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on 4 February 2016
Some of the recipes and techniques might be time consuming or a little painstaking but there are very few that are unachievable for the home cook.
The biggest problems with this book are the layout and the incomplete nature of some of the recipes. As others have mentioned the book is split with all elements deconstructed and separated - very modernist. However, when you try to look at a dish, read the recipe, go back to the picture a few times it simply gets annoying. That's when you'll also start to notice the recipe mentioning things that aren't visible in the pictures...

Do you add the veloute before taking a photo for Twitter? or after? ...at all? It isn't apparent from the photo but mentioned in the recipe.
Do you first cook the langoustine shells on the hob? No idea...it doesn't say.

All cookery books require a little bit of underpinning knowledge but too many of the Michelin chefs books seem to leave details out for the sake of style over substance or for simply not giving the whole game away.

3 stars might seem harsh but nice photos of food & a terrible layout don't cut it these days because we can all jump straight to the internet or social media for hundreds, thousands of pictures of pretty plates from across the world (@arpege is usually pretty good) and if chefs expect people to buy the books they need to add real value and fill in the details properly.

If you want something to flip through and show a friend over coffee it's a fine five star book.
If you want to make some of the dishes then just be prepared for a bit of a frustrating time.
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on 8 February 2014
What more can I add to Danny Marbella's review on this book. I was lucky to chat to Anne-Sophie Pic at the last Bocuse d'Or competition in Lyon and she is indeed a very dedicated cook with one of the best palates in the trade. Some of the flavour combinations in her book bear witness to this, well worth buying.
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on 16 October 2014
I was looking forward to seeing this book
It has really good pictures and recipes definitely a book to use
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on 25 July 2014
What a wonderful book-just what I wanted, again the service and delivery was outstanding by the amazon group full 5 Star rating
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on 18 July 2016
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 20 October 2013
Having had this book for a month now I wanted to post a fair and in depth review, but for those looking for a quick summary: I have enjoyed reading it, the photography in the book is beautiful and the recipes are all very inspiring. However the recipe layout and practicalities of the book leave a little to be desired hence 4 stars rather than 5 (please see below for more detail / a full list of recipes at the end).

Now for those wanting the detail...

It's probably best I start this review by pointing out I'm not a professional chef, but a very keen amateur with an interest in molecular gastronomy and fine dining. I've had this book for a month now and had chance to read through it, admire the photography and try a couple of the recipes.

I've included a full recipe list at the end of this review plus I've uploaded quite a few pictures of the book, I hope this will be helpful to those considering purchasing it. There are 50 recipes in the book.

First impressions of the book were very good, the laser cut hard sleeve is a nice touch, along with the embossed cover, gilt-edge and thick pages all go towards making this feel like a quality book. Although a pristine white book is perhaps not the most practical thing to bring into the kitchen.

I bought this with the intention of actually cooking from the book, I know that might sound like an obvious thing to say but I'm sure there are those out there that might consider this a "coffee table" cookbook, but I wanted to actually try out some of the recipes. However Le Livre Blanc is not written in the style or format of most recipe books and instead is more a celebration of chef Anne-Sophie Pic's work rather than a practical recipe book.

The photography is excellent, all of the dishes look amazing and I want to try to cook 90% of them but there are a few things that make cooking from the book a bit of a chore. Rather than having the recipe title, picture and recipe detail together they are split up in 3 separate parts of the book. Firstly there is a chapter introduction, then a double page of the recipe titles followed by several pages of photography then all the recipes are at the back of the book; somehow that just doesn't really work for me and seems to be a bit of a sacrifice of practicality in favour of style and concept.

The 50 recipes are divided into 6 chapters, to me the groupings seem a little tenuous and I didn't find the chapter introductions particularly interesting to read. The chapters are:

Earth & Sea
Acid Yellow & Pale Pink
Contemporary Memories
The Lightness of Air
Traditional Eccentricity
The Edge of Frontiers

I know this seems like I've been very negative for a 4 star review, but there are a few things I don't particularly like about it, having said that, if you look at this as a collection of 50 unbelievably inspiring recipes with equally amazing photography then this is a great book to own.

I'm sure nobody would think this, but just in case, don't buy this book if you're planning on cooking recipes from it on an evening after work! Each recipe has many individual components, some of which take many hours to produce, these are recipes that require some real dedication to follow, but the results are certainly worth it.

