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on 8 January 2011
I titled it the way I did because this book does definitely help you to come away empowered on how to increase the happiness in all areas of your life. Many people from all walks of life are going to benefit from this book because of the information that it contains regardless of how happy you are in your life (whether you are still learning to be happy or you are already super happy). Some of the helpful chapters contained in this uplifting book are about living in higher purpose and recognizing life purpose. You may want to keep a pen, paper, and/or highlighter handy for information that is going to resonate with you depending what path you are currently on in your life. I must be considerate of all who are interested in the book, but have yet to read it so I am going to share a couple of my favorite excerpts from the book. My first favorite passages are on page 183(the chapter about living in higher purpose) where it reads: Manifesting is a matter of trusting and believing in yourself, and holding that vision in front of you(the first sentence of the last paragraph)
You are often tested by the universe to see how much you believe in your vision. Every goal is reachable if you keep working on it. (also in the last paragragh on page 183 of the living in higher purpose chapter).
My second favorite passages are on page 191 of the recognizing life purpose chapter that read:
There is often a time lag between the new thought and the having it that confuses and stops many people from continuing to think of the new.
So past thoughts may still affect you for a while, even as you change your thinking. Within two to three months, however, the new thoughts will have gained momentum and will have created new outer forms to match.

I felt the urge to mention these passages taken from the book because they resonate to me (and I am sure others who read the book) how important it is to believe in your dreams regardless of how long they take to manifest. Living with Joy also gives helpful information on how the bigger the dream that you have, the more time that it may take due to the internal changes that are going to have to occur first. The book contains fun excercises and information regarding stimulating the internal changes needed to put you on the path of joy and increasing your receptiveness to attract what you desire. There is going to be others who read the book and discover many other helpful passages and healing information contained in the book. Last, but not least, the other favorite information that I got from this book was how important it was to honor yourself as a unique individual and avoid comparing yourself as better or less than when it comes to how others are doing in their life. Yes, I am aware that countless others may know this, but I enjoyed being reminded of this because I live in an area where it is sometimes to easy to let others define you by what you do. Please understand that I am happy and appreciative where I live, but the first thing I did discover when I moved to the D.C. area is that it is all too common for many people to ask your occupation as a condition of defining you. I quickly learned to avoid comparing myself to others and just be the best that I can be. However,it is always good to read a helpful and cheerful book (such as Living with Joy) on why it is important to your own overall happiness to go within yourself to discover your highest path, and compare your life to that (also found in the recognizing your life purpose chapter). This book is very important to purchase if you have even the slightest concern and/or determination to increase the happiness and joy in all areas of your life and those who surround you.
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on 18 July 1998
When asked to review this book, I am completely lost for words, I have read it many times, and each time it gives me a new insight into something that isn't or wasn't very clear to me. Orin is the most loving spiritual being I have ever come into contact with and I wish every body could and would read all his material. Sanaya and Orin, THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU.
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on 27 February 1999
Every sentence in this book gets into your heart. You can read it several times and each time you will feel like is the first time. After you have read it, your life will never be the same. If you are prepare to grow spiritually, read it!
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on 6 June 1999
This is a book that changes the way you think about everyday life, it shows you how to "be love" and how to best give it to others. There is not another book in the world that is as beutiful and loving as this one. I can promise that you will experience the change from fear to joy in a matter of days. It is really hard to describe a book like this and I would most sincerely advise anyone to read it. You don't have to be a spiritualist to enjoy this book, you simply have to want to change your life for the better. So, happy reading and love be with you.
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on 1 April 1998
I work as a intuitive counselor and I recommend this book on a regular basis. I feel that this series is the most powerful I have read for anyone seeking guidance on their spiritual awakening.
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on 1 April 1998
A good friend gave me this book and I read it cover to cover immediately. Actually, I've read it 3 times, bought 7 copies and handed them out to friends, family and even strangers in passing that I knew needed to read it. It you want to love life ...love YOUR life, read this book!
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on 30 March 1998
This is one of the most important books I have ever read. Probably every week I seem to recommend it to someone. It contains important messages on being happy, living with love and joy, getting clarity on what is happening in your life, and so on. If everyone on the planet read it and subsequently endeavored to "live with joy" the world would change in an instant.
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on 10 September 1997
This book has had such an impact on my daily life and way of thinking that I have bought numerous copies to share with friends. It is inspiring and uplifting, yet easy to read. The words are filled with positive energy, even for those who scoff at the idea of anything "New Age." I highly recommend tthis book for anyone embarking on a spiritual quest, or for someone dissatisfied with their daily life.
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on 23 January 1998
A gentle but powerful guide to becoming more positive. This is not a book that you will read and forget about, it will keep you company for years. I have recommended this book to friends and family, who, in turn have recommended it to others. Now I am recommending it to you!! Once you have read this, try the rest.
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on 8 August 2002
The full title of this work is Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Transformation. Personal power and Transformation being what this book is all about.

Although the hands that actually worked the typewriter belonged to medium Sanaya Roman, (thank you Sanaya) from page 10 onwards the actual words, or to be more precise thoughtforms belong to Orin, a "timeless Being of Light" whose self appointed mission is to heal the healers and teach the teachers. So this is a channeled teaching as Orin is discarnate and doesn't have an actual physical body at this time.

The book is laid out in 19 chapters, each containing 10 pages or so. Which means its in nice "bitesize chunks" not too taxing for the limited (my) attention span. The level of language is that of the average man in the street, so its accessible to even those with a fairly modest education.

Every second page or so contains a key concept in bold type with space around it. A bit like an affirmation I suppose you could say. The surrounding text expands the idea, and they are all listed in the contents page also - so its really easy to find an idea you wish to review. At the end of each chapter are a few simple exercises you enable you to apply what you've read to your individual circumstances. This book is very, very user friendly in the way its been written. The work of an extremely high intelligence.

Every book is an answer to a question - and only if you are asking that question at that particular time will that book connect with you.

If at this time you are aware of walking on a spiritual pathway. If your questions are "How can I heal the past and move forward? How can I raise my vibration and help others? How can I grow as a person and make a difference in the world?" If these are your questions then maybe Orin is your answer. These ideas can take you to the next level of existence.

It would be a great shame for someone interested in healing, or in personal growth not to experience the joy so many of us now have found in these pages. Orin is a beautiful spirit to connect to.

This book is the first in a trilogy by the way. And yes! the others are also as good. I,d just like to add that if this review, or the others on this book seem a little "Over The Top", its because we cannot help but reflect back the joy and the love these teaching have brought to us.
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