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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 November 2008
I bought this product back in June.

The product is pretty easy to set up, but on my first unit, the transmission from the outdoor sensors stopped when the unit got cold. That was replaced under warranty.

The replacement unit is behaving better, though the calibration of the humidity is suspect, pegging at 87%. I could take the entire unit down again, and send it back I suppose, but I'll probably just live with it.

The software included is awful, and I'm in the process of writing a new version, which will be available on the Wieser Software Ltd website when it's eventually available. It's currently difficult at best to use the logged data, and the timestamps in the downloaded data are a little suspect.

The range on the unit is pretty good. I have my station placed 100 feet down the garden, and reception usually works through both walls of a brick garage, 1 external wall of the house and 3 internal walls. I'm not sure about battery life yet.
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on 10 September 2010
Being a bit of a amateur weather geek i decided to upgrade my old weather station and opted for the watson.Very easy to set up, wireless connection no problem, comprehensive data stored accessed by pc, all settings can also be changed, ive heard many problems experienced using the software that comes with it, however no problems with windows 7, quad core cpu and 6 gb of ram, however it does stretch the cpu a bit, which may be a problem on an older pc, the screen is covered by a thin membrane which is the touchscreen , i thought the inner screen would be plastic but it isnt, so dont drop it as it will shatter, as i have found out to my cost when i accidently knocked it off the wall with my ladder!. I have ordered a replacement as it is a reliable piece of kit,the generous amount of cable is an understatement, and spray the terminals once you have set up with corrosion inhibitor or wd 40, to keep out the damp.
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on 4 November 2009
I have read a few bad reports on this weather Station. My brother bought one and raved about it so I have done the same. at the time of writing all seems well I have the sensors approx 12 feet up in the clear. I am not using the software that came with it I am using Cumulus and it works very well with this instrument. For the price it is and excellent peice of kit. So I think they may have been improved the past few months maybe. A good buy
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on 26 June 2010
I found that to ensure that there were few missed recorded values the distance between the base station and the outside instruments must be only a tiny fraction of that claimed. For reliable reception the base unit needed to be as close as possible inside the house which meant that a permanent installation next to my PC was not possible. This is possibly why they provide such a short USB cable. On the plus side the memory indicator shows you when the memory is getting full but you must remember to clear it when you have done the data load to the computer.

Unless you have a really sturdy mounting pole you can get spurious rain readings when birds perch on the unit. A ground mounted gauge is better but the cable requires extending to do this.

