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on 25 June 2015
This movie defines 80's horror/comedy. The instant I put this in my player memories came flooding back. I am glad to see Toxie getting some Blu-Ray love. WARNING: If you are squeemish or easily offended then this is not for you.
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on 6 March 2017
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on 16 August 2014
My Toxic Avenger Blu Ray arrived today, and Im just finished watching it. I can confirm it is still the absolute perfect Friday night film!
It is uncut (first time it has been in the UK since VHS) and is is widescreen.
The transfer is miraculous, honestly I can't believe how much of an upgrade this is from the Region1 DVD.
Theres next to no grain, day time scenes are at times razor sharp, and the colours are vivid. God damn I love Blu Ray (when done right)
There are no other languages other than English, and there are no subtitles.
Also included is the 92 minute Japanese cut (full-frame, awful picture quality) and an audio commentary by Lloyd Kaufman which I have yet to listen to, but its almost certain to be fun.
The bonus features appear plentiful, but theres nothing informative. Just a few short features (such as Toxie at home, Lloyd living on the streets, a tour of Troma HQ)
What I did really like though was 'Mopboy Secrets with commentary by Mark Torgl' a few minute compilation of Melvyns scenes with Mark giving some quite good insight.

The Blu Ray comes in a really unique green Amaray case, and has reversible cover art, its nice, but I'll be sticking with the classic poster I think.

I have noticed though, since pre-orders where put up on amazon, the inclusion of the DVD in this set has been dropped. Kind of a pity as I do miss those Double Play sets.

Overall -
Toxic Avenger fan? Please feel safe in buying this, it is AMAZING to see classics like this get treated so well and its a huge improvement on every previous release I have ever owned.

Not a Toxic Avenger fan? You just haven't experienced it yet!
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on 27 September 2010
Don't buy the censored version-waste of money.This 'region 1' release is actually region free and playable WORLDWIDE!So if you're living in space or summat-don't bother.If you've never seen this movie before you're in for a treat!When 'Skippy' waves goodbye to his sis' you'll shed a tear for sure!This movie also features THE HOTTEST blind chick EVER!She dances for about 3 seconds in one scene and I could watch her doing this,on a loop,for an hour and not get bored!Get this..she's not even blind in real life(well she might be now-I don't know)her mannerisms are fantastic.Lloyd Kaufman does give her a good run for her money in Terror Firmer though!Anyway..heads get crushed,dogs get shot,breasts are exposed and you'll even get to see a man who was also in Minority Report threaten a baby with a shotgun!It's really cheap at the moment-so dont miss out and get Toxic Avenger [DVD] [1985] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC] TODAY!
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on 25 August 2014
This of course is Troma's baby, the Toxic Avenger is probably one of the most important movies of the early 80's and now a massive cult classic movie, the story is basically a nerd who gets picked on gets dumped into toxic waste and mutates into a superhuman monster who becomes a hero for cleaning the town of its scum and crime, its hard to accept as a straight up horror it breaks the rules a bit and has a very dark comedy edge to it with sets it apart from most films and gives it its originality, the movie has some great bloody gore kills all uncut here, and of course plenty of nudity, the cast is great and funny, the soundtrack is great too, the movie still holds up after all these years, 88 films has done a top notch job of the release, this is a cult classic and must be seen, worth every penny!

