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on 21 November 2000
I have been looking for a detailed book on road bike maintenance for a while and bought this on the back of a Velonews recommendation.
I am a hack mechanic able to bodge jobs on the basic bits of the bike however, with the guidance in this book I have been able to, and more importantly confident to completely strip down and rebuild my Audax bike (27 sp STI setup) and fixed gear commuter.
If you are handy with a spanner and willing to give it a go I think that this book enables you to save substantial sums on shop maintenance with confidence. The text is clear and the exploded illustrations make detail work much easier. I have not seen a better bike maintenance book and cannot think of any information missing that I would need to carry out any maintenance or build up job.
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on 16 April 2017
Packed with useful how to guides on everything you'll need to know to fix your trusty bike. The book starts out with a quick run on all the different tools used for maintenance so you get a good idea on what tools you need to start out with or what you might want to add to your tool kit. The first chapter goes over the basic stuff on checking over the bike and doing some routine checks, releasing brakes and removing/installing the wheels and cleaning the drive chain. Following that there's a chapter on emergency repairs and then chapters on chains, transmission, wheels, brakes, cranks and bottom brackets, pedals, saddles and seat posts, wheel building, forks, frames and lastly cycling computers.
In the Appendix section at the back a trouble shooting section helps out in finding out and solving problems. Then sections on gear development, mountain bike fitting, a torque table, pedal and cleat compatibility and lastly a glossary before the index at the end of course. The explanations are given very clearly in step by step instructions on what to do and how to do it and there are lots of exploding diagrams which show how bike parts work and go together so you can see how to go about your maintenance or fix it job.
If you want a trusty guide along side you whist taking apart and reassembling bike components then this book will serve you well.
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on 4 May 2014
This is pretty much my review as for the mountain bike version but changed to be specific to this version, exactly what Zinn has done with this book!

I've purchased this book as there were some maintenance tasks I wanted to carry out on my road bike, the book itself is a good broad guide to road bike repair and maintenance and covers all maintenance tasks that most home mechanics would like to carry out.

Since buying this book I found I had a few tasks I wanted to do on my mountain bike so I bought the mountain bike book, unfortunately having got this book I'm finding that there is lots of duplication between the two books and not enough detail on some of the topics I would like to see in a mountain bike book which would be things like maintaining suspension shocks which is covered but very briefly for a few specific types.

If you already have the road bike edition then searching online is probably better than buying the mountain bike book, however what I would like to see would be a "Zinn and the complete book of bike maintenance" which covers both road and mountain.
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on 26 July 2017
This book is great. Easy to follow, great illustrations and comprehensive instructions. The difficulty system allows you to decide if you're able to embark on the task or not.

As a relative maintenance novice, I've found this book really useful so far and I rarely have to use the services of a shop now. Covers everything from simple gear indexing to complete overhauls.
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on 23 May 2017
Not a bad book however only gives hints as to the maintenace on my particular bike, e.g. disc brakes, however the cause of the squeaks and grumbles is explained, so I can avoid this in future. Also handy tips on perhaps a cheap fix, rather than renew. The book is generally good and easy to read, but very general if looking a for handbook for your exact bike.
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on 25 July 2014
Zinn's books are fab. I have an older version of the MTB one, and decided to get a newer one ready for buying a road bike. The line drawings take getting used to (there are no photos), but they're actually better than photos. If you're not convinced just look at the photos in a haynes manual... they're very hard to see detail in, whereas the drawings in here are super clear.

Also, these books cover all components both new and old. E.g. pedals look at the latest carbon trickster ones, and old cup/ball bearign ones... and everything in between. The maintenance techniques range from basic to advanced....

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on 15 September 2015
Again, yes! Written with humour and passion much in the style of its great forerunner 'Richard's Bicycle Book' which had served me so well for 30 years, but which is now slightly old hat!! I'm a relative novice at bike maintenance but this makes for fun bedtime reading and I'm champing at the bit now to get the tools out and have a twiddle!!
One small gripe; it's rather too clumpy to schlepp round France on an extended tour, but then that would mean editing out stuff or reducing the format and therefore print size and we don't want either really!
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on 4 February 2015
This is a near perfect book on road bike maintenance. There's no point in me going much further than that. If you need to know what to do on your road bike, why to do it, and which tools you need - here you go. The author writes with a lovely manner, making it a relaxed yet precise, comprehensive and easy to follow guide.
The binding of the book and the paper it's printed on are lovely quality too - that perhaps doesn't matter to most of us, but I'd expect it to handle years of heavy use without it falling apart.
I read some negative reviews on amazon - I'd say that different people prefer different ways of presenting information and of course this book will not suit everyone, but I would say it will suit the vast majority of people out there looking for the best in road bike maintenance guides. Simply one of the best reference books I own.
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Very concise with great example pictures. Note the brits ..... this book is written by an American and to that end has words such as wrench and overhaul. Once you get your head round these little isms you too will apprieciate this book and all it contains.
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on 31 December 2016
Nice book with actually many infos but I endedup using YouTube way more often because I really dom't know a thing about bikes and the description where just not enough for me. I needed someone to show it and there are not that many pictures in the book. But if you know already a bit about bikes then go for it.
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