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on 3 March 2016
Grid Systems in Graphic Design: A Visual Communication Manual for Graphic Designers, Typographers and Three Dimensional Designers, 9th edition 2015, is no doubt a classic in the lore of graphic design and layout technique. A primer, textbook, and conceptual exposition all-in-one. We get a sense of how a message is conveyed through carefully laid design work as we read the many insights the book provides. It is all done with the clarity and conviction of a master in the field.

The book is a must read for students and practitioners alike as it encapsulates an approach to design from which creativity may ensue. So fundamental is the logic of the tools proposed.

On a negative note, the book is plagued with misprints, an unforgivable occurrence in any publication, let alone a work on typography and one by none other than Josef Müller-Brockmann.

It does nothing for the good name of Niggli Verlag that such poor proofreading was tolerated. I am grateful that the publishers keep the book in print, but such a sloppy edition ought never to have made it to print unchecked. It reaches absurdity when, previous to another error, on page 94 we can read two different measurements for the same item: 5.6 cm in the English version of the text; 6,5 cm in the German.

Furthermore, I am unaware if Herr Müller-Brockmann did not attach any importance to leaving orphans (single words on a line at the end of a paragraph), but I do know that it is a no-no of modern typography practice. Thus, I was puzzled to see numerous such orphans in the text of the book.

Nevertheless, the mastery of the author is above all that. Though irksome to encounter, the misprints can be overlooked as one is engrossed in the significance of the text and illustrations. The book can be enjoyed both in the German original, and in the terse English translation as the book is bilingual.

I heartily recommend it.
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on 1 May 2018
My teacher said "If you don't have it I encourage you to get one . After this lesson your first thing should be to go on amazon" .
I was like ...."Oh yea, another GLORIOUS book that teaches you to do everything provided you read one more million books" .
In other words I thought it was some average book but I am delighted . From many font advice and grid construction and layouts and dimensions and printing advice etc .
One of the most precious design books ever. I will allways have a good copy at hand.
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on 19 March 2018
Always wanted to have a something like this for a reference and it hasn't failed me. Thank you
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on 17 November 2014
Got this book for college and am very satisfied with it. I have quickly read through it and am using it for a current assignment. It is very helpful in designing grids, but I haven't got through everything yet. Am looking forward to applying the techniques to my own designs. Arrived in perfect condition.
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on 8 March 2018
This book is gold
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on 13 June 2016
We bought this for our son for Christmas. He is a graphic designer and it was just what he wanted...!!
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on 17 June 2018
Good bood about graphic design basics as layout, leading, grids, etc
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on 21 October 2015
One of the most helpful books I have read, if you are studying architecture or anything really that involves visual presentations this is a must have. In general I believe everyone should read it.
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on 22 December 2017
Perfect condition, basically brand new!
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on 5 November 2015
The book shows it age, when he discusses old lay-out processes, besides form that it is an excellent reading for any designer, product, interior or graphic designer.

the quality is very good in terms of content, however i still think it's a bit pricey.
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