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on 28 December 2016
I've been looking for quite a while for something authoritative and comprehensive in the line of dietary and nutritional information. The world is inundated with fad diets and misinformation. A great deal of what we hear about various aspects of diet is contradictory. One week something is demonised as being unhealthy, the following week that information is refuted, in the strongest terms, by seemingly equally authoritative sources. This confusion is clearly explained in the China study and, for once, absolute clarity reigns instead of confusion. Vested interests present themselves as independent authorities, with deceptive titles, and so confusion reigned supreme, until I read this book. The level of corruption that pertains in the food industry is scandalous and the greatest danger to our health that has ever been. For about a month, prior to Christmas, I had been eating more or less in accordance with the guidelines given in The China Study. I found a gradual, but perceptible, increase in my energy levels. As it is now the season of gluttony, Christmastime, I have been cooking and eating a lot of meats, spiced beef, turkey, ham, etc. I felt the slubbishness returning and my energy levels dropping off. While this is not sufficient information to base a major lifestyle change on, it is sufficiently encouraging for me to continue the experiment. Incidentally, during this period, prior to my return to high levels of meat consumption, I had a health check. My blood pressure, which has tended to be on the high side for the last ten to fifteen years, had dropped to the level that I had in my twenties, 120/70. Monday next, the 2nd day of 2017, I will return to a more-or-less vegetarian lifestyle. By the way, during the month that I had adhered to a reduced meat consumption diet, I discovered that there is a great amount of vegetarian food out there that is every bit as tempting as the addictive meat-eating diet, and it left me feeling lighter, more energised and more focussed, mentally, than I have felt for a long time. This book is divided into easily accessible and understandable sections and I use it to 'dip into' as necessary. It has joined a few books that I deem important in my 'vase mecum' my knapsack of essentials that I carry with me every day. Read it, adopt its advice, adapt it to your own requirements. You will reap the benefits. I have done so in the short term, I will now do so in the long term. I hope that you do so also. You have nothing worthwhile to lose and your health and wellbeing to gain.
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on 4 December 2017
Great information in this book. I've read so much other stuff written subsequently in similar veins, that I wonder why the authors bother writing it when they could really say 'Read the China Study'.
Dr Kelly' 'Stop Feeding Your Cancer' is a good follow up companion, or even a shortcut to get the gist of the China Study without having to read it.
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on 23 December 2016
Just love it, book that will change your life and health (provided you apply the diet recommendations offered there). Loads of information about nutrition, about the way your diet can affect your body and health, about the way you may prevent the most scary diseases that people in Western country suffer from (on our own wish really). All information based on scientific research and many sources are recommended. Quite revolutionary theories that are completely contrary to our common believes about what's good and what's bad for us. Really can't recommend enough. If you do care about not only your health today but about your condition when you are older and the quality of your life - just read and live it.
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on 11 September 2016
Buy the book, take your time and read it a couple of times. It's not an all action page turner and will require some work on your part. If you find yourself giving up after a couple of chapters you might want to ask yourself ' What is it in me that is stopping me reading this book?'
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on 29 September 2016
I've read a lot about food and nutrition lately, but this book has changed the way I think about food altogether. Succinct, detailed, informative, and straightforward, The China Study simply gives you the facts from an expert in the field of scientific research. Those facts have changed my life. I not sure how it could be read without having a tremendous impact on what we choose to put in our bodies.
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on 1 May 2018
A brilliant expose of the dilemmas we all face over food. It exposes the vast chasm between the commercial processed junk that makes up most of the western diet and the resulting crisis in obesity, circulatory diseases, diabetes and cancer. By looking at those populations were these issues are rare to non existent and comparing the diets of huge numbers of people, very clear messages emerge.
The lessons are simple, the science shows without doubt the health benefits of eating whole plant based foods. Combine this with reducing protein to optimum levels and seriously considering ending consumption of animal based foods and liquids.
Another problem exposed by the book is of extreme concern, this very simple dietary solution to good health leaves big pharma and bad medicine out in the cold. There's little money to be made telling people to eat well, you gotta look this stuff up for yourself, this is possibly the most important book I've ever read!
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on 16 September 2016
This is a great eye-opening read regarding the way we are poisoning ourselves with the foods we are eating and the way the food 'establishment' is tricking us with their biaised research to line their own pockets. I really admire the author taking the stand he has against this and making sure he gets the message across to ordinary people who are so confused with all the misleading nutritional info that is out there. Definite one for the home library to dip into as needed. Great purchase
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Which makes a nice change for a book about diet.

The book provides a convincing argument in favour of the health benefits of a low fat wholefood vegan diet. His observations are based on both animal data (always difficult to extrapolate to humans, but at least allow for solid controls) and epidemiological studies.

My only queries are:
1. Are these findings really as ground-breaking as he makes out? Atkins and similar notwithstanding, I thought all the common sense studies showed that a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables (in this case, with no animal derived proteins) and no refined foods is good for you?
2. He demonstrates that menarche starts later and menopause starts earlier in women who have a predominantly plant-based whole food diet. The advantage of this is that it lessens your risk of breast cancer. But on the whole, wouldn't later menarche indicate poorer nutrition, and earlier menopause a less effective healing process? (scarring of the ovaries after repeated release of eggs being the proposed initiator for menopause)

Overall though he's won me over, and I'm going to take up his challenge to try a vegan whole food diet for a month. I'm pretty healthy anyway, but I'll update this review if I feel even healthier at the end of the month :)
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on 3 January 2018
Great book, very interesting and accuatate. I recommend this book to everyone. After all health is wealth :)
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on 20 July 2013
Excellent book. Confirms what I have thought for a long time. Everyone should read this, along with watching the dvd Forks Over Knives. You become so aware of how unhealthy the western diet is. McDeath burgers covered in cheese and washed down with a coke is NOT good for you. Sadly I know many young people who never touch fruit and veg and their idea of a good meal consists of meat and chips. They have no energy and have bad skin. I wonder why? Good health does not come with eating cheap fast food, it comes with preparing quality fresh food that takes time to prepare and cook. Our health is the most important thing we have, without it we have nothing.
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