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on 23 March 2015
Don't get me wrong, this is a nice book, but I think I was expecting more knitting and less sewing! A good proportion of these edgings, or elements of them, are sewn onto the knitting...including individual little bobbles (I can't think of much that would be more tedious!) and huge lengths of i-cord (yawn!). The shape of book itself is incredibly unwieldy, as said by other reviewers. It won't fit on any of my bookshelves (without being stood on end, which looks untidy) and fell off my lap several times while I was looking through it as it is so wide when open. Odd design! That said, there are lots of very nice edgings to choose from and the instructions are clear on the whole, though I found a few sets that I found a little difficult to marry up with the correct picture. I will definitely use it a lot, but I think I'll be copying the pattern I choose into a notebook before I start rather than trying to struggle with the book. Shame really, it had the potential to be a 5*!
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on 10 March 2013
Up to now I'd resisted buying the original books by Nicky Epstein about decorative knitted edges - mainly because I could never decide which one I wanted most. This compilation brings together in one book, the best designs from all the others. Good photos, clear accurate pattern instructions .This book is a great reference book as well as inspirational 'eye candy'.
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on 4 February 2014
A glorious collection of edgings. I found myself looking for any excuse to knit them. They are the perfect finish to blankets, cardis, gloves, everything!
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on 10 February 2013
I love Nicky Epstein, she is a really good designer and know's her stuff. This book is very useful, sometimes the ideas just don't come to your head at the right time and place when you need it to. So when that happens, you can look up this book and decide for yourself what you want to use.
Or if your not confident enough to come up with it yourself, this has so many ideas you can use.
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on 12 March 2014
Great book to dip in and out of when creating ones own knitting patterns. Trying different edges can change an item of knit wear and this book gives you those ideas. It arrived in excellent condition.
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on 5 January 2015
There are certainly a lot of interesting edgings here. Most would be best used for shawls, scarves or blankets. However, it has lost a star for me, because I turned to this book the other day hoping to find a method of turning a neat right-angled corner in a K1P1 rib edging, and found that this is not an issue addressed. (After a couple of attempts, I found that the best way is to leave 1 knit st at the corner and increase 1 stitch in the stitches either side of it.)
Nevertheless, it is an interesting reference book for those who like to produce a garment with a special touch.
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I have a shelf full of craft books, well more than one shelf. This book is so wide it won't fit in the normal way - I will have to lie the book on the shelf and stand smaller books on the top.

Unopened the book is 21cm high (8 and a bit inches) and 29cm wide (nearly 12"). Fully open the landscape book is nearly 60cm (24" wide). Too wide for on the lap or to hold so it needs to lie on a table or desk in front of you.

There are coloured and monotone photographs. The monotone photographs are actually better than black and white photographs as both white and black can hide stitch details.

Listed on the contents page are -

An introduction, a couple of pages discussing Texture, a couple discussing size ie. thin yarn to very thick yarn

Some notes about using the book which includes a useful conversion chart of yarn thicknesses and the suggested size needles for them. Both yarn type and needles include US and UK thicknesses and metric and US needle size. (Not old English sizes).

Ten titles of chapters - each a type of edging. There is a glossary which gives details of words, some sewing up stitches and techniques.

Two pages of alphabetical index.

The first chapter Ribs and Fringes are exactly that. I occasionally put cables on ribs to add a little something to a plain sweater and there are quite a few examples of this.

The next chapter Ruffles, includes some you can use as the cast on edge of the bottom of a garment but also has some you could add to the neck.

There are more than 10 pages of Picot type hems including a folded hem.

I once did a folded hem with a line of picot at the bottom and a line of holes in the front of the hem. The back of the folded hem was knitted in the same yarn but a different colour so the colour showed through the holes. Very effective on my little girl's sleeves and hem of a sweater. There is none similar to this in the book but there you go.

I especially like the little Fairisle borders to use instead of ribs which would look good on a child garment provided it did not need to stretch. I could do a little train going around the hem of a sweater for my grandson. Yes. my daughter is all grown up now and does not knit.

Most of the edges have written pattern rows listed next to them and there are charts for the fairisle designs.

Intermingled in the designs in the chapters are edgings which curve caused by the knitting. Ideal for armholes and bottoms of skirts etc.

At the beginning of the book the author has arranged for arrowheads to appear on each edge showing the direction of the knitting whether the garment is knitted from the bottom up or top down incorporating the edging.

Some edgings are suitable for adding to the garment once it has been constructed by picking up stitches or grafting the edging on.

I have a Kindle Fire and would have preferred to buy a Kindle edition but with the size of the pages it is perhaps as well that there was not a Kindle edtion listed when I bought this book.

Some of the edgings are suitable for a beginner at knitting but the rest are perfect for such as myself. I like the garments I make to be a one-off and not just like the garment on the front of a paper pattern.

Definitely a book of ideas for garments and household things. Tiebacks on curtains or adding something extra to a knitted cushion.

Yes, definitely an ideas book. I am delighted with it and it is well worth the money I paid for it.

Note there are no patterns for garments included.
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on 15 April 2015
This is one of my most prized possessions. I am a huge fan of Nicky Epstein's work to start with,but to me this book is an essential addition to any serious knitters library. There are patterns and ideas for knitters of all skill levels,giving inspiration to all of us.
I have several books by this author,but I feel that this is the best of them all,maybe because it incorporates so many ideas and patterns. Don't be intimidated by some of the finished results on the front cover,there are ideas in here for knitters right across the board.
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on 5 June 2014
I bought this book for my mum, she who loves it and plans to make everything in it. Loads of patterns.
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on 5 February 2013
Not too sure how many I will actually make and use but it is a beautiful book to look at and the ideas are wonderful. Might have been nice to have some pictures with the edgings actually incorporated into a garment.
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