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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: Paperback|Change
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I work with Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine tarot on a daily basis and they have been the only cards that 'speak to me' until now.

I have bought so many decks of tarot that have been disappointing but this deck is truly beautiful. Lovely detail and the colours are amazing. Only one thing about that though. I do find them a little too 'busy'. For instance, with the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, the colours of the cards alone give off a feeling. E.g. when a spread contains many swords cards and the 8 of cups and other dull, blue colours, you can actually see the problems, the anxiety etc compared to the more positive cards of wands and pentacles. With these every card is vibrant which is nice but you have to really look at them to distinguish the negatives and the positives among them. however, they are still great to read with. A real treat for the eyes.

I like them a nice change for me from time to time.

The card quality is very good. I put this deck next to my Marchetti deck and it was almost 50% higher. This is because the card used is stiffer and good quality. The edges are nicely gilded too. They are nice to handle and feel like quality. So many decks these days are made of flimsy card stock but I would think these are over 200gsm at least. In fact, the first few times I used them I had to check that there were not two cards stuck together as they seemed so thick!

The box they come in is also nice. It has a magnetic fastening to one side. even the box gives off an air of quality.

The book gives just one page per card. Two thirds of the page give the fools journey story part of the card concerned and the remainder is a brief idea of its meaning. I personally felt it could have been a bit heftier on the interpretations. If you are a beginner, you would struggle with this accompanying book. For a well versed tarot reader, it is of little use too really.

All in all, these cards are good quality, nice images, handle well but the book lets it down a little. Definitely a deck for an experienced reader.
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on 21 September 2013
I am really not sure what to make of this deck, I have to add before I review that the cards are amazing quality and the box they come in is simply stunning but the cards are very, very busy. The images & colour is of high quality and the card quality is great but they are just so busy! I read Tarot professionally & I will use these but they may prove to be hard to concentrate on due to all the images being stuck into one card. Overall great cards and I would suggest you try them
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on 3 March 2017
This deck and the apokalipsis are the strongest decks i have. They r very strong indeed and i really like that. I like the golden sides and the art and colours r simply amazing. I do feel however that theres too many colours. For me it becomes a bit confusing when doing spreads. I highly recommend it. Great deck indeed.
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on 13 November 2014
I currently own approximately 35 decks of tarot cards, and these are by far the prettiest, most detailed and definitely the thickest deck that I have. Great for beginners and advanced readers alike.The book is amazing too, with full illustrations, descriptions and meanings. This tarot set is a must for all who have an interest in knowing all of your options available to you in this lifetime, at any given moment within it.
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on 21 May 2017
Perfect Delivery and the tarot is absolutely gorgeous!
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on 28 May 2017
gr8 pack
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on 18 January 2014
I bought this deck mainly because they're so attractive in the colours, artwork itself & gilt edges which are truly beautiful.

They follow the Rider-Waite style though with these cards they are jam packed with intricate details & overall generally very "busy" cards.
The suits are different in that they are split into different "cultural" inspired environments so Pentacles=Oriental,
Wands=Persian, Swords=Tudor/Elizabethan & Cups=Magical

Therefore if you want or are used to tarot cards that are plain & simple, that have a complete running/set theme then these are probably not for you.

The only disappointing thing for me about these cards are the overall finish.
As a reader over time all cards will eventually have wear & tear but sadly these will be suffer more quickly as they do not seem to have that extra protective film/coating that many decks do.
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on 16 March 2016
Nice deck of cards. It comes in a nice hard box with magnetic opening where you can put the guide book and the cards.

The images are computer generated but very nice. I am not into the whole computer thing but I have to admit it is good. It is Rider Waite based. I like the whole cultural diversity idea with the suits. Half of the suits represented with asian pictures. The edges are guilded with gold which is a really nice touch. The card stock is thick card boardish type not my favourite but ok. I think if they are used everyday wear and tear will show pretty quick. I had two faulty cards in there where the top and bottom paint looks as if it was rubbed off but it is not bad enough to send it back.

The guide book is very nicely written. There is a picture of each card in color. They included some quote like meanings which is very lovely. However if you are not familiar with the meaning of the cards I don't think this book is the best as the descriptions are brief and not very informative. All together I think the deck is stunning and very rich with bright colors. I personally like it but it is busy with colors and luxurious everything and not for people who are into minimalistic or clear images.
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on 1 November 2013
Adore this and going to order some more as xmas presents. Came very quickly and exactly as I thought it would be .. Great product
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on 30 November 2014
I am a new starter to tarot and all I can say atm is these cards are great, the artwork just how can I say goes from 2d to 3d, so much detail every time a card is turned there is so much more detail that speaks out, amazing artist, amazing, it may not speak to others and if you don't like these then they are not right for you, as soon as I seen the artwork I knew these where the best start for me, and I really don't think I can get better at this stage of my journey. as say if you give these cards a bad review then they are not right for your journey in life and tarot. look elsewhere, the artwork is amazing, the books written are spot on, Kim is such an inspiration and if I could have half the gift Kim has it would be such an amazing journey in life, with these cards, artwork and guidance. look at preview, see If these cards speak to you, if they do buy them and spend time looking at them, researching if not move on to a deck that speaks to you. after all the journey is about what feel right for you not others,:)
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