To summarise, this would make an excellent "coffee table" cookbook; gorgeous photography, amazing looking dishes and a real premium feel. When it comes to actually using it to cook from though it is a little impractical, however this is something I'm happy to overlook and work around.

1. Line-caught bass with Aquitaine caviar
2. Chicken's egg and reef squid - soft boiled egg, almost tomato ketchup with galangal capers, flower honey
3. Normandy scallop - cooked with the light sharpness of liquorice and smoked eel and served with a sunset of Venetian rose and flame radicchio
4. Purple sea urchins - sea urchin tongues and juice in a delicate sorrel jelly, with cubed-peppered runny egg yolk
5. Line-caught turbot - steamed slowly and served with sweet melting Cevennes onions, lightly scented with pink Madagascan peppercorns and black truffle
6. John Dory - steamed with peppermint, black truffle shavings, Mallemort asparagus
7. Shore turbot - gently steamed, cucumber crisp and mousseline, fennel seed butter sauce
8. No. 3 Gillardeau oysters - delicate jelly and yogurt cream sauce flavoured with liquorice
9. Local apricot - cooked like an ile flottante, caramel crunch and apricot coulis, beer ice cream
10. Lemon and juniper berry - combined in a creamy foam, lemon sorbet and lemon juice
11. Duck foie gras - a thick slice lightly smoked with Tahitian vanilla, tangy Menton lemon, spring turnip consommé
12. Bresse chicken - slow-cooked chicken breast, turnip fondant with Medjool date chutney and Voatsiperifery pepper, chick jus
13. Breton langoustines - cooked with local rhubarb, green celery and Tasmanian pepper sauce
14. Gariguette strawberries with aged rhum agricole - babas soaked in amber rum, strawberry coulis lightly flavoured with mint
15. Rhubarb and ginger - tangy yogurt cream sauce flavoured with ginger; rhubarb marmalade and sorbet
16. Raspberry and cinnamon - cream sauce infused with beer and cinnamon leaves, raspberry marmalade and confit
17. Beetroot plural - melting creamy textures with Blue Mountain coffee cream, tangy barberry
18. Mallemort asparagus and Aquitaine caviar - a marriage of earth and sea with hints of smoke and iodine
19. Peas and Aquitaine caviar - caviar and pea cream sauce, spring onion foam
20. Bresse chicken - pan-roasted chicken breast, red lemon marmalade, young chard and razon clams
21. Calf's sweetbread - a beautiful pan-roasted sweetbread `apple' local carrots with lavender, marbled veal juice
22. Carrot and orange flower - smooth carrot jelly and carrot cream sauce orange-flower and Voatsiperify pepper yogurt
23. Our producer's baby vegetables - smooth Parmigiano Reggiano sauce on a lavender shortcrust tart, baby vegetables deglazed in sherry vinegar
24. Freshwater crayfish - gently roasted in seafood butter, spring turnip two ways, tonka bean and Voatsiperifery pepper broth
25. John Dory - green zebra tomato, tomato consommé lightly scented with vintage Bora-Bora Tahitian vanilla and aged Martinique rhum agricole
26. Peanut marshmallow
27. Pea marbles with horseradish
28. Foie gras marbles and Sudachi lemon
29. Lapsang Souchong smoked tea macaroon - herring egg cream
30. Pot-caught crab and Chinese white jasmine tea - crabmeat in a fine jelly, Chinese white jasmine tea foam, cram mayonnaise
31. Raw No. 3 Gillardeau oysters - Lardo di Colonnata and a cloud of deconstructed fondue
32. Line-caught bass - cooked skin-on, sweet Cevennes onion petals with salted caramel and fresh walnut sauce, vin jaune
33. Caramel Gruyere and black truffle - hot soufflé with a melting Cazette (crushed hazelnut) centre, black truffle
34. Lager and caramel - cooked ile flottante-style beer foam, caramel sauce and crunchy hazelnut biscuit
35. Wild blueberries and Tahitian vanilla - tangy vanilla-flavoured yogurt cream sauce and blueberry confit, Chantilly with vintage Bora-Bora Tahitian vanilla powder
36. Blue lobster - roasted in seafood butter, lobster consommé with red berries, foaming celery cream with green peppercorns
37. Frogs' legs and Lapsang Souchong tea - frogs' legs meunieres, buttered green cabbage and potato with Menton lemon marmalade
38. Line-caught turbot - cooked in wakame butter, cauliflower cream sauce, jasmine flower emulsion
39. Freshwater white fish - grilled skin-on, crunchy turnips and turnip puree flavoured with Arabica coffee Menton lemon zest butter sauce
40. Milk fed lamb - pan-raosted saddle and ribs runny lightly smoked Banon pyramids
41. Drome pigeon - roasted whole, flambed with aged Martinique rhum agricole, confit rhubarb and foie gras with Voatsiperifery pepper, classic jus
42. Wild abalone - cooked meuniere-style, white asparagus, artichoke and wakame
43. Free-range pigeon - poached then roasted, lightly smoked broth, peas and celery in a light fennel butter
44. Venison - noisette lightly smoked with Tahitian vanilla, heirloom cabbages and a rich jus
45. Corsican kid goat - marinated with gin, confit, gently spiced potato gnocchi with black truffle
46. Frsh morels, peas and local broad beans - egg yolk sauce, morel broth lightly flavoured with cinnamon leaves and Bourbon Pointu de la Reunion coffee
47. Fresh morels - aged Parmesan millefeuille with morel and tarragon cream
48. Yellow Poitou leeks and Aquitaine caviar - pencil leeks and marinated Mediterranean anchovies, green tea broth, Aquitaine caviar
49. Venison - pan-cooked noisettes, Blue mountain-confit grapefruit sauce
50. Brie de Meaux and Bourbon vanilla
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 7 February 2014
Please let me say that this is a beautiful book that oozes elegance and refinement and reveals the very heart of a truly gifted chef, Anne-Sophie Pic, the only female chef in France with three Michelin stars, at Maison Pic in Valence.

