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on 19 March 2015
What a fun deck, I actually only bought this for the novelty value, I figured it would be more of a collectors thing than a usable deck but I was very wrong. The little guidebook is entertaining and about as informative as any of the rest I have encountered and there are a couple of the cards which are genuinely originally insightful (rare I find these days).
The packaging is darling, a little recipe box style sturdy box with dividers for the major arcana, minor arcana and guidebook, each of the little dividers have a little cooking recipe on the reverse which is a nice bonus.
The retro look of these cards is so different from any deck I own and I actually love the depictions of the suits, very clever.
I would certainly recommend this deck.
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on 30 September 2012
I love these cards they are so much fun. The style of art is also one which I love. I love the humour in the cards it gives them a relaxed feel whilst still getting the message a cross to the reader. it helped me connect with the swords suite which in other decks I do not always understand the message being conveyed. the imagery is not too daunting for those who are a little put off by the symbols in traditional decks. I love the major arcana cards especially the devil and death are great designs. Devil being the chocolate cake with other vices surrounding it. The court cards have been thought out well and the knight of swords is just fantsatic...really supporting the speed and the ego references. I would definately recommend these. They are presented so well in their receipe box and its sturdy to keep them safe. They are matt finish but this adds to their character.. if u want a cheeky deck these are for you.
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on 29 December 2009
I got this deck despite my (feminist?) disgust at the stereotypical housewife portrayal but on close scrutiny this deck is very witty and clever. The 'Housewives' take on the Rider-Waite deck is very cleverly done and so true. We don't like to view ourselves as the housewives this deck portrays but if you think about it we still are! (we're just not *expected* to do it anymore) and this is what makes this deck so easy to understand and bond with, the housework part anyway!

Despite the 1950's art the 'Housewives Tarot' brings tarot to the 20th century with it's imagery and symbolism still as relevant in today's home as it was back then. In an odd kind of way the Housewives Tarot is quite refreshing and has made the standard tarot look a bit stereotypical and dull! This deck is a novelty, very easy to understand and a deck for serious reader. It has hidden depths despite its perhaps controversial design.

The cards are fairly cardboardy with a un-laminated matt finish and would need to be looked after to keep them from spoiling. I think if they were heavily laminated it would ruin their appeal. The cards come in a robust, recipe index style box with a removable lid and a well written LWB which is also stylized in true housewife fashion.
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on 2 July 2017
I ordered this on a whim and i was so pleased to see it arrive. It comes in a small robust box that looks like a recipe organiser. The cards are not that thick but i don't mind that. They have a lovely backing which reminds me of a diner table cloth. The companion book is small but very good and helpful. Finally the images are wonderful 50s style pictures and make me smile so much. I think this is a great deck , easy to read and reasonably priced so if you like this style of art i would highly recommend them.
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on 25 August 2016
I find this Tarot to be beautifully ilustrated, it has great sense of humour but that doesn't detract from it's ability to give straight answers. It's actually very easy to read, I'm in love with it! The card stock feels great in my hands, shuffles easily but it's quite sturdy. It was a great buy!
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on 21 October 2005
I have just received my "Housewives Tarot" and I love 'em to bits. They are unlike any others I have in my collection and absolutely delightful!
The previous reviewer seems to have missed the point entirely as these are clearly intended to be a tongue in cheek throwback to the fab fifties and everything about these are obviously deliberately intended to be kitsch. From the red checkered "tablecloth" backs to the presentation box (complete with recipes for 'Ice Box Fortune cake' to 'Divinated eggs' )they are just so much fun.
I do however slightly agree with the previous comment about the card quality - they are not quite as sturdy as some other decks but looked after they should still be reliable and give you years of service, so this is only a minor quibble.
The cards themselves use 1950's iconography and perfectly capture the era. My particular favourite card is 'The Devil' (a chocolate cake on legs!!)
Whether a serious card reader or an aspiring novice, these are still worthy of a place in your collection.
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on 13 June 2017
Gorgeous Retro style. I don't read the Tarot, but had to have this set as I love the 1950s. Love it!
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on 9 February 2014
one of my favourite decks. It is definitely a deck to collect. it is original and ha a quirky sense of humour. I find it inspiring too. great illustrations.
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on 27 February 2014
Who can resist a Retro-chic pack which comes in its own recipe card box? Delicious art, a fresh concept, a charming little instruction booklet - cards as cute as cupcakes and just as hard to put down.

The suits are Martini glasses for Cups (or dinky little coffee cups, eight of which stacked up beside a weary woman represent hard work on a project that hasn’t been rewarding. Time to start again). Wands, the suit of action, is represented by mops, brooms and feather dusters. For swords, the suit of mental challenges, we have scissors, knives and cocktail sticks. Pentacles are plates in a dishwasher, money growing on trees, mother’s little helper helping tidy up. (The Knave).
I really liked the huckster salesman in a seersucker jacket for The Magician – ‘Illusions – Deception – Charm’ – all of the cards have a handy three word summary in the attractively designed booklet. Among the more innovative Major Arcana choices are a mayonnaise bottle labelled Salmonella for Death. The Devil is a horned chocolate cake enjoying a cigarette and cocktail. Strong, determined women are of course first and foremost throughout.

The order at the start of Major Arcana is slightly different. The High Priestess, manifesting as a dark, feminine sauce bottle – The Secret Syrup. ‘The mysteries of the universe are sweeter than you know’ swaps places with the Empress, the nurturing Housewife and Mother, the Domestic Divinity who rules her domain. Otherwise, everything is in its rightful place, spick and span, easy to find.

The instruction booklet will guide any beginner from the one card virgin spread through vanilla, chocolate and strawberry (past, present and future) the Dinette, (reminiscent of the Celtic Cross), the Clothesline and the complex Martini form, which may indeed require ‘two very dry Martinis’, one if you’re reading your own cards.

The Court Card family member pictures instantly suggest a reading, not always the case in more traditional packs,
The overall ease of interpretation has helped me unlock further secrets in other packs.

Highly recommended, although those enraged by so-called gender stereotyping might perhaps prefer a ‘Primary Care Giver Tarot’? Where the King of Cups is a vegan, Feng Shui consultant. ‘We do NOT recognize a hegemonic, heternormative ‘King’ perpetuating patriarchal oppression and why are the Page cards all boys? Where are the daughters?’
Or you could cut out the baloney and follow the matriarchal 1950s path to domestic divinity. More Martinis. More fun.
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on 26 October 2014
Don't like
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