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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2016
Many were disappointed when they discovered that a few seconds were cut from the Arrow blu-ray - they unwittingly used a slightly cut print as their source. However, that's now been fixed. Arrow managed to find the cut footage, restore it and cut it back into the film, and have now released a second edition that's complete. The uncut edition is labelled 'second edition' in the small print around the edge of the discs themselves. If you have the cut version, contact Arrow Video directly with proof of purchase and they'll send you the uncut version at no extra charge. Impressive conduct - thanks Arrow. The film itself - one of my favourite Cronenbergs. Low budget, but big on ideas.
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on 31 January 2017
I just purchased this and it is the UNCUT, second pressing from Arrow. I was unsure if Amazon's stock was the old, problematic release or the new, uncensored re-release but I can confirm it is the latter. Great release by the way, highly recommended.
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on 6 January 2017
This film was very much david cronenberg, If you like his films you going to like this one. Very entertaining and keept my interest, I recomend it.
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on 26 August 2017
For those who love Cronenberg movies to see this first one made outside school is wonderful. Talent and daring - a lot!
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on 3 July 2017
Cannot comment as this was a gift to someone else but they were very satisfied.
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on 16 June 2017
Guilty pleasure from a era of strange horror movie's
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on 3 September 2017
So awesome.I'll be ordering again soon!
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on 20 May 2017
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on 31 October 2016
Okay, the most important thing first: I bought my copy of the blu-ray / DVD Steelbook in late October 2016 and it was the 2nd Pressing with the previously missing scenes restored. Huge credit to Arrow who said they would fix this and they have. I presume that Amazon's stock is of the newly updated cut Steelbook as this is what they sent me. Great stuff.

The film itself looks astonishing. I first saw this on grainy television in the 90s. How far we have come; I never thought I would see the movie looking this clean and refined. The restoration is outstanding as is the sound. Extras include a retrospective and documentary on the making. But the true star is the film in pristine definition.

Cronenberg's body horror classic is still just that: a classic. Concepts of sexual impulse, venereal disease, sterility and blandness versus sexual promiscuity and parasites in the body (four years before the latter hit the mainstream with Ridley Scott's "Alien") helped establish the director as a modern master of filmmaking and script writing. The scene with the nurse's monologue to Dr. St Luc is like a live tap into Cronenberg's mind; a wonderful piece of dialogue from somebody who was obviously bristling with unprecedented ideas and themes. Other aspects also help elevate this film to a higher level of movie: beautiful camerawork including some very effective first-person shots, committed acting from the cast, spot-on special effects and mind-blowing sound effects. Cronenberg knows that there are limitations to what he can do budget-wise but, in working this into the film, he is endlessly inventive.

This is the serious Seventies of horror. Pre-80s tongue-in-cheek, naff humour and self-indulgence; "Shivers" is an unrelenting dialogue in concepts that echo long after the film credits roll, not least because pretty much everyone can identify with these feelings and fears. In a new era of horror filmmaking, Cronenberg was way ahead of his time.

A true classic of horror filmmaking by one of the genuinely great modern masters of cinema. Remarkable.
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on 14 March 2015
I'm a big fan of David cronenberg's films, i've seen most of his films and have them on blu-ray myself
but one film i had not seen yet was Shivers
apparently Arrow films blu-ray version of shivers was supervised & approved by David cronenberg
that's what it says on the back cover anyway
so i bought this Shivers blu-ray out of curiosity and i have some regrets now after i bought it
Humans in a High rise Apartment building in Canada being invaded by a parasite
that makes Humans into crazed sex maniacs, there's no scenes of actual sex
but lots of sexual overtones, sexual assaults mainly
there's a scene of Incest, what looks like incest anyway an old father sexually assaulting his teenage Daughter
there's a scene of Lesbianism, Barbara steele's character makes out with Janine Tudor played by Actor Susan petrie
there's American & canadian actors in the film
the Great performances in the film come from Los Angeles actors Barbara steele & Lynn Lowry,
the other Male actors in the film are Canadian and had next to no experience as actors for sure
in one of many Cronenberg interviews i've seen David talks specifically about the Actors/casting in Shivers
saying most of the background supporting Actors were not Actors but people from the streets of Montreal or Toronto
that needed to be given Acting lessons from Cronenberg himself scene by scene in the film
so because of some of the Terrible acting performances by some of the Canadian citizens in the
High rise apartment block where the film was shot
some scenes i did find boring and pointless, again it's a matter of opinion
but the special effects of the parasite were incredible thou, ahead of it's time for sure

the HD transfer is suppose to be supervised by Cronenberg himself
so when i watched it i was very impressed with the picture quality, nice sharp & clear picture quality in 1:78:1 widescreen
not much dirt & Grain, so excellent Job with the HD transfer
the sound quality however was extremely terrible, only mono sound
a new 5.1 Master audio mix would've boosted the sound quality for sure
it would've sounded Great through my surround sound system
but no 5.1 master mix has been added, only a terribly sounding mono sound, i was angry for sure
obviously Arrow films did not bother to add a new 5.1 Master audio mix as an option
which they should have done for fans, pathetic effort
also the film appears to be cut, i don't believe this is the full uncut version of the film
otherwise there would be more Blood/Gore, violence
another thing Arrow films failed to make the effort with was to make sure they got the Unrated cut of the film.
also the Artwork is Disgusting, i never like new artwork of any classic film
i always prefer the original poster artwork so when i turned over to see the original artwork Arrow films have given fans
i was very annoyed, it should've just been the original artwork of Shivers, not the alternate title They came from within
which i think is s*** title, Shivers is better title for the film

apart from the cut version of the film
the main Highlight of this new blu-ray is the special features, there's lots of them
a new retrospect Documentary on the film called PARASITE MEMORIES goes for about 40mins
new interviews with Actors Barbara steele & Lynn lowry, canadian Actor Allan kolman
new interview with special effects artist Joe Blasco who did the blood & Gore effects for shivers
and interview with Canadian film critic Kierla Janisse
of course there's no new interview with David cronenberg i would have been surprised if there was

ON SCREEN which is 45mins TV program broadcast for Canadian TV back in 2005, this episode is on the film Shivers
interviews with David cronenberg, Producer Ivan reitman, executive producer John Dunning and other cast & crew from the film
very interesting 45mins Doco, lots of behind the scenes footage of David directing scenes from Shivers
FROM STEREO TO VIDEO another Documentary about Cronenberg & the History Canadian Horror cinema
the original Theatrical trailer & Promo photo Gallery is included aswell
there's also a new Booklet inside the case with new writing on the film by Paul Corupe
this release also has DVD version of the film, i didn't bother with the DVD
most fans watch blu-ray now, dvd is out
blu-ray is better quality so i only watched the blu-ray version

the film is cut
But the picture quality is pretty clear & sharp i must say better than the old dvd release
the sound quality is really terrible but there's lots of new special features thou
so i gave this new blu-ray only 3 stars if that
if the film was the Unrated cut i would give at least 4 stars
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