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on 6 May 2017
This was my first Courtney Milan story and I can certainly understand now why she's so popular - this was delightful, what an absolute joy to read!

Standard alpha male love interests bore me (or worse) with their aggressive masculinity, but I am weak to devious, clever, unremarkable-looking protagonists who disguise their power and influence behind a veneer of banality, and thank god Hugo Marshall is exactly my type. He may not be a pinnacle of the trope like the Parasol Protectorate's Professor Lyall or my beloved David Cyprian from the Society of Gentlemen series, but he's still a helluvalot of fun. And he's certainly met his match in the ambitious and obstinate Serena Barton - their chemistry is fierce and the banter, ohhh the BANTER, is simply divine. I live for snark and couples flirting outrageously with cheeky wit, and these two did not disappoint. I would have liked even more of it, but this is only a novella after all.

One thing I really liked was how respectful the 'ruination' of Serena was treated, especially the emotional aftermath of what was clearly assault, even if the opinion of the time (and sadly far too often our own) made her believe otherwise. Hugo was exactly what she needed, as well as being deliciously hot together. The story may have been light on actual plot, but it's such an engaging read it doesn't matter. And besides, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of fluff for fluff's sake. :) This was such fun I've already bought the next in the series and cannot wait to read it!
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on 5 June 2012
I loved this novella and read it in a couple of hours, the whole story is actually very sweet and I really liked the two main characters. Hugo didn't lack substance like alot of historical romance heroes often do and he was kind enough to Serena without being completely sappy by the end. The reader hears about his childhood in snippets throughout the book, this makes us admire him without pity and you can then understand why he is as 'ruthless' as described. Serena has gotten herself into a right mess and so sits outside the Duke's front door for days, however, she isn't insipid or selfish and I thought she was a likeable character. The other characters such as Freddy, her sister, and the Duke himself are all portrayed well too.
A lovely story that I wish I hadn't read so fast, for only 72p!! Definitely going to check out some of Milan's other books :)
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on 17 July 2013
This charming novella really is no more than a that - I read the whole thing in only a few hours - but it was a joy from start to finish. The book centres around Serena Barton, a young lady governess who has had an unpleasant encounter with the Duke of Clermont which has left her in dire straits. Clermont himself wants her out of his hair with as little fuss as possible, so as not to further upset his already plenty disgruntled duchess. To achieve this, he sets his associate, Hugo Marshall, on Serena. And Hugo Marshall is more commonly known as the Wolf of Clermont due to his ruthless nature.
To say more of the plot would give away the entire novella, but I dare anyone to read this and not grin your way through the exchange between Hugo and Serena through written notes, or to not be touched by the sweet way Hugo puts her at ease later with the pin game. The writing is assured, accomplished and almost entirely devoid of errors, and the characterisation is completely believable. Also, for a novella this short it had a wealth of lines which were simply made for quoting at people, and it has a number of unexpected but very pleasant surprises.
I cannot recommend this highly enough, it should be a wonderful read for anyone who likes romance.
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on 15 January 2014
I got this novella free and I have just finished it. I agree with all the positive reviews but really cannot understand the negative ones. The governess affair is extremely well written with intelligent language and no errors. The characters were very rounded for such a short story and I was absorbed immediately.

I loved that Hugo and Serena weren't traditionally handsome and beautiful. That makes a very refreshing change!

I loved the humour which often made me laugh out loud. The erotic scene was - very!

The whole story was excellent and I have just bought the next in the series.

A new author that Amazon has introduced me to. I'm looking forward to reading much more of Courtney's historical romances.
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on 12 September 2012
There isn't anything to not like in this novella. The whole story kept me engaged from beginning to end. The plot alone was extremely enjoyable and contained one of the best love scenes I've read in a historical romance for a long time - it was tender, sensual and romantic but also quite steamy. But the thing I enjoyed most of all was the banter between Hugo Marshall, the Wolf of Clermont and Serena Barton - not just when they are face to face but in their written missives and letters, I smiled and laughed to myself a lot. The chemistry between them was perfect, to watch these two proud stubborn people face off against each other and fall in love along the way was a joy. To get such a wonderful treat for .49p , such a small price, was a lovely surprise! Shortish but packed with a clever story. Sweet!
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on 14 August 2012
This is a novella - a prequel to a planned series (the Brothers Sinister). I bought it after enjoying another of the author's stories 'Unlocked' but this one is even better. The main part of the story consists of the hero and heroine talking - he wants to know why she's stalking his boss - but it is incredibly well-written. Even the minor characters are detailed. A sweet, tender romance (with one steamy scene), I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more by this author. Recommended!
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on 22 October 2012
This is the first Courtney Milan book I have read and also the first novella - my preference being for something 100,000 words plus. However, The Governess Affair is outstanding and I was totally engrossed by it. Hugo is an extremely unusual hero. He doesn't have any of the normal attractions - but the ones he does have are utterly engaging. There is a great deal of emotion in this book, both lead characters are beautifully drawn and the dialogue is both crisp and witty. The game of the pins is a stroke of genius. If Ms Milan's other work is up to this standard, I'll become a fan. This is the best historical romance I've read in a very long time - and I'd have given it ten stars if I could.
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on 18 September 2014
What an utterly wonderful story ! I bought this ages ago and it has lingered on my kindle ever since . Until today when I dashed through it as I couldn't put it down.
Poor Serena Barton is in reality raped by the Duke of Clermont and decides to confront him to get justice fir herself and support for the child she carries. The feckless Duke expects his man of business Hugo Marshall, a former boxer,to get rid of her. Instead Hugo recognises a kindred brave spirit and her unexpectedly falls in love. Beautifully told. Delightful Epilogue - I will now buy all the books!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 May 2013
I read the Governess Affair in one sitting yesterday afternoon. I found it well written and, as cliche as it is, a real page turner. What I liked about Serena and Hugo, is that Serena has some backbone and is not yet totally defeated and that Hugo is not too good to be true. He has his reputation to keep as the Wolf of Clermont but he has also a conscience, thing that not many people know. I particularly loved the ending, as Sebastien says '' it is going to be interesting...'' (or words to the effect).
I have bought and finished also The Duchess War: Brothers Sinister Series, Book 1 (The Brothers Sinister) in the same afternoon, but this will keep for another review.
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on 26 February 2014
Perfectly simple; perfectly delightful.

I just love a strong leading lady, and without a doubt Serena Barton qualifies. Headstrong and un-bendable, but justifiably so in this case. Life has been less than kind to her. Will she find love?

Courtney Milan is easy to read and an excellent story teller. Always a delightful read.

Ohhh what a joy, and a happy moment for me ... to realise that there were absolutely no notes regarding any errors or bug bears. Kudos to the author for a fabulous all round product.
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