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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 7 March 2012
I own a few strategy guides for various games but none are as beautifully presented as this. The hardback and minimalist design makes for a well presented book far superior to its soft backed contemporaries - it is a desirable object.

The guide is presented in full colour with illustrations and screen-shots throughout. The paper is of a glossy quality and is pleasant to flick through.

The content also pleases. The layout is well structured and logical, covering basics, an enemy guide, a step by step area guide, gear and then some extras. The detail is very impressive which is required for a game of this calibre - a journey down a hallway simply doesn't consist of walking forwards in Dark Souls.

I do, however, find some minor discrepancies within the guide but they are not enough to deter me from granting it a five star rating. The following, I feel, are missing from the book:

- There are some details that aren't clear enough and in one case I found confusing, for example:


It mentions in the guide how to acquire the Demon's Great Hammer in only a few words. It says you need to defeat him on the first encounter to get it, not on an NG+, for example. Now, as I bought the guide after completing about 80% of the game I was under the impression that it meant to cut his tail off like the rest of the bosses. After a few attempts at this I still couldn't procure it! I then had to consult the Internet. It turns out that by `first encounter' the guide was literally talking about the very first time you open the door and see him and not the first time you fight him in general.

Just in case you were wondering, you can select the black firebombs as your gift at the start of the game and kill him in about five hits, but do you really want to play without a Master Key? It's ok if you're a Thief and already have one but otherwise you'll have to spend about 10 minutes hacking away at him with your broken sword and no Estus Flasks - good luck!


The previous example could just be due to my lack of understanding but a little more detail with regards to the situation would have gone a long way. I have also heard other people mention certain small details that are amiss in this guide, but this is only to be expected from a game so vast as Dark Souls.

- There is no advice on PvP

Although this is a play-style that I generally tend not to adopt I know (and have experienced) that many people do. A revision of the guide would do well to include information concerning builds, weapons, armour and techniques useful for PvP encounters.

However, I do understand why this was not included. It would take a lot longer to write the guide as testing every possible build would take forever. But, some general information would have be a nice addition to the book.

-The suggested area order

This is a very subjective matter as everyone has their own special way of playing through the game and everyone's way is always the best, but there is one route in the book I really believe should have a caveat noted somewhere to say that it's the harder of two ways and only take it if you want the gear.


The route I'm talking about is that into Blighttown. The way the guide suggests is the route through The Depths once you have the key from defeating the Gaping Dragon. Now, this is the route that the game also suggests you take but this way is, I find, the biggest headache in the game. The other way to Blighttown is a walk in the park and all you need to have is the master key to use that route. It would be much better if the guide told you of the other possible route, but again this is just a minor gripe.


All in all, this is a brilliant guide. Well presented and a must have for anyone wanting more out of the Dark Souls experience.
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on 19 December 2011
Before I ordered this, I had heard how people on the net praised this guide for it's amazing detail in everything. So naturally I got curious and after I received my copy - all I could say was wow.

Not only does it uncover every secret in the game, it also teaches you how to really play Dark Souls. I thought there was nothing much for me to learn, as I was a veteran Demon's Souls player, but boy .. was I wrong.

First off, it's a hard-cover guide book with over 400 pages of information how to survive and how to succeed in the Kingdom of Lordran.
It offers in-detail tutorials about every dungeon and route you can possibly take. You will be dying less - just as the book promises you.

It teaches you how to take on bosses, what weapons are the most effective and how to maximize your true potential.
Without this guide book you will most likely miss several rare weapons and armor pieces. So whoever is interested discovering the realm of Dark Souls should most definitely check this guide out.

The guide itself is in full-color, printed on quality (glossy) paper and hardcovered. Compared to the other guides, this is in it's own class. A book just can't have more of a "premium item" look to it.

Just a note - when this item was out of stock everywhere, people sold their copies for ~70$ a piece in eBay and people actually paid this much just to get this!
I'm quite sure this won't be in print forever, so if you like Dark Souls you should order it while it's still in stock.
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on 12 December 2011
Unlikely this guide is far from perfect. There're some imprecisions. It's a splendid artbook and it's a pleasure to read it!
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on 23 November 2011
I have had to wait for this little gem like many others have done for almost a month an half before more copies were printed and came into stock. I am so glad I waited and did not cancel my order.
I am on my NG++.but I still orded this book as I want it for reading and to may be help me out in trying out different builds.
It is also nice to put along side my limited edition game.
Many people have wrote good reviews about this product so I will not repeat what as been said.

What you also may know or not know is Dark Souls as had a game patch up date 1.05 patch to day.
While this is good for the game it is not for the weapon stats that the book tells you as they have all been changed.
But this is and should not be a issue to stop you from buying a great guide.

To anyone who own's Dark Souls the game should also own a copy of this great guide book to get the most out of a great game.
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on 14 March 2012
Beautifully illustrated and jam packed with information about every single item and monstrous baddie that can be found within the game.
The perfect companion that will make your perilous journey through Dark Souls just that little bit easier...but by no means a formality.
Provides insight and additional information that makes the game more interesting and accessible - thoroughly recommended!
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on 24 October 2012
I dont know where i would be without this guide.
its been a real god send.
its might be 5% out of date now with the patches going live but the maps regarding item location, npc locations and loot drop info is v helpful.

saying that it is v big so if your not a 100% fan of the game, go online and read a wiki....

I love the game so I loved this.
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on 7 November 2011
I can only agree with the other reviews. This is by far the most comprehensive guide I have ever seen and I own a lot of guides. Even the thick Final Fantasy guides are no match for this one. A nice feature for smartphone owners is that on a lot of pages are scanable codes, which lets you view videos of the areas/boss straegies etc. Even though you can probably watch dozens of similar videos on Youtube, this is a nice feature.

Dark Souls is an amazing game and this guide fits it perfectly.
Skyrim, along with it's guide has some tough competition.
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on 21 October 2014
AMAZING guide. Explains the basics of the game, which is a little more complicated than people might be used to.

The guide is gorgeous, with it's illustrations and hardcover. Some of the info in it is already outdated because of the past updates, but even so it will help you understanding the game much better.

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on 19 February 2012
So I obviously read the other reviews and was impressed. I agree with the sentiment that 'if ever a game needed a guide, this is it!' Unfortunately, I find this guide to be a bit of a let down. The maps are quite difficult to follow, and the walkthrough is patchy at best. It doesn't even follow a set path, so you're quite often left wondering where you're supposed to go to next - not something I should be thinking having spent money on a guide!

I'm sure there are many diffrent ways that you can run through the game, and it doesn't have to be completed in a (rigid) sequence, but some sort of idea would have been useful.

I've also found some of the information to be lacking. For example, I know that there is an ability linked to a shield which is not mentioned. Most dissapointing is the complete lack of information and tips on PVP combat. I was hoping for a section on recommended builds at the very least. There's nothing. Suggested weapons / armour? Tips on parrying? Nothing. The section on covenants is also lacking. What does the Gravelord Covenant do? Do the eyes spawn more difficult creatures in other players worlds? I've no idea... this is the sort of information I was expecting to find.

I've given it 3 stars because it's a nice book, and I'm sure some people would find it useful. Personally, I've found there to be way more information to be found on various free websites.
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Si el juego fuera una estatua, esta guia seria su pedestal. Imprescindible por su completa informacion del juego y para colecionismo. Lastima que no incluya informacion del dlc "Artorias of the Abyss" y que esta guia no saliera en castellano..

El complemento perfecto para el juego perfecto
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