A couple of very minor niggles - the flashing pressure bar graph is irritating, it would be nice to be able to calibrate the sensors from ones own measurements and a better wind direction smoothing algorithm would be good but overall good fun and good value.
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on 19 March 2013
I bought this weather station and like most things, they work well at first, after a few months the touch screen had to be returned as it stopped working by touch, after 1 year the transmitter that is housed in the unit that sits up on a roof or elevated point, failed so all I now have left is the screen as all the plastic exterior items had weathered so badly that they had all refused to turn or run which wasn't important anymore as the transmitter was dead anyway.
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on 22 July 2011
I have had the weather station one month today. I am very pleased with it. I was not very happy with the clock reading being one hour out. The literature does not explain about zones very well. I did experiment with selecting a zone change and by selecting a -1 the clock did finally read the correct time. I am assuming that when the clocks go back I will have to reselect the zone to zero.
I have other outside temperature and pressure gauges and they record the same as the diplayed readings on the touch screen weather station which gave me confidence to accept the screen readings.
I am really satisfied with being able to down load (export) the graphs to my documents on my laptop.
Initially the instructions for setting up were confusing especially the number of times you had to touch the screen to reach the "item" you wanted to change but it all came together in the end.
In conclusion let me say that if a 78yr.old wrinkly can set up the station then any body can.
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on 1 April 2012
I have had this weather station (mine is called the Weathereye WEA22 but looks identical) for a couple of months now & I am pleased to say so far so good,
I was originally just looking for a accurate inside outside temperature gauge but came accross this new on ebay at £60 with free postage so thought it was worth a gamble,
Having read lots of reviews & tips on setting up I spent plenty of time finding the right spot & following advice I mounted the wind direction & wind speed instruments on a strong metal pole taking care to get the north south directions accurate before fixing,
the rain meter is fixed lower down on a easy to get at solid base as strong winds & birds can give false readings & spiders have been known to use it as a home!,
The temperature/pressure/transmiter unit is also situated with easy access for battery replacement but with good air circulation & out of direct sunlight, the long leads noted in other reviews allow for this set up & although it takes a bit of time I think its worth the trouble,
Once the batteries are installed & the unit is up & running it can take a while for the time & date to pick up the signal but otherwise everything starts up fine & having calibrated the temperatures inside & out with other gauges they seem to be spot on,
I have sat the touch screen in a modified picture frame holder so I can place it on the table next to my chair & I find it easy to read although the pressure history gauge is constantly flashing & can be a bit annoying,
I think for the price it seems a good quality & easy to use weather station which can help to make our british weather a bit more interesting.
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on 2 May 2012
This is a product struggling to be really good but sadly it doesn't quite reach the mark. Mainly because the data is unreliable,the software needs a serious overhaul, and the main base screen need a serious revamp. I have been collecting data now for 4 months solid, it confuses morning dew with rainfall, we have heavy morning dew here, sadly no rainfall for over 8 months or more, yet i have readings of up to 13.2mm of rain, the data that downloads to the computer constantly repeats itself making the time stamps useless, so the daily data can be two different times and dates which ones being relevant is anyone's guess. Also there is no such reading for wind as NWW, or NEE, this is schoolboy knowledge, it should be WNW, or ENE, which suggests the software writer isn't fully aware of weather terminology, and this terminology has to be altered manually to degrees to enter the information into a wind rose diagram program as they use inputs in degrees ie N=0, E=90º etc. asimple script in excel can do this, I just think for this price the program itself should do this. There are times also the computer program cant communicate with the base station for some reason, and need the batteries removed to reset the device, which then communicates fine, till next time, i have had to do this 3 times already, so a few days data has been lost this way. It was quite temperamental when setting it up and took a few days for it to settle down for some reason. I also bought the solar battery charger for the remote sensor array to eliminate the high battery usage as well. At the end of the day its a temperamental device, the device fascia could do with a revamp and more clarity to internal and external readings. Its an ideal intro to weather readings per sé, shame its price tag for this entry level is too high i would have though a more realistic price would be around 49-59 pounds. I will continue useing it.
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on 1 February 2012
I have had this weather station (Fine Offset) for about 3 weeks now and for the money it is very good value. It has a couple of niggles, (1) There is much, much better software available for free, "Cumulus" from [...] for example, I tried the bundled software but kept getting spurious rain readings so only use "Cumulus" now. (2) The LCD display is a bit on the dim side, needs to be propped up a bit as the legs are too short, in the right light and angle it can be read ok though. (3) The rain gauge needs to be mounted on something solid and not the pole as the wind, birds, etc. can affect it's readings. That's about it for the bad bit's, I have had no problems with it talking to the PC via usb cable and using the Cumulus software there is more than enough information available for anyone interested in the weather. To get a better machine would cost a lot more money. There is a forum for these machines on the Sandysoft website where answers to most problems can be found. Would I reccomend it....definitly yes.
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on 24 February 2012
Mine has been running with only minor, often self inflicted glitches, for three years now. It is astounding value, mainly because of the USB connection to your PC. This makes it a semi-professional/serious amateur piece of kit. Once coupled to the already mentioned Cumulus free software (a donation is appreciated by the author) the weather world is your oyster. Cumulus is a must to get the full benefit from this station in my opinion.You can calibrate readings, store records and all sorts of data and easily set up a website with live data. You do really need to be a bit of a weather geek to get the most enjoyment from it and siting of the station is critical for accurate rain and temperature readings but it is highly adaptable and configurable.
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