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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife by Victor and Wendy Zammit, White Crow Books, Guildford, U.K., 2013, 305 ff.

There are now several books that deal with various manifestations of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy (Playfair), clairvoyance, pre- and post-cognition and spiritual healing (Tart, Broughton, Hutton), OBEs, NDEs and SDEs (Moody, van Lommel) and interactions that clearly indicate the continuing existence of the discarnate soul (Tymn).

This book by the Zammits focuses on afterlife phenomena and the evidence that has been observed with the five senses and recorded over the past century and more: this is evidence that no rational person could deny. The range of experiences described is comprehensive: OBEs, NDEs and deathbed visions, remote viewing, the use of mediums in police investigations, famous experiments in afterlife communication (e.g. the Scole experiment), channelled writing, memories suggesting reincarnation, and many other subjects within the 32 chapters - too many for me to list here.

Overall, the book is a comprehensive survey or review of those who have had direct experience of afterlife communication in some form.There are very many references throughout the book to other research work for any reader to follow up on if they wish. There are several books that provide more detail on some of these topics - like Michael Tymn on afterlife investigators, Pim van Lommel on NDEs, Raymond Moody on NDEs and SDEs, or Roger Woolger and Brian Weiss on past-life regressions. But these other authors have either written bigger books, or they have focussed on just one aspect of psychic and afterlife phenomena.

In the chapter on Quantum Physics and the Afterlife I was disappointed that there was only the briefest mention of the cosmic quantum energy field described by McTaggart and by Goswami and which physicists like Henry Stapp and psychologists like Jeffrey Schwartz believe provides the foundation for psychic phenomena as well as our continuing existence in the afterlife. This should be a convincing hypothesis to explore for those scientists who persist in denial and disbelief. I am a scientist myself and it is disappointing to find so many of my colleagues wedded to scientism who refuse to accept the empirical evidence for psychic phenomena. They cry: `Where is the evidence?' - yet experimental evidence abounds in this field and, in the past decade, scientists like Goswami, Stapp and Schwartz (and myself) have provided a theoretical, albeit hypothetical, underpinning.

I have been studying this subject now for more than two decades and there were many references here to work that I had not before encountered. The Zammits interpret all of the psychic events described here to some form of communiction with the spirit world of the afterlife and the book is very thoroughly documented. For the reader seeking an overall and up-to-date summary of the state of afterlife research, this book provides a valuable addition to the literature with the evidence laid out as befits an account by an eminent lawyer. The book closes with a detailed Bibliography and Index.

The Afterlife Explorers: v. 1: The Pioneers of Psychical Research

Howard Jones is the author of Evolution of Consciousness
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on 7 August 2013
This book is the result of years of study; its breadth is amazing. If it was possible to give 7* or higher I'd do so, because the amount of work that must have been done - on such a VITAL subject - is terrific. The book's not perfect e.g., there are small proofing errors, but it is mighty impressive.

Victor Zammit (retired lawyer) and his wife Wendy (retired psychologist) argue the case for the afterlife as if in a courtroom, and present the evidence from carefully chosen expert witnesses e.g., Dr. Ian Stevenson who studied recollections of past lives ... and witnesses of the Scole experiment (from Scole, a village in the UK). Because of the quality of the evidence and associated discussion ... the book is a proof (beyond a reasonable doubt) of the afterlife. It hardly mentions and doesn't depend on religious arguments.

At 251 pages plus an excellent bibliography (and free online from the Victor Zammit website) it includes consideration of: near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, ESP, remote viewing, mediums, cross-correspondences, Helen Duncan, Xenoglossy, remembrance of past lives, etc. Within that broad context, there is consideration of a vast range of particular items e.g., Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (and Seth), Eileen Garrett, Sir Oliver Lodge, and Frederic Myers.

I hope the book receives the serious and fair - critical in the best sense - reception it fully deserves. Unfortunately "believing is seeing" and scientific materialists (for want of a better term) can believe so firmly they're right that they don't examine the evidence for other views. Other path-breaking books (e.g., Sir Oliver Lodges "Raymond" or Frederic Myers "Human Personality" or, in a different genre and age, Dean Radins "The Conscious Universe") have had trouble making headway against materialist headwinds.
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on 7 May 2013
If anyone has done more than Victor and Wendy Zammit to spread the gospel of survival, I don't know who the person might be. Their Friday Report at [...] reaches thousands of people in more 100 countries every week. It offers a variety of interesting, informative, intriguing, and inspirational stories relating to spirituality, especially survival.

In spite of the ignorance, indifference, and intolerance of the fundamentalists of both religion and science, the evidence for an afterlife is overwhelming, easily meeting the preponderance of evidence standard of civil law and for those who open-mindedly examine it meeting the beyond a reasonable standard of criminal law. . Who, then, more qualified to examine and weigh the evidence than Dr. Victor Zammit, a retired Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia? In this book, the Zammits offer intriguing and overwhelming evidence that should convince any open-minded reader. "After many years of serious investigation I have come to the irretrievable conclusion that there is a great body of evidence which, taken as a whole, absolutely and unqualifiedly proves the case for the afterlife," Victor Zammit writes in his opening statement, adding that many people tend to reject it because it exceeds the individual's "boggle threshold" by being too far ahead of our existing knowledge, especially when it is not consistent with established religious or secular beliefs.

