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Customer reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars

on 3 October 2014
The first thing anyone needs to know about this book is that it's porn with plot. It's a weak plot to be fair, but there is a little plotting. There is also lots and lots and lots and lots of sex. There is so much sex that about half way through this book, even suspending as much disbelief as one has to to read vampire/werewolf themed erotica, I started to cringe on behalf of the characters. Seriously, there couldn't have had any skin left between them. I had sympathy friction burns and could only see them as rubbed absolutely raw. Raw, I tell you!

It's fun sex though. It's all consensual. It's all of the 'let me show you how much I love you' sort, even when it's not monogamous. And it's not. The end of this book is essentially a series of orgies, with no indication that these men mean this situation to change. But it is sweet in its own way.

I did find the first third or so of the book clunky. Characters had complete 180° attitude shifts with no indication of an impetus of change. At one point, a man went from terrified of all things vampire to unafraid and half in love/lust with one in the course of a paragraph and I still have no idea why (other than he had to for the plot to progress). Meanwhile, his best friend went from encouraging him to get over his vampire-phobia to adamantly insisting he have nothing to do with the vampire, with no apparent reason to change his mind

The events of the story also moved from one to another, covering months at a time and glossing over the actual falling in love aspect of the romance with no transitions. It was jarring and I started to fear the book was heading toward a DNF. But once the characters accepted each-other things smoothed out. However, as they accepted each-other and Peter moved farther and farther into Lucien's world their personalities changed drastically. They felt inconsistent.

Despite all that, the writing is really good and if you're looking for some basic fap matter (or whatever the female equivalent is, schlick I think) this will do the trick.
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on 15 May 2011
Flawed as it is, this first episode of new series about the very well trodden path of human vs vampire and male/male love finally keeps its promise of pleasant entertainment.

The story is the usual one -nothing new there- with a tendency to stress the sexually disinhibited interaction of the characters. As is to be expected this is not a book for sensitive or shy people: there is plenty of VERY explicit gay sex as well as a fair amount of blood shedding and gore.

Though the writing itself is not always brilliant, some repetition, unnecessary descriptions and the like, the author (Jourdan Lane? When will publishers decide to be a little more transparent about their authors?) still manages to build a nearly believable charater interaction, a nice suspence and to offer a simple but not idiotic read.
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on 27 January 2016
I wanted to give this book every chance as a decent m/m vamp shifter story is hard to find. But this is fan fiction quality and not worth the price. I can obviously see the well know paranormal worlds that the author has used but even with that lore filling in the blanks, so much of the story just pops out of the blue that it's frustrating. The story is rushed in places just so the author can get to the bit in their head that they think is the good bit, but no consideration is given to pacing the story or building the reasons for why anything happens. Characters do and say things out of character or in direct opposition to previous declarations just because the author thinks it will make a more dramatic story. All this isn't worth the few good sex scenes. You can get good sex scenes in a £2, 200 page book if that is what you are after (try Donya Lynne or Lisa Oliver) - if you specifically want the m/m scenes in this Anita Blake style world then read fan fiction for free on the Internet - don't waste £4.50 on this. I did wait until after reading the first 3 books in this series - before writing this review. I had hoped I would be able to say that this was a budding author with good ideas who settled into their style as the books went on, but no I can't say that. If u find this on special offer for a pound give it a go. Anything more then that is just not worth a few fun sex scenes imho.
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on 22 October 2014
This series started off on a high.

If you don't mind the main couple sleeping with multiple people and being a bit flighty then this is the story for you. There wasn't a huge plot with this, just a lot of sex scenes, but despite that i still fell in love with the couple and would recommended to people who love m/m and the supernatural genre.
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on 6 October 2015
Very different and that is something that l like in my books.
Very sexy and lots of man loving. Fell in love with the gorgeous men.
Vampires and Werewolves, totally hot.
Recommend reading the series.
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