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on 31 December 2014
I cannot recommend this book enough. I've read a fair few PUA 'manuals' over the past couple of years so that I could understand the theory, the jargon, and like most men, just get to damn grips with the skill of meeting women (something that should be so easy, but we all know can be so difficult!) It felt like something was missing for me. I needed to know not just 'what' to do to experience a greater degree of success with women, but 'why' I was doing it.

I like to know the theory behind the mechanics, rather than having a mere superficial knowledge of what I'm doing. As a nice consequence, you then come across as more naturally attractive to women, because you're not stressing over saying the lines right, or how you're looking; you KNOW what you're doing is right. This is absolutely key to your game, and it's something Magic Bullets is keen to emphasise.

This is the first book I've come across which comprehensively meets that need. There are a lot of other good books on this subject out there, but if you had to have just one, this handbook is streets ahead.

Everything you need is here. Step by step you are guided through the process of meeting and being attractive to women. As stated before, WHY everything works is also included. This is excellent as it provides the positive affirmation you need when going through with the various elements.

A few others have criticised Magic Bullets for the price. In my view, price is relative. To repeat myself once more, everything you need is here. It really is a survival kit for beginner PUA's, which you can dip in and out of at will. I use it every day, referring back to the odd point, or jogging my memory on another. Doesn't seem quite so expensive then, does it?

I'd recommend reading the whole thing through once, absorbing the ideas, then going back through again, focusing on the parts you most want to work on; in my case, starting from the absolute basics!

I don't normally gush over books like this, because I'm well aware it comes across as insincere. However, being completely honest, if you read this you WILL improve your game. It WILL help you understand women more effectively. It WILL make you a more attractive person. I enthusiastically recommend you at least give it a try. I was absolutely shocking with women not so long ago; I mean I really was wrapped up in a negative cycle of not knowing what I was doing, thus making me more unconfident, thus making me even LESS successful with women as this lack of confidence projected from me. Now I'm dating girls I wouldn't have dared approach a year ago. That's a primarily a result of this book. Not sure I can endorse more than that.
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on 22 June 2011
To me this is the only culmination of not just PUA knowledge out there but also about how to increase male confidence and understand female psychology. You may have heard about this book through many different sources online as it is heavily reference through the online communities but when they say "I won't go into detail here as you're better off readin Magic Bullets" they aren't trying to get your money, they are saving themselves time and helping YOU.

This is a Holy Text.

Approach Anxiety, Opening, Transitioning and many other concepts are heavily detailed and laid out in easy step by step, easy to follow guides. If you don't believe me download the free kindle sample!!! That alone will open your eyes to the possiblities of this book and where you can be.

The only thing better is a Workshop and this is a fraction of the price!!!!

Great when read alongside Routines manuals 1 & 2!Love Systems Routines Manual, Volume 1Love Systems Routines Manual, Volume 2
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on 28 June 2011
I've purchased the ebook and my friend (Ben) has the Paperback so I've copied my review of the digital version below plus a brief comparison of the differences (pros vs cons) of the two versions ;)

Really Awesome cover art
Very well made
Good typeface
Few quid Cheaper

Bulky book not as portable
Girls are inquisitive...They will find it!
Does not contain all of the same illustrations as the digital ebook (direct from LoveSystems)

Ebook / Kindle
Very Clear and bright (Kindle Sample not including extra illustration)
can be read in the dark via backlight
Kindle edition is portable
ebook pdf can be transfered to smartphone to become protable
eBook contains extra illustration
girls you pickup (using MB techniques) will not learn your secret! eBook requires password log in.

Battery life :(
Kindle edition is "clean" but does not contain the eBook exclusive illustrations
eBook is pretty

My preference is for digital, specifically the eBook as although it contains the same written content the fact that it has more visual content sells it for me.

See below for my MB review. I'm just going to add for the record that for me the price is completely amazing for what you get. Other products out there don't come close to this. The best way I can think to describe it is... If I were to travel the world would I be better off with 1. A road map 2. a Globe 3. A map of the world or 4. A GPS. A lot of products out there cover approach anxiety or male grooming (the start of your journey/your road map). Other products give you an over view of female psychology and some products teach you to apply it (there's this thing called the world... and here's how you travel it). Some zaney products encompass (travel pun ha) a ton of emergency tips for when you absolutely haven't got a clue (find your bearings when you get lost). THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL so why go out and spend the same money (or more!) on multiple books when I can just turn the page/chapter and carry on reading from an author who really knows his stuff and who I've just spent the last 3/4 chapters building reader writer rapport with? It's not rocket science! Buy it. It's life changing ;)

"Going through life without what you know you deserve is not cool. That's how I felt. I bought this book. I said WOW. Then I put it's (I'm not gonna say tips or even rules) advice into action and the changes I have seen in myself, my social circle and the women in my life are phenominal. That's how this book felt to me, like that little push, like it's the mentor I should of had all along. The book contains all of the information that IS VITAL to EVERY MAN but we go without it and I can't see a reason why. My favourite sections are those on female psychology and Savoy's "Emotional Progression" and "Physical Escalation" which teaches you the instinct of pick up (e.g. what to do and when) which I've found very useful.

Everything is broken down perfectly from how to approach and get attraction (with some of the content results are immediate), how to overcome the fear of approaching and even some hands on male grooming and relationship advice.

There are some very valuable ideas within this book. It's the next best thing if you can't get to a bootcamp.

Further reading that ties in very well which also comes from LoveSystems on the same subject include Routines Manual 1 Love Systems Routines Manual, Volume 1 and Routines Manual 2 Love Systems Routines Manual, Volume 2 which are packed full of top notch openers, transitions and EVERY practical tool you could ever need to get more women in your life.

If you have any questions feel free to comment, I'll answer when I can ;)"
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