Much of the evidence for the survival of consciousness at death - an afterlife - has been available since primitive times, but it wasn't really recognized and recorded as evidence until a century and a half ago, when advances in science began to make people seriously doubt survival. It started with mediumship of various kinds, apparitions, and deathbed visions, and later extended to past-life studies, near-death experiences, out-of-body travel, and electronic voice phenomena. Unfortunately orthodox religion and mainstream science turned blind eyes and deaf ears to it - religion because not all the evidence could be completely reconciled with established dogma and doctrine, science because the evidence was beyond exact measurement and replication and did not fit into the mechanistic worldview that it had been developing in its efforts to overcome the superstitions and follies of religion.

Beginning with Emanuel Swedenborg, the 18th century clairvoyant and mystic, and continuing into the late `19th and early20th century with such esteemed scientists and scholars as Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett, Professor William James, and Sir Oliver Lodge, the Zammits explore some of the early psychical research, which included the trance mediumship of Leonora Piper, Gladys Osborne Leonard, and others. Moving through the 20th century, he looks the past-life studies of Dr. Ian Stevenson, the near-death experience research of Dr. Raymond Moody, and the out-of-body research by Robert Monroe.

The Zammits discuss the skeptical views, including hallucinations, suppressed memory, telepathy, oxygen deprivation, the collective unconscious, subconscious fraud, and conscious fraud. "High-profile closed-minded skeptics have been given unfair license by the media to ridicule, cheat and lie with the results that the general public know very little about the great body of scientific research which has been accumulated," they argue, adding that closed-minded skepticism is a personal, subjective belief which is subject to fundamental errors and to complete invalidation.

This book should be in the library of every open-minded seeker of truth.
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on 15 July 2013
This is without doubt the best book i have read on the subject of the Afterlife.The Evidence provided in this book of which there is plenty,is compelling.I am in no doubt that the Afterlife exists.Evidence contained in this book substantiates this.
Anyone interested in the Afterlife MUST read this book. Sceptics also read this book and i assure you,your scepticism will be no-more,it will be blown out of the water.

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on 9 May 2013
There are many books about the afterlife and life after death. Many take a religious view, while others are more "new age". This book is neither. It presents facts and details in abundance. I like the fact that scientists and secular rational researchers are emphasized, and it dispels the notion that the afterlife is just something religious types believe in. The evidence presented in this book is compelling and hard to put aside. After reading it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that the afterlife is objectively real.
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on 1 June 2013
This book is one of the most comprehensively written works on the 'evidence' of an afterlife. It presents in an easy to read manner facts, not just mere theories. It is an impressive accumulation of evidence gathered from so many different sources. I have many books on this subject, but here in one volume all the evidence has been gathered. Impressive to say the least.
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If seeking genuine categorical proof of 'life after death' then read this book.
It not only provides the proof and many sources of it, it also (in my opinion) shames the orthodox scientific community who bury their heads in the sand and bascially refuse to see what is patiently obvious - the truth fact that life is eternal - and that it has and continues to be proved on a daily basis all over the world.Over the Rainbow: Reflecting Light on Psychics,Mediums and the Spiritual Nature of Life
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on 17 June 2014
since my fiancee died a year ago from pancreatic cancer i found myself looking for a reason why. i have developed an interest in spiritualism and have read countless books on the subject.
however.......being an ardent skeptic i am still looking for prove. i would consider this book to go along way to proving life after death. this book is a must read to all skeptics.
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on 2 September 2013
Newtonian physics and traditional Christian religious practice have restricted people's understanding of what life is really about. Quantum Physics has opened Pandora's box and the Internet has enabled serious researchers world wide to compare results. When "paranormal" exercises are repeated in many countries by many differing people and witnessed by eminent scientists, politicians, Dr's, etc and always under controlled and repeatable conditions, then what do the debunkers say? Well they lie and misrepresent. There seems to be considerable vested interests it keeping the truth from the general population and I cannot understand why.
It is scientifically evident and the evidence is overwhelming, that we survive our "death", if we desire we can witness our own funeral. The Vatican acknowledge communication with the deceased but don't want you or I doing it, why? Well to my mind it's because the information that comes back does not fit with their dogma, but that's a personal view.
It is only a matter of time before the contents of this book are accepted by the vast majority of open minded skeptical people and when that happens people will have more freedom to talk about their own experiences as we do all have them. When this happens, we as a society will have made a great step forward. We will become more aware and more holistic and consider the next question, "Then What!"
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on 22 December 2015
Ok so Victor Zammit is an eccentric character but let's not let that detract from the book which does one hell of a good job of taking all the data streams relevant and putting them together into one easy to understand package. Its not the very best afterlife book out there BUT its very far from the worst. What Victor does is as it says on the tin, he collates all the BEST evidence and presents it in one easy to understand package.

I personally am not fully convinced by the materialisation mediumship of David Thompson but certainly Victor Zammit is. It should be noted that David Fontana who has written THE very best book on the subject (Is There an Afterlife) was also convinced by Thompson.

Overall an impressive compendium and I heartily recommend anyone to subscribe to Victor Zammit's rather excellent Friday Afterlife Report which is produced online weekly..on a Friday. It has articles which might challenge even the fiercest sceptic!
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