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on 19 April 2017
He knew how to write...apparently. At least according to my A-Level teacher he could write. According to history he (or she - depending on which theory you are reading), might have merely copied someone else's work, or was indeed someone else entirely. Either way, even 20 years after I left school, they are still teaching it and my daughter needed it.

Delivered quickly (that's what Prime is for I guess)
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on 26 June 2016
Good, i used this for my gcse unit on r+j as I am an A*-B student, I would reccomend this to any higher ability students. The only down side is that there is not an actual copy of the play and then notes on the page next to it as I expected, so I would recommend buying a cheap copy of the play with this.
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on 8 August 2017
Terrible. Firstly, after just a week of using my brand new copy for rehearsals, individual pages and chunks of pages have come loose. About 25 pages or more are now completely detached from the binding. Secondly, by using an eraser gently over the text I have managed to rub out the ink, as if it's just some phony printout. It's an awful construction of which the publishers should be utterly ashamed. And it's not just my bad luck; every person in my production uses the same 2016 Revised Edition and experiences the same issues. I guess if you need Arden (as we do) then there's no other option, although you could go for the 1992 edition, but if you just need any copy of the play then avoid this edition at all costs. Sorry Bloomsbury, you must do better than this. Major fault in the manufacture of this book, which is already reduced to a bundle of dog-eared sheets. You have been warned.
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on 30 October 2016
Lots to commend this version, not least the low price. But having all the explanation words at the back gets tiresome flicking back and forth. Also you don't know which words are in the glossary . End up searching for word not there or there are words I thought I knew but have changed meaning. There is nothing to indicate which words have a description . Context text is good.
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on 16 October 2015
Great concept, great book. Doesn't take long to read, and very helpful in illucidating some of the denser passages. It won't be for everyone - purists will hate some of the neologisms in the modern version, and it misses some of the subtlety and most of the beauty of the original - but I got plenty from it. It is in no way a replacement for reading the original, but it's a great substitute if you don't happen to have a professor of literature on hand to answer your questions.
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on 15 June 2015
The Arden editions of Shakespeare are definitely my favourites - they're beautifully produced and the introductions and notes are invaluable. Sometimes there is not a great deal of text on a page which can make them a little unwieldy if rehearsing with them, but I still find the Arden preferable to any other edition. This is also a companion volume to the First Quarto and First Folio edition which I believe is now out of print. I have both volumes and together they give you a definitive view of Shakespeare's play, in all its incarnations.
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on 28 December 2013
One of the best plays I wish I had read when I was younger.
Hamlets father returns as a ghost warning him about staking revenge on the king who married his mother. He uses players to present his father's death to the king who takes and wants Hamlet punished as a madman. Hamlet quarrels with Laretes and kills him but never tells the king where the body is. His mother sends him away to England, the king wants Hamlets blood. Whilst Hamlet is away Horatio tells him about his love Ophellia, who drank her self to death by drowning in the river. The king plans a trap for Hamlet as he returns home, faced fighting his mother drinks the poison by mistake and he kills the king. Hamlet takes his own life leaving Horatio to step into the kingdom and become their ruler.
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on 17 December 2012
This little cloth-bound copy of 'Romeo & Juliet' definitely has it's charms. Despite the books size, the text itself isn't a struggle to read at all, no need for squinting! The book comes complete with it's own equally miniature dust jacket to protect the covers of the book from scuffing. The book itself is a maroon cloth, with it's only decorative feature being the small indentation of a sailing ship on the front cover. It's size makes it perfect for those who don't have the room or money to have large collections of fine edition books (Easton Press & Folio Society), yet still want that classic 19th century appearance to their books. Another positive that comes from the books size is that rather than lugging your average sized book around with you when you go to your work/university/coffee shop, (which inevitably leaves the book scuffed)you can simply slide this copy into your jacket or trouser pocket and carry on with your day with minimal risk of damage. Overall very pleased; looks great as part of a set, economical choice, handy size. 10/10

P.S. Makes an excellent small gift, an out of the blue token of affection for your significant other!
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This book is an excellent introduction to what can be a dense and complex play. It starts with a simple plot outline. It then progresses to more in depth analysis of the play scene by scene. After which it lays out some key themes, symbols and ideas in the play in the forms of mini essays. It has a fairly good glossary, a potted history of Shakespeare himself and how his plays would have appeared. It also has a good time line and chronology, a glossary of common theatrical and critical terms and a good recommended reading list. It is very useful indeed.
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on 29 June 2016
Seriously if you are studying Hamlet for A-Levels this book helps you understand Shakespeare a lot. A play like Hamlet can be a daunting read but the Arden shakespeares useful definitions and analytical gobbets make it perfect for studying at a higher level. It removes the barrier from a 21st century student and Shakespeares highly sophisticated wonderful superflous language. Love love love. Can get a bit tricky to follow the definitons however.
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