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on 9 January 2016
Just what I needed. I wasn't looking for a book telling me how to take photos, I needed something to tell me how to use this particular camera, seeing as the Sony manual is useless. This provided all the information I needed and was comprehensive enough, and clearly explained, without being either too dumbed down or overly complex.

The only criticism I might have is that I did find the order in which the various controls were tackled less than ideal. I found myself having to skip forward to get all the information on a particular feature before returning to continue where I had left off. It seemed a bit odd to deal with all the shooting modes - often requiring menu choices - and then deal in more detail with menu choices further on in the book. However, with the Kindle edition the hyperlinking allowed you to jump forward easily.

All in all, for the Kindle price this was a bargain and several hours later I feel I fully understand my new camera. I will undoubtedly use this book again and again for reference. Recommended.
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on 27 February 2018
Since the instruction booklet that accompanies this superb compact camera is woefully inadequate, although there is an inbuilt guide on the camera itself (not that easy to negotiate), a purpose-written guidebook was long overdue. This is it! If you have the Sony DSC-RX 100 then do buy this, it will save hours of frustration! It is also aimed as much at the ordinary 'snapper' as at the photographic enthusiast, so everything is explained in layman's terms, with accompanying diagrams and photographs wherever relevant.
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on 26 December 2015
I must confess I needed this book to guide me through the hurdles to understanding the many permutations of adjustments within the deceptively innocuous looking RX100. My error, though, was to cheap-out (I never learn..) by purchasing the Kindle version for the mac, for I can not yet fathom-out what the attraction is about e-books other than the abilty to have their contents stored to about the size of a particle within the confines of an atom. However, despite my luddite's inability to embrace Kindle's navigation this Photographer's Guide got me most of the way to understanding Sony's little marvel.
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on 14 January 2017
Book arrived 2 days ago so I've only just started reading the first couple of chapters. It seems obvious to me the writer is very thorough and methodical making it easy for me to skip through to the more relevant sections on how to get the most out of this little gem of a camera. It's a shame that manufacturers these days tend to stop short of providing little if any operating instructions or manual but fortunately this book should sell well as the original RX100 is very popular. I believe it is a godsend and must have.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 5 October 2013
I bought the Kindle edition of this book as soon as I had my RX100. I use the Kindle app on my iPad to read it in full colour and it is absolutely essential reading for getting the most out of the little powerhouse if you are a point and shoot novice like myself. I had a similar book for my Canon s95 that was also essential reading.

Books like this are great because not only do they help you master certain features and techniques, they do it using the kit you have in your hand so it is all very relevant. Ultimately it helps you get the most out of your camera whilst teaching you transferable knowledge.
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on 4 July 2016
An excellent book, clearly written. It not only explains the camera's workings, it also gives valuable advice on why to use certain settings rather than others. A guide like this one is a virtual necessity with the RX100, given the perfunctory information in the handbook that accompanies the camera, and the only-slightly-better data on Sony's website (which cannot be easily printed).
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on 26 August 2014
The RX100 is such a capable camera, and the supplied manual is so brief, that I think a book such as this one is vital. It's very readable, there is very little jargon and it makes sense. Having read it entirely, twice, I'm still a little confused as to which sub-menus can be selected with which settings (there are physical controls such as the mode dial and Fn button, and there are powerful 'creative style' and 'picture effect' menu options, all of which may or may not be used in combination).
Overall I found it very helpful in understanding the capabilities of this camera, and considering the camera price the price for the book is a small price to pay.
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on 20 July 2015
Brilliant book. A vast depth of information is detailed in this book, which adds much needed clarification to Sony's own manual for this camera. It covers all the topics that are required, even to memory cards and accessories. There are some very useful suggestions for setting up the camera for different sorts of shots. I would highly recommend this book to anyone owning this camera.
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on 22 April 2013
This really is a must-have guide to accompany the RX100.

Although print and paper quality are not of the highest standard, the book is written in a plain, straightforward manner and will appeal to beginners and more advanced users alike. The author offers his own opinions, with various options and settings being suggested throughout. It is certainly a most comprehensive user-guide.
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on 29 June 2014
Bought the rx100 after seeing so many good reviews. After reading the paper manual I quickly realised more research would be required to get the most out of the camera. I think this book fills the gap nicely. Much of the content I worked out by using the camera but I learnt several key things with this book.

Worth the kindle price but I don't think it's worth paying three times more for a paper copy as I imagine after the initial read I won't need to refer to it too many times in the future.
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