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on 31 May 2002
My Yoga Nidra CD was actually a gift - a well-meaning friend thought I was
getting a bit "frayed at the edges" and needed to relax.
I was slightly sceptical in the beginning. I tend to hold a scientific view of the universe, and suspected this might turn out to be "up in the clouds".
My first thought after coming out of the relaxation was "gosh!" I felt as if I'd rested for hours. Somewhere along the relaxation, my mind had let go of the tense attitude I was in the grip of. After the relaxation I lay there
looking at the things around me for quite a while, almost like a child.
I noticed the effect of this first trial of Yoga Nidra for hours afterwards.
It's hard to describe really; I was definitely more relaxed than usual, but not at all sluggish or slow, quite the opposite.
Of course, after this I started using the relaxation regularly and I am still
doing so. It continually amazes me that such seemingly simple instructions can have such a strong effect. The quality of my sleep has improved greatly since I started using the CD. I used to wake up several times each night but
now find that I can sleep the whole night through, which of course makes a
great difference to my day.
There are two relaxations on the CD, one short version (20 minutes), and one long
(45 minutes). The voice giving instructions is interwoven with music and
various sounds from nature. Before listening to it I would have thought that
this was confusing, or that it would somehow have a hypnotic effect, but I
find that the other sound effects enhance the instructions in a very
balanced and harmonious way.
I strongly recommend anyone who wants to relax and "recharge their batteries" to try this CD. It's made a definite difference for me in my
daily life.
Nicola Birch
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on 2 December 2010
I just love the calm voice of the swami. Since I'm from Norway I don't mind the accent, I think its charming. I've used the 20 minute track on a day to day basis and its perfect to have a little rest and maybe tip off to sleep for a second or two. The visualization is easy to follow and I find the background sounds of nature and animals calming and moodlifting.
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on 8 March 2004
An easy, accessable and effective way to wind down, relax and de-stress. Split into two main parts, a 20 minute beginners excercise and a more advanced version this guided meditation comes from a Swedish expert with 30 years experience.
Highly recommended.
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on 4 October 2011
Having been a fan of yoga nidra for some years now since being introduced to it on a yoga teaching training course I have a small collection of CDs to choose from with a range of narrators and themes. This particular CD was recommended by my tutor at the time and is one of my old favourites. I played it nightly at one point and it soothed me into deep relaxation and afterwards a calm night's sleep. It took some time to get used to the narrator's voice which initially I found irritating especially the way he pronounced 'mouse' as 'mouth' but eventually he became a familiar sound before I went to sleep at night. And the effects were astounding in terms of relaxation but there is also another side to yoga nidra. See the third paragraph below.

There are two yoga nidras on this CD - a short one of about 15 mins and a longer one of about 45 mins with a short burst of instrumental music in-between (which I was always asleep to!). Each yoga nidra script is accompanied by gentle music and sounds and the narrator talks you through a body scan to relax the body, a guided visualisation and takes you through the chakras.

Regular use of yoga nidra helped me to get through a very sticky period in my life however, I will say that perhaps overuse exacerbated things at times which meant that the subconscious mind was being stirred up and the poisons allowed to emerge and perhaps not pass as quickly as one would like. So a note of caution here. If there is much submerged 'stuff' that you have to upload and dispose of then don't do yoga nidra every night as I did. It can be quite devastating and have consequences that you might regret. But don't let that put you off - just ration it to a couple of nights a week and choose a more neutral body scan sequence like that by John Kabat-Zinn that is more likely to invite relaxation rather than stir up the subconscious in a violent way.

It is all a matter of moderation and finding the right narrator and content! So do do some research before you make a choice or try out a few. There is a yoga nidra sequence and a different voice for all seasons!

Enjoy this CD but remember the caution!
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on 4 March 2012
This was recomended to me by a doctor when i was going through a bad time,Its was the most relaxing tape I have ever listen to and could not believe I had been lying there for 20 min.I listen to it every day now and some time find my self noding off,but when i awake i feel so relaxed.I have only listened to the short version so far and would highly recommed it.Just remember to have you head facing north when lying down this is suppose to be the best position for listern to the tape.
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on 3 November 2004
Those are the best words that I found to describe the excellent CD through which Swami Janakananda so gracefully shares the ancient Indian technique of Yoga Nidra with us.
I was firstly introduced to Yoga Nidra last year while I was working and traveling extensively around the world. My job was extremely demanding and required a high level of responsibility and dedication. It was a 24 hour a day job and over the years I amounted a great deal of stress that threatened to endanger my professional performance and most importantly my health.
The CD has three parts: a short version of Yoga Nidra, a piece of music by Roop Verma and a long version of Yoga Nidra.
I found out that by listening to both versions (depending on the time available) I was able to easily manage my stress and I learned to relax. In addition, I could "finally" sleep better.
Swami is our guide on this voyage through our body parts and into our inner space. His narration and Roop's music will not let your mind wonder around, but instead you start to develop an open state that allows the body and mind to co-exist in balance, a total harmony.
My life being very active I found out that the more I practiced Yoga Nidra, the more relaxed I became, but in the long run I also discovered that I had more energy. What happened in reality was that I always had a lot of energy, but in most of the cases this energy was dispersed. Now I had found a way of channeling better my energy and take more advantage of my own resources.
For example, before long day meetings, I would start the day with a early morning Yoga Nidra practice and I would be focused and fresh throughout the day, being able to use the necessary amount of energy for each situation and finish the day with a sense of professional accomplishment and feeling very good health wise; a very happy person.
Since I was not able to do physical yoga due to my strenuous schedule and life style, Yoga Nidra was the best choice or replacement. I later found out that I could practice both types of Yoga and actually one complemented the other so it worked very well.
I also introduced this CD to my beach volleyball partner and since we have experienced an increase of coordination and better understanding of our individual techniques in the context of this fast "two a side" sport.
I have since changed job, joined my beautiful wife in matrimony and slowed my life's pace but I have to thank Swami for his great contribution to my general well being and improved health.
I would like to recommend this CD to anyone that seeks a perfect balance between body and mind and a happy life.
Luis de Carvalho
Lagos, Portugal
October 30, 2004
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on 16 December 2012
Quick Delivery. Top quality product. Bought again as have given old copy to a friend. Swami Janakananda takes you on a yogic journey into the place between sleep and wakefulness. More then just a guided meditation. Highly reccomend for anyone who likes to explore new ways of gaining deeper self knowledge through experience.Also, new version comes in a sleek sleeve rather than a bulky plastic case.
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on 19 February 2012
This CD has a short form (20 minutes odd) and long form (40 minutes odd) with a piece of music too. Either form does the business, I always feel truly relaxed and ready to either face the day if performed in the morning or preared for bed if performed last thing when I otherwise have a tendecny to be unable to stop thinking/worrying about stuff.
Great product very highly recommended.
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on 10 August 2008
This cd really helps me at times when I know Im a bit irritable or may be unwell and can't get comfortable or just can't get to sleep- I pull this out and soon find comfort and bodily peace.
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on 23 February 2010
I bought this CD 5 years ago after being introduced to Yoga Nidra by my yoga teacher. Listening to this CD for 20 or 40 minutes a day has transformed my life. I have three young children and a physical disability which leaves me fatigued. I know that whatever life throws at me each day I can lie on my bed, listen to this and get up recharged emotionally and physically to continue my day. This is part of my daily ritual and I can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you Swami Janakananda.
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