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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2012
Call it a nerdy trait or collector's obsession, but years back, I used to purchase strategy guides for almost every game I owned, certainly if that game was an RPG. The guides for non-RPGs, in general, were more to ensure I covered every detail of those games, but more or less were just a collection of pretty pictures. Guides for RPGs were a little more mandatory, because back then, even with my obsessive need to soak up every sidequest, secret, treasure, and challenge, there were some I missed.

Fast forward to the last five to seven years or so, and in spite of the number of great RPGs that have come out, I haven't needed a strategy guide to find all their secrets. What little I missed I'd find online, but I still purchased the strategy guide purely on a collector-type basis. I've all but stopped buying guides for any other game but an RPG, as most of those books were high-priced jokes. For the RPG guides, I found that very few of them were worth the 15-20 dollars I shelled out, and those I deemed of value were more to show a historical record of great games I've played, conquered, and mastered, rather than a reference guide in the event I replayed the game and got stuck (there were exceptions, but few). For those of you that have played (or are continuing to play) Kingdoms of Amalur, you know the game is obscenely massive. I'm literally more than 90 hours in and get the impression I'm not even 2/3 done.

Anyway, about this guide: HOLY CRAP, IT REALLY IS 600 PAGES LONG. It also is indeed high-quality hardcover, has thick, rigid pages, and really reminds me of a wizard's tome or old-school encyclopedia rather than a video game strategy guide. Truth be told, I have NEVER owned, or seen, a strategy guide as chock-full of information as this. It contains 40 pages on the game system, skills, and general strategies, 80 pages on the game's classes, custom skills and abilities, 100 pages on the game's enemies complete with tailor-made killing strategies, 130 pages on the side areas and side quests listed by map location, 60 pages on the main quest, 120 pages on all the faction quests, and 60 pages on the game's secrets, extras, achievements, and unique/class loot tables (with pictures!!!). Every page is filled with colorful screen shots, detailed and accurate maps, locations of important persons, objects, and quest flags, and contains individual strategies for all major classes on each main or side quest and references to past quests or future quests where applicable, to either guide the reader step-by-step or make for a magnificently divided strategy or summary guide. I cannot stress enough how much data this book contains.

Let me just say this: if you're having trouble in Amalur, you will no longer after picking up this guide. It is worth every single hard-earned penny you spend for it, even at $28 (the price when I picked it up). I don't care that it was expensive. I don't care that the publisher delayed its release to two weeks after the game's release date. I don't care that I have to use two hands to pick it up without breaking my wrist.

This book is MANDATORY if you're a collector like me. In that regard, it puts literally 90%+ of all other guides I've ever seen to complete and utter shame. Alternately, if you're in need of strategies or tips to finish the main quest or locate any and all of the secrets, you're a grade-A, monolithic, supreme IDIOT if you don't make the investment. It's easy to enjoy Amalur regardless, but with this guide in arm, you'll dream sweet dreams of its mastery and come drooling back for more.
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on 4 March 2012
Given EA's decission to stop providing manuals these days is often difficult to fully master a game without refering to a website or guide. However many commercial guides are mindless walkthroughs that simply lead you through a game without letting you fully experience the atmosphere of the game world.

This manual rivals the ones for Skyrim, Fallout 3 and the original World of Warcraft guide for its detail and clarity. 5 pages in and I had already discovered a couple of things about the game that have made me change my play style. I have not used the maps yet as I like to explore and will only resort to them if I become stuck. The receipe list is invaluable for anyone like myself who doesn't keep a notebook to detail which mixture of reagents has failed.

My only negative comment is the weight of the book and only because my poor fiancee had to carry it home from her office for me. Having said that if you own this book you don't need to buy a set of weights for body building, just keep picking the book up.
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on 13 November 2013
I'm a strategy guide nut and always try and get them for my game playing. This is a pretty comprehensive guide for the game. It's full of lots of useful info: potion recipes, gem creation and blacksmithing are all well covered as are the various quests. There are a lot of the latter so 600 pages isn't just padding out. But what it could have done with was a couple of pages with the various consoles/PC controls/keys needed to actually play the game. It's been designed for consoles, but it wouldn't really have taken much just to provide a list of controls for all the play systems. I recently decided to play the game again and had to resort to starting a new toon and going through the tutorial part of the game just to find out which key I needed to work the tumblers when lockpicking (it's "D" btw) because the two brief (very brief) mentions of lockpicking in the guide don't have this info. Nor are they included in the in-game manual, which frankly is worse than useless. As these are a vital tool to enable you to play the lack of them in a 600 page tome is a major omission.

A few build ideas/guides would have been nice too, along the lines of those provided with D2. It would help new players get an idea of how various classes work when the various masteries are combined.
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on 28 March 2012
i brought this guide as the game is huge and i am not a strong RPG gamer (i have just got into rpg game's) the book is well produced and set out well and very detailed on the content of the's also set up well as to avoid spoilers and also the collectors guide gives you a lot of back story on races and their history!.. i would most definitly buy guides from this publisher again five stars *****
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This impressive book oozes quality from every one of its 600 pages. It's that big because the game is too. Basically. It covers all you need to know from character and skill development to area maps, enemies, weapons, armour, walkthroughs and battle tactics etc. More or less everything you need to know with helpful hints is provided to nudge you in the right direction (not cheat of course!) and get more out of a fantastic game. Being fairly new to RPG's it has been invaluable to help me decide which skills to invest in and how and generally progress to the best of my ability. The game itself I find a bit more accessible and forgiving than Skyrim - you can even totally reset your skill points (at a cost) with a visit to a Fateweaver should you wish to re-invent your warrior as a sorcerer for example. Combinations of "Destinies" however can mix up your gaming style easily and all this is discussed in a well written but easy to read format.

There is a "but" coming unfortunately, and my main gripe is the poor index. It is only two pages long with some glaring omissions and inaccuracies about page numbers. The maps have missing locations (e.g. not showing all lorestones etc) too which means the odd visit to YouTube to remedy. With such a massive undertaking these errors were inevitable but otherwise this is a must-buy for everyone who is enjoying their "Reckoning".
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on 31 March 2014
Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning is a fairly complicated game with a world comparable to Skyrim. I love the fact that I can play as a magic user without armour and still be a force to be reckoned with. This guide has proven to be invaluable, letting me know more about the levelling process and is just great for alchemy. World play is quite complicated and this guide helps make levelling-up effective and the game smoother.
The guide itself is well-laid out and actually has an index so you can quickly find out exactly what you want to know, without having to wade through several pages before finding what you are looking for. It is hardback, well-bound, and excellent value for money.
I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone who wants to play the game (also terrific, by the way).
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 February 2016
This is probably one of the most useful strategy guides I have ever bought. This guide is very detailed and comprehensive and can help you finish quests faster, and complete the game the most efficient way possible.
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on 28 July 2013
This guide is brilliant! The maps are very clear and its tips and hints with all the quests are very helpful. It takes you through the game but without holding your hand! Definitely worth buying, great value for money.
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on 5 April 2012
This book is incredible.

The quality is so good than you can think that you have a collector book.
This game is very very good without the book but it became unbelivable. I started again a new adventure and I discovered so many special location, quest and more.

The details are everywhere, pictures have a very good quality. For example, you can have the list and the price of all items of all merchant.

Just buy it.
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on 26 December 2012
A well written and well presented book, easy to follow and very helpful especially if you are one that wants to complete the game 100%, highly recommended
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