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on 3 May 2015
This definitely lives up to its blurb about being a fast-paced crime novel. When a body is discovered at a petrol station, Belfast D.C.I. Marc Craig is called to investigate. The unfolding mystery is cleverly crafted, and all the characters and settings well painted.

I may never have been to Belfast nor even to N. Ireland, but Catriona King creates a vivid sense of place. The characters are very human, with frailties and strengths that make them leap out from the page.

As Craig desperately tried to piece the case together, so did I but with less success – and the advantage of key suspects’ POVs told with a sympathetic angle that had me tempted to root for the wrong side.

A Limited Justice is the first in a crime series featuring Detective Chief Inspector Marc Craig, so I need to read the next one to see where the characters go. I want to know more and for that Catriona King is guilty.
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on 16 February 2016
I really enjoyed my introduction to DCI Marc Craig and his team at the Belfast Dockyards squad. They are a decent bunch, with human emotions not always hidden behind the professional front, from Craig's enormous right hand man, DI Liam Cullen, down to Nicky, his civilian PA. They are faced with a nasty puzzle after a series of killings, not so much a who-dun-it as a why and how. One even has some sympathy for the"villains" although their actions are terrible. All-in-all, a great start to what I hope will be a long series. Dr King really knows her stuff.
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on 22 May 2014
A Limited Justice – This hooked me from the start. Catriona King’s characters are skilfully chosen. They are interlinked by their past, through connections not immediately obvious. The scene descriptions were accurate to the point that the reader can taste and feel the situations. The author’s background in forensics and medicine are an obvious asset resulting in horrific – yet believable situations. The petrol pump…probably one of the most memorable!

I did not work out the ‘crime’ until very late in the book, almost the end – Catriona King managed to twist and weave the story to make the reader want to read more, get deeper into the gore and mystery. Some of it was brutal and some so tender it made me doubt my character suspicions. The ending was not as I envisaged, and literally left me saying out loud, ‘OMG’, much to the surprise of my fellow commuters.
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on 26 May 2015
I have read all nine of these books and EVERY ONE DESERVES A FIVE STAR REVIEW. I am cheating here as I haven't left a review for any of this series, and that is most remiss of me, so I am unashamedly cutting and pasting the same review. There are great characters, great plots, great atmosphere. Although these are stand alone stories I think the reader does benefit from reading them in sequence if possible. There are back references to previous stories and the characters do develop well and knowing their history does improve the readers rapport with the cast. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 24 March 2017
Limited Justice
This is the first book on a series featuring Marco Craig, and I am so glad to have found it. Follow Marco Craig to find the murderer who is targeting specific people. this book is the start of a fantastic series, easy to rate this one as it was awesome reading from start to 5*+ 24 March 2017.
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on 17 March 2017
Looking for new Authors when I stumbled over this series - I have been hooked since the first page and am now on book 6. The characters are believable as are the story lines (although very scary) and keep you turning the pages. Worthy of a TV series I think.
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on 1 November 2012
This was a very enjoyable novel from start to finish. The reader is plunged straight in to a nasty murder, DCI Craig and his very supportive team launching in to solve the intricacies of it. The characters compliment each other very well - main and secondary - and are very believable. Ms King ably demonstrates how even the biggest workaholics can have some measure of life outside of `the job'. How the murderer will be caught, keeps the reader enthusiastically scanning right to the very end, the short scene changes revving up the pace. I very much enjoyed Ms King's writing style and look forward to the next in the series.
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on 20 October 2012
What a blast!!.
Catriona King with her first novel "A Limited Justice" has just hit one out of the ballpark! Sorry, just returned from a long period in the US hence the jargon. During my stay in the US, my reading in this genre has been mostly Robert B Parker and Robert Crais. How fantastic it was to return to Belfast and find a crime novel set in my home town by a new but excellent writer. Not only is the story wonderfully compelling but all of the detail regarding local slang, Belfast street names and areas are spot on which makes reading it so much more enjoyable.

DCI Craig (Marc) is smart, witty, driven and flawed in deeply human ways. The characters that comprise his team, Liam, Annette, Davy, Nicky et al, compliment his talents and make this first novel a wee delight to read.

Rather than blather on and on about the plot etc, I would strongly suggest that you just buy it! And start saving your pennies, as the second in what will hopefully be a long running series is on the way, its called "The Grass Tattoo" which is an extremely intriguing title.

A Limited Justice
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on 23 July 2013
In writing this review of Catriona King's first crime novel: 'A Limited Justice', I have unhesitatingly awarded it five stars. So, you might wonder what it is that makes Catriona King different from the many crime writers who are published in this popular genre. I suggest that you begin by looking at this novelists biography: she is from Belfast; she trained as a doctor, and as a forensic medical examiner in London, where she worked closely with the Metropolitan Police. Her background in forensic medicine is translated into clear forensic analysis, which is remarkably illustrated very early in 'A Limited Justice' by an extraordinary murder by an unusual method of drowning, which I will not spoil by revealing here - read the book! The forensic analysis, which makes up the backbone of Catriona King's story, is interwoven around a cast of finely drawn characters; each of whom has their own individuality, and who, together, form an interaction which does not falter from page one through to the end.

An added interest, of worthwhile importance, is that Catriona King sets this novel, and the three subsequent crime novels she has written, based on then same crime detective, DCI Marc Craig, in her home city of Belfast. In the same way that avid readers of the Rebus novels associate their detective with Edinburgh, and the readers of the Morse novels associate him with Oxford, Catriona King has firmly rooted her detective in a locality which will draw back readers to Belfast. A city with a rich potential for crime investigation which will, hopefully, bring more DCI Craig novels from this very talented writer.

I suggest you begin reading Catriona King, with this, her first novel: 'A Limited Juctice'; you will not be disappointed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 April 2013
I stumbled on this book by chance as it does not seem to have been publicised and is not listed on the price drop website I use (ereaderiq.co.uk). This is a shame as it is a good read. The plot has some good twists and turns, some obvious to a regular crime fiction reader, some not. The characters are well defined and rounded, the craic (when in Ireland etc.) between the team believable and funny. I'll be downloading the other books in the series.
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