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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 11 September 2013
The first seven tracks on this CD re-issue of a 1980's vinyl Big Beat compilation are the reason you should buy this disk. The remaining tracks focus on Big Beat signings and do not represent the best the label had to offer at the time of original release. It's likely Big Beat were hoping to shift a few extra records by The Meteors off the back of this compilation, which was actually bought by those seeking out otherwise difficult to find 1960's oddball rockabilly, surf, pyche and punk 45's. Tracks on offer by The Sting Rays, Guana Bats and Meteors seem asthmatic when set against the whacked out electric invention of The Sonics, The Trashmen and Hasil Adkins. Among the remaining nine tracks on this compilation, those by Jimmy Dickinson, The Milkshakes and The Gun club offer good examples of 1980's garage rock and psyche. The Gun Club's Jack on Fire deserves a special mention. It's a pity The Gun Club came and went largely unnoticed. Many bands and performers never find the audience they deserve - which is why compilations such as this exist, unearthing lost gold and reminding us that Peter Griffin isn't the only one who goes fruit loop over maddeningly catchy yet obscure 1960's garage. A mixed bag then. Get your copy while you still can.
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on 5 June 2014
I first heard this as a teenager and loved it - although I was surprised by the sounds coming out of the speaker the first time i listened to it. I'm now in my forties and rediscovered this album on amazon - I was really chuffed as they used to be really hard to come by! It sounds as good now as it did 30 years ago - still fresh and lively.

Trust me it grows on you and when you want to listen to something with a bit of attitude - it hits the spot.
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on 8 April 2018
if madness was ever music this would be it .....brilliant CD
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on 27 November 2017
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on 4 June 2014
I had the lp many years ago. Now I have replaced it with this great cd. Top garage sounds from USA and England. This really is the roots of psychobilly
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on 10 February 2016
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on 24 November 2005
If you enjoy loud noises, played frantically, and sometimes recorded in a very scratchy format, you should enjoy this compilation.
If you are of the persuasion that rock n roll was designed to either dance frantically to or play full blast to annoy one's parents or elders, then you will find kindred spirits throughout the offerings on this various artists collective.
If you are of a gentler and more cognotive intellectual persuasion, you may feel the need to pass up on this. That, of course is your choice, but, turkey-necks, you are missing a bucketful of FUN!
Can you really fail to be moved by the 1mins 52 secs story-in-song-ripped-from-tomorrow's-headlines angst of the Meteors' Radioactive Kid? Can you live without wondering what Texas moonshine fuelled Hasil Adkins' poetic muse in She Said? Can you really believe that 20 years before WWWF, the Crushers could be inspired to write a whole song about a star local wrestler?
COME ON-life is TOO short to not appreciate this gem. You really will find very few better reasons for 40 mins of kicking over the traces, annoying the wife and just ENJOYING YOURSELF! And if the Missus does look at you, as per Hasil Adkins' lady, Like a dyin' can of eggtomatolybeans, after you've played it-congratulations. You'll know it's been worth it & the pleasure will be greater when, inevitably, you play it again!
Finally, do remember the time of year-this is the perfect anecdote to carols from Kings, Cliff Richard's Xmas single, Socks for Christmas and fondue sets-BUY AND ENJOY!!!
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on 3 August 2014
The Ultimate album no crap rockabilly filler unlike other compilations (I bought: "The Roots of /The Godfathers Of Psychobilly" series & was very disapointed, they are full of tunes that are good rockabilly but not psychobilly originals that had been covered by others as one might hope for!)
This album contains: 7 oringinals that have been covered by The Cramps/Meteors & many others. The other 9 tracks are by true Psychobilly acts.
(I am a bit doubtful as to the claims of The Cramps on the track "Red Headed Woman" by Jimmy 'James' Dickinson & The Cramps. I have a feeling it might be another band.)
But yeah! Buy this. It's what you need if you liked Psychobilly since The Meteors reared their heads (Cos' without them the scene wasn't really Psychobilly before just Rock n roll/Rockabilly punks.)
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on 18 December 2001
I first picked up this album many years ago in a second hand shop for 50p. Whoever had owned it previously had obviously either played it to death, or used it as a frisbee, such was the state of the vinyl. Still, it had a track by The Cramps that I'd never heard before, so I had to have it. Little did I know that 'side A' would contain such infectious, fuzzed out, garage punkiness, mindless surf pop, and mad-hick rockabilly craziness to put me right off all those awful 'Klub Foot' compilations for ever!!! Now the genius of Haze Adkins, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, and The Sonics has been complemented by equally storming extra tracks by Ralph Nielsen and Link Ray, so there's no excuses OK? It all tends to drop off a bit after the Cramps track (with the exception of the Panther Burns), hence only four stars, but at least they included 'My Daddy Is A Vampire', performed by the original line up of The Meteors, which was the only line up that were any good, really!!
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on 9 December 2005
As prevoius reviewers have mentioned this came out many years ago on vinly. Rightly of wrongly it does not exactly copy the original release and some tracks which fail my memory have been replaced by others. But hey they are all good and it's a crackin album after all.The only reason for those not in the know to buy this is,the track by the legendary Stardust Cowboy -you cannot get this anywhere else ever and you never will. As a teenage psychobilly back in the mid 80's imagine the state of my mind when at a Stingrays gig in Leeds the 'Ledge' appeared onstage supported by some Gun Club members! Not only was this guy wild,( aged 50 at least) decked out in bright leather chaps , but he proceeded to shower the audience with paper plates onto which he had hand drawn pictures. Even blowed his own bugle none the less. Buy it dig it, remember your youth. If you were there you will know what I mean. If not as Noddy sez 'Cum on feel the noize !'
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