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on 14 August 2017
Love this strategy guide. 💜👍 😉
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on 4 August 2017
A nice guide that helps you out quite a lot with the game. Features all kinds of maps and helpful info. A solid guidebook.
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on 25 February 2014
this is a essential guide for this game. once you realise that you cannot do everything in one playthrough, this guide help with what to do first and also how to get things done without the hassle
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on 30 July 2017
I love to have it because it helps me where to go or guide it there
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on 9 October 2015
Like every other Piggyback guide I have owned - they are beautiful books. Truly. Worth every penny.
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on 16 February 2014
While the guide itself visually looks good the formatting at first seems confusing, after prolonged use it somewhat makes sense.

Given the nature of the game this time round your time is limited, there are things you really need to do in that limit and things you can do, sometimes in different areas. So it makes sense to categorise it by areas rather than duplicating pages across the guide.

As such days are summarised with page references on how-to to sections of the guide detailing all tasks there of what can be accomplished. Following the letter of instruction thus far has proven to be fruitful.
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on 17 February 2014
This review is for the collector's edition of the Lightning Returns strategy guide.
To start off, the guide is good but there are some bad points I want to point out.
First of all, after playing the prologue and the first mission with the guide, while the instructions are easy to understand, the guide contains two sections of the walkthrough which may confuse players at first but it makes sense. This is because the guide splits it into a walkthrough which details what you should be doing such as quests (when you should do it at what time etc), and second, the walkthrough for the main quest itself.
The walkthrough, while well written, has some bad points. First, instructions on where to find items. While it explains itself, due to lack of pictures of where to find them and also the fact that the maps inside the guide DOES NOT show where the collectibles/items at all, despite the Gameplay section of the guide saying : The guide shows you where to collect all the collectibles. There are NO icons indicating where the items to be found.
BUT, worst of all, to find the items listed in the walkthrough, you have to open up the A2 poster included with the guide, open it up and unfold it and lo and behold, it shows where to find each item. What's even worse, the walkthrough does not tell you to how to get certain items (the Runic Ring which is stuck up on a unreachable scaffolding and time was up by the time I try to get it). This is a very bad design not to include item locations on the maps included in the guide.
Another bad thing about the guide (after flicking through), is the Garb section at the back of the guide. The problem with the section is lack of pictures to show what the garb looks like (maybe due to spoilers) and worse, the font size of the text to fit all the information is very small you might as well bring a magnifying glass to read it (just exaggerating). Other sections has the same problem as well.
Well the question is this guide good? Well, yes and no.
Yes, due to the fact that the guide gives you everything you need to know about the game, how to progress through the game and the fact that this game requires multiple palythroughs, this guide is required. As a collector, so-so. The extra 32 pages are just staff comments on certain things like costume designs, monster designs and character designs with major spoilers. This guide does not contain a section where it explains all the mysteries and story elements like the previous FFXIII guides though.
No, due to the bad points I listed above. That's all. Piggyback could have improved the guide more if they have a little more time and try to make a guide exactly like the previous FFXIII guides.
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on 18 March 2014
First of all, if you are planning on playing Lightning Returns, then get this guide. Trust me, with the odd time progression system in the game, this will be very helpful. The great thing about this guide is that it has excellent detail, and has been organised very well, making it perfect for those looking to complete a large part of the game on the first playthrough.

There are some minor problems with the guide though, in terms of layout. Due to the time element in the game, they have taken a well organised approach to compiling the guide, but it isn't exactly user friendly. On a typical playthrough, you'll be using the walkthrough, side quest and main quest pages. The walkthrough isn't long, but covers what you should be doing on each day in decent detail. If you are doing specific side quests then the walkthrough will then reference other parts of the guide (such as pages in the Side Quest or Main Quest sections, or the main quest number), so that you can view a more detailed guide about what it is you need to do. Luckily, the 2 ribbon bookmarks are very handy here when you have to do some referencing on multiple pages in the guide. Another issue is that the maps for each main location isn't printed in the book. Instead, they have been printed on a massive double-sided poster, which can be really frustrating at times.

The guide also contains a massive amount of information about the game mechanics, which may be useful for those who don't quite understand the time mechanics in the game, a short 100% (Ultima) walkthrough, and extra section which shows some of the games art, and the free DLC. You'll actually get two DLC codes, one for PSN and one for Xbox Live, so you could actually give the other code away if you wanted.

Overall, the guide is excellent, and it will really come in handy when playing such a complex looking game, even if the layout is a little odd...
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on 22 January 2017
I have the collectors edition guides for all three of the XIII games, and this one is good but not as good as the previous two. The main issue I had with this guide was the maps. The maps in the book did not detail the treasure chests, so for exploration you have to pull out this seperate massive poster with all the regions and treasures located on it. It was very large (A3-A2 size?) and awkward to have laid out in front of you while playing the game, so I ended up using the maps online.

I'm personally a multi-tasking gamer where I do the main story while completing as many side quests as possible along the way. Unfortunately, this guide caters poorly for that as the main walkthrough of just the main quests is in one chapter, and then all the sub quests are in a different chapter so one has to keep flicking pages back and forth. It might not be an issue for those who just want to do the story, but if you are after an efficient and thorough first playthrough, it might be a bit of a hassle. The guide does make up for this with a number of ribbon bookmarks to keep track.

However, the guide is good for other purposes such as hints, tips, a full bestiary, item list and strategies for both first time play through as well as subsequent power playthroughs. I found the bestiary section to be excellent and very detailed, coupled with strategies on how to defeat every enemy with both recommended garb set up and strategies. Also, there is a very succinct table detailing an efficient speed playthrough for after you complete the game at least once, whereby it aims to clear all the main and sub events in half the time. However, this chart assumes that you already know the locations of every quest and how to complete them. The Canvas of Prayers quests are all included in a separate chapter with details on how to complete each of them. In terms of trophy information, I found this guide to be lacking somewhat. However, the game is very easy to get all the trophies/ achievements in about 50-60 hours, so I did not see it as a huge demerit.

Overall, this guide is very organised with everything separated into chapters. From a visual perspective, it's all well and good but for multi tasking and being efficient, not so good. The quality of the guide is excellent, the collectors edition also includes a few extra tidbits on the story like the previous games. It's also very good at easing in first timers, especially with the mechanics and gameplay being very different from it's prequels or any other FF.

Quality: 5/5
Strategies: 5/5
Efficiency: 3/5
Maps: 2/5
Data (quests, items, monsters etc.): 5/5
Worth the purchase: For collectors, yes. For trophy hunters and those who just want to complete the game, online guides will suffice.
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on 3 August 2014
I bought this after I finished the game, so I had no problem navigating through the guide and finding what I needed. I mainly got it because it has an interview and extras such as discarted garb ideas and concept designs (so hard to find these when it comes to final fantasy) and I wanted to have it in my collection since i absolutely *loved* this game. It's very useful and well done, beautiful pages and the hardcover version is just amazing.
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