You get a cool toxic green Blu-ray case with reversible art.
There is a million awesome special features to watch.
Picture looks better than ever.
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on 2 January 2001
With this being a trilogy box set I have reviewed each film seperatley below:
THE TOXIC AVENGER This is the first and best of the TA movies. This movie has developed over the years to be a cult classic and is one of the most outragous movies you are ever likley to see! It consists of a young boy . . .A DWEEB who is picked on by EVERYBODY. When a "joke" goes wrong the poor lad ends up in a bucket of toxic waste, soon to transform into the first super hero from new jersey, THE TOXIC AVENGER. This movie is a scream complete with a low budget, a corny story line, comedy and an excessive amount of blood and guts. MOVIE HIGHLIGHT: The restaurant scene.
THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II The second. What a great sequel! This movie features the same blood and gore as before as the first! In this film we find TOXIE (the Toxic Avenger) heading off to japan to find his long lost father. With different actors than before this is one hilarious movie unfortunatley let down by a FAR TOO LONG car chase scene at the end. MOVIE HIGHLIGHT: The big fight scene at the beginning.
THE LAST TEMPTATION OF TOXIE The third. The worst. This is not a very good movie because of it's lack of PLOT. There is no longer any crime to fight in TROMAVILLE. Toxie wants to settle down with his blind girlfreind, Claire. One fine day Toxie notices an advert in a news paper saying that a cure is available for blindness . . .GREAT FOR CLAIRE. Unfortunatley the cost for the treatment is a lot of money so Toxie gets a job. BIG MISTAKE. For what Toxie doesn't know is that he has applied to work with criminals who plan to take over Tromaville! Worth a look . .but don't expect sparks to fly. MOVIE HIGHLIGHT: The ending . . .it features a dragon. BUY THIS BOX SET. All the movies will look great in your collection! Even if youy don't like the movies you still get a FREE T-SHIRT voucher! You can't miss out on this with it being so reasonably priced and from a good company!
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on 10 April 2013
This film is a classic with some really great comedy and gory scenes in it. Only be sure to get the US Director's cut release because that is uncut while the UK release is edited for violence. The US Director's cut is also region free which means that it will play on your DVD player or games console with no problems. On top of that it also includes lots of cool extras from Troma so if you're a fan of Troma then this will be an essential purchase.

All in all a really awesome movie that is certainly not for kids unlike the old TV series.
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on 25 February 2004
The toxic avenger,the film that gave Troma it's reputation is still a classic world wide and even now when people watch it they still puke up and laugh their heads off at this amazing troma release.Lloyd Kaufman,the man who gave birth to THE TOXIC AVENGER is the pure genius behind it all and THE TOXIC AVENGER is on logos,posters,lunchboxes,stickers,computer games and figures,all the merchandise you would expect from THE TOXIC AVENGER.
Melvin a young mop boy is hated by nearly everyone in his high school just for being 98lb of solid nerd and his worst enemy bozo plays a little prank on Melvin but that joke turns into something a little to serious.Melvin accidently falls into a barrel of TOXIC WASTE causing him to turn into THE TOXIC AVENEGR
Melvin now goes on a quest to mop up the streets of Tromaville and take the law into his own hands.
THE TOXIC AVENGER truly delivers the gore and humour any gore
fanatic would want and wouldn't dissapoint those who view the film with all it's glory.
Watch this classic B-movie and see what started it all off.
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on 14 September 2003
Probably Troma's most popular and most favourite movie, this is the movie that spawned all the sequels, the action figures, the cartoon series, the lunchboxes and all of it's loving fans from around the globe. Yet it still manages to gross-out and shock audiences world wide. The toxic avenger (now appearing in the Troma team logo) is a comic horror tale about a weedy mop boy called Melvin Ferd, who works in the Tromaville gym. Nobody likes Melvin. They all pick on him and one of his worst enemies is Bozo. Bozo decides to play the ultimate prank on Melvin.
But what begins as a harmless prank turns into a heap of trouble as Melvin is thrown into a barrel of Toxic chemical waste, transforming him into a huge, strong superhero known as THE TOXIC AVENGER. Now he must seek revenge and rid the streets of all evil in Tromaville.
With acting that is often poor, (sometimes deliberate) and effects gruesome enough to please the hardcore gore fanatic, The Toxic Avenger is recognised as a movie classic that will make you laugh the one minute, and puke the next.
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on 2 October 2014
Absolutely bonkers stuff from Troma, and by far their best ever film offering. Toxie has kept the company in business and they even use the monster as an official logo of the company- to think it all happened 30 years ago.

The film follows an incredibly over the top wimpish janitor at the local swimming pool and gymnasim. He is constantly picked on by the obnoxious kid killing gang. After a freak accident where he lands head first in toxic waste- he becomes THE TOXIC AVENGER. Ready to rid the streets of every bad person in Tromaville aka New York.

The movie is very gory, very over the top and completely and utterly non PC. It is ready to make a laugh out of anything and everything, the unihabitated will be offended by the end of credits roll, that is a guarantee.

But despite having kids' face crushed in, multiple killings, and a dog death there is something weird about the film that keeps you coming back for more. That's down to Troma not taking anything within the film at all seriously, it's B movie heaven, that's for sure. The film in effect becomes a sketch by sketch scene of what Toxie can get up to next, but at a short running time, under 80 mins it all comes together.

And this may be cheap filmmaking of the highest order, but kudos to the lengthy car scene towards the end of the movie- well shot on a small budget. Finally do yourself a favour and only get the uncut movie.
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