallica or even Henry Rollins did back in 1991. The problem is bands like Pearl Jam, etc. badly wanted to identify not only with the sound of Fugazi but also with the ethics and attitude but realised you don't make money or friends in the music business by doing so. Surely that's the very reason you should track down everything they've ever recorded and just educate yourself in the REAL 'alternative'. You owe them that much....
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on 15 January 2003
After reading a few of the other reviews I decided I had to review this album to try and bring up it's average score! As with all Fugazi's work, this is an intelligent, original album with thought provoking lyrics. Many people were slightly disapointed with this album as it had a lot to live up to following the awesome repeater, but in my opinion with repeated listens this is an equally good (if not even better) record.
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on 19 September 2000
This cd took me quite a while to get into, but now I think its one of the best ones in my collection. The first two tracks are a bit slow but they are follwed by my fav tracks - Nice new outfit and Stacks which are faster and more upbeat. The rest of the cd continues with some great songs. They have a pretty original style but you should definitely try it if you like punk/hard rock/indie
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on 8 May 2007
Being a long time fan of Fugazi, this was one of the later albums of theirs I bought. I find this a more involved listen than most of their other releases, by no means a bad thing, but it feels a bit slower and mellower than In on the Killtaker and not as immediate as 13 Songs or Repeater. Having said that if you have the chance to get this, do. It is still a great introduction to one of the most original and musical alternative bands that ever existed. The dual vocals between Ian Mackaye and Guy Piccioto give Fugazi such a signature sound and really complement eachother in an unlikely way. There is a distinctive personality to Fugazi's music, and if that isn't unique enough set against today's trend-led music industry then I may as well give up writing these reviews.

With reference to the previous reviewer who questioned whether Fugazi's record label had heard their 'awful racket' (or however you termed it), well, fugazi are their own record label. Wow! A world where people control their own destiny. How surreal. Hope you enjoyed Tom Jones......Now his would be a record label that recognises easy prey.
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on 26 May 2010
I have a weird cycle with every Fugazi record: Not once have I ever liked one of their albums on the first listen. Not once.But each and every time the quality of the music grows on me, and soon I think of it as some of the best music I've ever heard. No album shows this phenomenon better than Steady Diet of Nothing.

At first it's a nothing of a thing; seemingly a Fugazi caught between their biting punk roots and the experimental flavour that they're still unsure of. But the music is of so great a nature that you soon realise it's just as powerful, just as energetic and just as vital as the rest of their catalog. You'll hit yourself in the face a few weeks afterwards not being able to comprehend how you didn't appreciate it earlier.

I think some other reviewer termed SDON as the most abrasive Fugazi album, and I'd agree: this is some really hard hitting stuff. It's rough around the edges but all the better for it.

Track Picks: All of them, it's definitely a whole-album experience, but highlights for me are "Nice New Outfit" and "Latin Roots".
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on 13 February 2012
Fugazi's finest moment, I love this album bought it when it came out in 1992. Not sure about a couple of the reviews on this page, some pretty feeble reasoning for not liking this album or Fugazi. The thing I like about Steady Diet as to me it represents Fugazi at there peak. Clever use of time signatures and 'Funk Time' (silence) are synonymous with Fugazi's sound, Steady Diet definitely shows there more subtle and sophisticated use. The production is really thick sounding like their previous three Albums/ EP's. Something I felt this was missing from `In On The Kill Taker' and subsequent albums, as they seem to have a thinner sound. Exit Only really lays out what to expect from this album, slightly `discordant' and brilliantly arranged, flowing into the second track reclamation. The clipped and abrupt guitar on Stacks is fantastic. I can't help but think of Sonic Youth in terms of the creation of sound and dynamics on this record. Long Division, stands out for its melodic intro followed by a really dense wall of guitar with Joe Laley's bass really standing out in the mix. Runaway Return, is slightly more straightforward rock. Enough of the analysis, this album does not let up and works in its entirety something few bands seem to be able to achieve these days. I saw Fugazi on this tour and it has to be one of the best gigs I've been to. This album is great and it might be for some a bit challenging at first, but it's well worth the effort. As other reviews have said, Fugazi still don't get the credit they deserve, there influence is still strong.
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on 30 November 2000
Not as good as Repeater but more consistent. I've always found Fugazi's stuff to be either fantastic or awful, and I own most of the albums they've produced. It does take a lot of getting into, but once you do tracks like Long Division are just fantastic.
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on 3 September 2011
As the title says, this is not one of Fugazi's strongest albums, but given the ridiculously high quality of their catalogue, even their weaker sets (eg. this and End Hits) are still great. Somewhat more restrained than Repeater, but still sporting plenty of punk fury on tracks like 'latin roots' and the colossal fuzz-grind of 'reclamation', this is the most musically diverse early Fugazi effort, incorporating quiet, poppy guitar workouts ('long division) and sparse, churning riffs ('stacks'). What little metal influences there were on Repeater are almost completely dropped here in favor of a more intelligent, nuanced kind of heaviness. Sure, it isn't as catchy as the previous work, but as a document of the band's rapidly increasing musical prowess, it shouldn't be missed
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