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on 29 March 2017
The story was good however the condition of the book was poor even though it was meant to be in good condition, the corners were bent and a page of the book was celotapped back in. Not impressed.
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on 3 July 1999
The beginning to the Sailor Moon saga is one of the most plot filled books that I've ever read. This story began a vast wave of popularity in Japan, with seventeen more books (a total of eighteen), three animated movies, and a television series that ran for five seasons. Sailor Moon is a wonderful collection of fantasy for people of both sexes and of all ages because of it's humorous content, magic, good verses evil action, and for it's lost lovers. The story begins with a girl trying to get by in school, but still have fun and be lazy whenever she can (which is almost always) when she encounters a cat who changes her life forever. The girl finds out she is the figher Sailor Moon defender of love and justice. However, this majorly cramps the girl's life style, and she soon comes to find out being a Sailor Scout isn't so great. This story really gives it's readers a sense that the characters are real, and have a real life and personality. This is always a great quality in a book, which makes Sailor Moon even better. Later in the story, the girl developes a crush on a dreamy guy in a tuxedo suit, which would be so typical of a teenage girl. All of the above has attracted me and many others to the Sailor Moon saga. I am also familiar with Japanese, and I own the first Sailor Moon comic book written intirely in Japanese. The translation from Japanese to English is very well done, and for those who are looking to learn some Japanese have a great opportunity to learn from this comic book. If you have the comic in Japanese, but don't understand it, buying the English novel could be the best thing for you. The translation from Japanese to Englsih is also reason why this book is great! I have found Sailor Moon to be a great hobby, and a wonderful story. This is the book to read if you want to laugh, get a real sense of how characters feel, and to be anxious to see what's going to happen next.
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on 5 August 2013
really excited for the new anime :)
I have been watching the original anime release and wanted to read the manga to see the difference--
naoko takeuchi's artwork is absolutely beautiful and flawless and you can really appreciate it with this re-release boxset with her amazing artwork in full colour on the outside, on each cover and even in each volume.
definitely buy this if you're a fan of sailor moon or even of just beautiful old-school manga artwork ♥
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on 9 August 2002
This was the second Sailor Moon manga I got, but the first volume.
(I would have liked to read them in order, but it was a present for Christmas and I think my Mom just chose it because it had the prettiest cover.)
And I must say, "Mixx" have turned what is possibly the greatest manga of all time into a pile of what seems to be badly written rubbish.
It's so bad I'm worried it will put off newbies who want to get into anime and manga.
Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes - so appauling that I was cringing all the way through.
Of course I understand how hard it must be to translate, but does nobody proof-read it afterwards?
"Sha has to go to school?"
Come ON!
Still, if you can try not to notice the terrible errors, this is a great book to read.
In the manga, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus are the only senshi that travel to the 30th Century, and that's what happens in this volume.
Showing yet again how the DiC dub was sliced and diced from the original - in the anime, all of the scouts go to the future and the kidnapping is left out.
This volume is exciting, and like I've said about the others, quite mature, violent and scary.
To start off with, Jupiter is kidnapped in a scary and sad scene. Usagi's jealousy of Rini and Darien turns to complete despite, and Sailor Moon is also nearly killed by the dark and mysterious Sailor Pluto.
The world of the future we are shown to is black, morbid and eerily quiet.
This volume ends on a cliffhanger with Sailor Moon being taken away by Prince Diamond.
Much scarier than the dub on TV.
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VINE VOICEon 10 February 2002
Out of all of the sailormoon manga, this has to be my favorite. Although we see all of our favorite traits of SailorMoon this book has a little bit extra. In book 11 there are two main story lines. The first being Princess kaguya's Lover and the second, Casablanca memories.
Princess Kaguya's Lover is the story in which Luna falls in love and to save the person she loves from the evil *Kaguya* she becomes human and fulfills his childhood dream. This is a very touching love story, which any sailor moon otaku would love.
Casablanca memories consentrates on Rei/Raye/Sailor Mars. It tells the story of her past love affair with Mr Kaido. Another touching story-most definately my favorite from the whole 18 manga books. Being a Rei fan myself I couldn't wait to read this and was not disappointed in the least.
Both stories are a touch of brillience, the art work is simply beautiful and the stories emotive and imaginative-there is nothing better^_^
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on 27 June 2013
This boxset is fantastic. All the original manga together :D although this set only has 1-6. they look great together in the box and each individual book is beautifully designed as well. the stickers are a cute additiong as well.

the item came quicker than I expected it too which was great. can't wait for the next set to be released!
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on 24 April 2001
Out of the first 4 sailor moon books I have read I`d have to say this is my fav! Its trully romantic. The art is so beautiful and the story is gripping. I couldn`t stop reading. I have to say I love this book and admitt I like it more the the show, even thou I like the show too. This give you so much more. so I really would recomend it.
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on 4 November 2003
This is the first Sailor Moon Manga book by Naoko Takeuchi. I recieved this two years ago for christmas and was exstatic. Ever since then i have been using amazon to find the next book that i need. I own books 1-10 in the Manga series.
This book Contains 5 acts:
Bunny a.k.a Sailor Moon
Amy a.k.a Sailor Mercury
Raye a.k.a Sailor Mars
Lita a.k.a Sailor Jupiter
The fourth act being my favourite, all acts are brilliant! This manga has a really good story line. The Manga is more appelaing to the girls however the anime appeals to a unisex audience.
With beautiful artwork in the story board wich is as magnificent and colourful as the artwork, i give this book 5 stars.
The pictures, the story line, are both exellent and there are even some small interviews with Naoko Takeuchi. This book gets 5 by far!
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on 4 August 2012
I started reading Sailor Moon because I felt that after so many years it was only right to try out this classic series now that it's easier to access for casual readers. And I'll admit that coming to the manga as a complete stranger, with no prior knowledge of the series, it was a little hard for me to get into at first. But this volume was a real turning point for me - suddenly the characters became much easier to care about and I found myself really enjoying reading it.

So if you're wall-sitting in regards to whether you should keep on going with this series, like I was, this might be a good volume to get to for you to make a decision. I know that I'll definitely be reading until the end of the series now.
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on 27 September 2002
I've always wanted Sailor Moon Manga, and now finally i've got it. Sailor Moon is a story about an ordinary 14 year-old school girl, named Serena (Bunny or Usagi). One day when she's on her way to school (late as usual! ^_^;)she stumbles across a strange a mysterious cat (liturally) with the mark of a cresent moon on it's forehead. And from then on Bunny's life's changed forever.
If this is the first time your buying manga, then I say go ahead 'cos Sailor Moon's one hell of a funny book (frilly knickers) you'll understand when you buy it. As the series progresses there will be some hilariously funny moments and some heartwrenchingly tearful ones. So read on and enjoy!
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