It is exactly the kind of book that I love to buy as a Chef but as a coffee table book at 45 pounds there are better on the market.

I was left in no doubt I was observing not only the work of a quietly self-assured three-star chef at the top of her game but also the master of her craft.

Chef Anne-Sophie has been through a tough journey and through tenacity, hard work and dedication, has emerged strong and reinvented the Pic brand.

As is probably obvious from its title, the pure white laser cut sleeve slips off to reveal the pure white book inside. And before you even open it you can feel the quality in your hand. Each page is trimmed in silver and the ribbon page markers inside are made of a lovely grey silk and I have to say that that is something so elegant it even surpasses the wonderful offering

The beginning of the book tells the story of Anne-Sophie’s remarkable journey to the top and about her incredible family who are part of culinary folk-law .

Unlike most cookbooks, the first half of the book contains images of food and nothing else; there is no wording to clutter the pages. The accompanying recipes are listed at the end of the book, in number order, for reference. Each dish is placed on a white background, which really makes the colors of the food stand out. It is, in fact, how you would see the dishes when served in the restaurant, against a white tablecloth. The resulting visual impact is simple and perfect, I am still unsure weather I like this format from a professional point of view but it is definitely becoming more popular.

Every single ingredient is showcased to its ultimate best and the precision in the presentation is brilliant. Paring your cooking back to this level and allowing the sheer beauty of the natural product to take center stage shows complete and utter confidence as a chef.

The recipes are fantastic: I love all the Chefs choices.

The first dish in the book is her fathers classic sea bass with caviar, which was a lovely touch, I thought. So many of her own recipes are now modern-day Pic classics and will equally stand the test of time for many generations to come as those devised by her father.

The Chef is not afraid to use lots of different flavors and is clever in the way she balances and harmonises them in her inimitable, delicate style. She puts together flavors like crayfish, tonka bean and voatsiperifery pepper (rare, wild pepper from Madagascar) or beetroot with Blue Mountain coffee. Her palate is incredible (one of the best i truly believe) and her cooking is intuitive at the very very top end of the market.

It would take a very accomplished home cook or hardcore foodie to attempt these recipes and you’d have to go out of your way to find some of her ingredients. Ultimately this is a book for chefs or a serious collector of chefs’ books.

But I will say that it is a truly amazing publication and would be a focal point on your coffee table, but a little hard to dust with the inlaying title.
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on 14 February 2014
Recommended - great buy! one of my favourite cooking books, a real inspiring source! I rated 5 +! Ann Sophie Pic for the win
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on 4 April 2014
this is the art book of food the photos are great to look at, I haven't found much to use but well worth the price.
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on 27 October 2015
beautiful book, wonderful pictures and no doubt lovely food, totally devoid of the person, place, and any emotion what a shame
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