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on 21 January 2001
The first joke on this CD has Hicks announcing tha he (at long last) is getting his own TV show. The rapturous applause suggests that Hicks has been struggling for fame for years. He's joking, of course, (the show is called "Let's Hunt And Kill Billy Ray Cirus") When Bill Hicks was recording the performances that ended up on this CD, he was given three months to live. When you know this, it makes the joke almost unbearably poignant. Hicks was a working comedian, and would perform on average 300 shows a year. He was committed to telling the truth and NEVER letting his principles down in favour of money or fame. However, because of his 'subversive' material, he was virtually unknown in his own country. When you hear this material, and you realise that it's not subversive, you'll wonder what the hell is wrong with America, and you'll wonder why we've lost the John Lennon of comedy. And of course, you'll wonder why no-one noticed.
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on 17 February 2004
I was fortunate enough to see Bill Hicks live 12 years ago, and he is simply the greatest comedian/social commentator that I have ever seen. If fact, I haven't seen another comedian who even comes close to the Bill Hicks.
Hicks was a straight talking Texan, a comic who spoke forcefully and passionately from the heart about a range of topics, from Politics to religion, drugs and personal freedom. Bill Hicks was also a man whose message and beliefs were more important to him than the fame and money that he could have achieved by watering his act down for a mainstream audience. Hicks' hate filled straight talking style and thought provoking ideas and may not appeal to people in the establishment, but they speak volumes to many who are not happy with the state of the world today.

Rant in E-Minor was recorded just months before Hicks' death of cancer 10 years ago. At the time Hicks was aware that he was dieing, which explains why it is undoubtedly the darkest and most hard hitting of his albums. This is simply the best Album available from, the greatest comedian that ever...
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on 30 June 2003
I discovered Bill Hicks a couple of months before I discovered him. I'd seen the live Revelations show from Totally Bill Hicks but somehow, by no fault of Bill's, it wasn't until I heard this album that I realised what the world has lost. But everyone writes tributes to Bill, suffice to say I miss him every bit as much.
"Rant" is Bill at his most determined, his most passionate, and, more often than not, his most obscene. But that's part of his style and it's part of why we love him, he put it across 100% as he saw it. This is Bill at his most ferocious, his most articulate and his most funny. "Rant" is both great entertainment and a doctrine of peace and truth simultaneously, an amazing feat by any standards.
If you only buy one Bill Hicks album, make it this one... but you'll want to buy them all after you've heard this.
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on 21 August 2002
If you want to laugh, and learn something about the world we live in, listen to this man.
He is like a modern day preacher who spouts forth about religion, sex, drugs and rock n'roll....and children.
His views on American politics are still relevant.
Anyone who refers to the human race as a "virus with shoes" has definetely got my vote.....
The best comedian's just a pity he's not around now with Bush jr with his finger on the button....
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on 10 March 2002
Losing Bill - well - is he lost? Like he used to say of Hendrix - "Jimi was dropped off by his alien brothers and told 'Show em how it's done'. When he was done - they took him back". I don't think Bill was done. If he was around right now - I'd want to be at all his shows. However, he's not. This album, though is stupendous, phenomenal, seminal, provocative and loads of other words that just mean - the bees knees. Please buy this, then the rest - and then the book and the videos and then spread the word. One love.
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on 25 December 2001
Without being too pretentious I think the above analogy works quite well. From what I'm led to believe his career(and genius) did go largely unnoticed while he was alive, probably due to his unwavering attitude to media and his cutting edge opinions. After his death I think more people have been awakened to his previous presence, and thankfully like all extinguished stars, I'm certain his material will inexorably draw you in and leave you unable to escape. I bought this having heard "A killer idea" from "Relentless" at a friend's house and almost wet myself that someone could be so sick, and yet observantly funny at the same time. I thought I would only listen to it once and put it away in the cupboard to gather dust. After all, you listen to music repeatedly but the same jokes over and over? Come on. Suffice to say I've played this CD repeatedly and never tired of it. One of the highest compliments I can pay is to say that his work reminds me of that by Henry Rollins; art that makes you feel slightly less alone in a world that most of the time appears to have gone mad.
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`Rant in E Minor' is the last album of Hick's work that was planned whilst he was still alive and it features a show where he is at his most angry and vitriolic. He knew he was dying at this point and the urgency to spread the message he had be teaching over the years had grown palpable. This has some hilarious jokes and I keep coming back to this album again and again and even though I know the jokes by heart now I still laugh out loud because of Bill's incredible delivery. `People who hate people' is short but pure genius, take a listen and you'll see what I mean. I love it that he can make you laugh and open your eyes wide to the irony in life at the same time and this is a rare and sadly missed talent of Hicks. This is definitely not one to share with your mum, but it is one to share with all your friends, family and colleagues and as many other people as possible!!! It is simply brilliant.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 10 April 2004
When i first heard this album, i thought "yeah, okay, funny" but after a couple of listens it suddenly hits you; This cd shows you how to deal with the things we don't want to deal with.
Although it is impossible to agree with EVERYTHING he says, we can all find truth in this album. In parts, it is very uncomfortable to listen to (14-You're wrong night) because it seems like this is the sound of a man who knows his time is running out, and is so frustrated at the way he has to leave things. However, Bill never loses his comedy. Every time it seems as though hes about to slip into some kind of emotional stupor liek some comics do, he tells a joke that makes you smile so much your face hurts. Bill tells us to step away from the world and look at it laughing. It may be angry laughter, it may be laughing in disbelief, yet it is still laughter.
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Bill Hicks was the best comedian of the 20th century, and a hero to many. In these over-corporate times, Bill Hicks epitomised the meaning of not "selling out" like nobody else so it is understandable that he remained a relative unknown until his tragic death. Whilst a CD could never do true justice to Bill's performances like video, Rant remains probably amongst his best work. I can not recommend it highly enough. Buy this CD - and the next time someone asks "If you could have a few drinks and a chat with absolutely anyone - who would it be?", you might just find yourself saying Bill Hicks. He was one of a kind and the world is undoubtedly a sadder place without him.
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on 3 March 2003
Whilst the one star review on this page is a valid opinion I cannot agree. This is Bill hick's last and best (currently available)recording...He was aware he was terminally ill at this point and he is going down fighting with this incendiary performance. Yes it is very Angry, sometimes hostile and all the the better for it, AND IT IS VERY FUNNY. If you have ever cringed and despaired at the ironies of modern western society, you must listen to this performance. It genuinely soothed me to find I was not alone with my views on how sick, greedy and just plain stupid we are becoming, because our "democratic Governments of the free world" want/need to keep us that way .
You will shed tears of laughter hearing Bill's views on gays in the military and pro-lifers and tears of sadness hearing his outbursts of frustration at moronic elements in his audience, and realising for yourself how grim the TRUTH is. Bill Hicks was absolutely for real. Despite being absolutley hilarious it does not do Bill hicks any justice to compare him to any other comedian - He was not a comedian - he just told the truth as he saw it with passion ,force and a razor sharp wit.
With everything that is happening in the world right now, Bill's
observations are more relevant (and important) than ever. God knows what Bill would make of the current situations, war on terror, Iraq (again!!!) the witholding of AIDS drugs from third world nations,Continuing destruction of the environment etc etc. If you don't find it funny, or think Bill was just a bitter cynic, well thats O.K. just turn on the TV, flick to American Gladiators Drink some Beer and help keep the lies intact.
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