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on 2 March 2011
I absolutley loved this book! It is a huge book and crammed full of great information and stunning photographs. You can sit down and read page after page and it does not feel like you are reading a reference book. I loved the week by week accounts of your babies development, what happens to your body and what happens during labour. It has a sample birth plan, sections on what to buy for your baby as well as illustrated guides to breast feeding and how to put on a nappy etc which are great! I did find that it briefly touched on giving birth at home or in a birthing centre etc but for the most part it assumes you are going to the hospital so some sections may not be relevant to you but on the whole an awsome book and definatley one to buy!
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on 2 August 2011
My sister had relied on Your Pregnancy Bible contributing editor, Dr Anne Deans, for her pregnancy so I was predisposed to buy it initially. However, when I saw it had been recently revised and expanded, I was even more so inclined. In comparing it to my sister's book, I can see a lot of the pictures have been updated and it is right up to the minute on information about caffeine levels, swine flu, the latest antenatal tests, immunisation schedules and it has a very useful glossary. That's my first port of call when I come upon some unfamiliar term. I'm someone who wants an in-depth picture of what is and isn't likely to happen ¬ - since this is my first pregnancy - and find the quality of information here is so much better than any handouts or NHS publications. What's more, it's written by pregnancy specialists unlike most of the other books on sale. I also find it fleshes out the often sketchy information I receive at my antenatal appointments. Whenever I see anything on the news or receive a tweet (several of my friends are pregnant, too), Your Pregnancy Bible seems to have the issue covered. So if there's anyone out there still wondering which of the many pregnancy books on offer to buy, take it from me, this is the one.
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on 1 February 2010
There is such a thing as too much information, and my worry when buying this guide was just that. I was however pleasantly surprised. It is detailed, not too detailed. I have found it to be practical, neutral, and not bossy, like so many books out there on this subject.

It has answered so many of my questions, and it keeps away from anecdotes and hysteria. Everyone's pregnancy is different, and this respects that, and doesn't focus on one person's too often horrific (but unique) experiences that we see elsewhere.
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on 22 February 2011
I got this book when I was about half way through my first pregnancy, but really wish I had had it as a reference from day one! The previous book I had was in many ways too clinical in tone, and too informative about all the stuff that can go wrong during pregnancy, which I discovered was not what I needed to hear in the first trimester. By the time I got 'The Pregnancy Bible', I hadn't picked up a book on pregnancy for weeks as frankly I just couldn't face it. But this one really got me back on track, answering all the questions that had built up during my 'time out' period. I've found it to be both calming and empowering, and often more informative than some of my antenatal appointments! Now that I am in the third trimester and my EDD seems to be approaching with ever alarming speed, later chapters such as 'Choices in Childbirth' and 'Getting Ready for the Birth of your Baby' really have taken on biblical qualities for both my husband and I, helping us to prepare both emotionally and practically for what will be the single most important event in our lives. 'The Pregnancy Bible' helped us make our birth plan and buy our baby's start up gear. It helped my husband really get to grips with his role on the day, as well as giving us both the tools to be clear about our needs and / or concerns once on the labour ward. Overall the tone, layout, and illustrations are just right, making this the most comprehensive and comforting pregnancy guide out there. I would recommend it to any expecting parent without hesitation.
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on 14 August 2010
This is the only book you will ever need during and after your pregnancy. You will be given tons of handouts and leaflets by midwifes, gps and health visitors however you will always refer to this first... This book saved me lots of embarassing trips to the GP where I would have been told "Thats normal" and it also lets you in for all the wonderful suprises that other women won't have told you about. The week by week pull out of your babys development is the best section - it became a must read every single week, and it was lovely knowing exactly what was happening to my body and my baby. My little boy is 3mths now and we are still using the book... not sure if i'll ever put it down again lol
If you are a first time mum to be and worried about the wonderful road ahead... then this book is for you. It fills you with so much confidence and knowledge about becoming a new mother, it really prepared me for the birth of my son, and I'm sure it will come in handy again when we plan number two.
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on 27 December 2005
This is truely a bible throughout your pregnancy. It puts your mind at rest (at least it did for me), as it explains everything in english and not jargon. It also explains the 'not so nice bits', for when things aren't right and to be honest this calmed me down when I had a few hiccups throughout the pregnancy.
The step by step weekly guide is great.
In fact it's all great. A must have!
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on 2 July 2009
This book has got it all. When I first became pregnant I had so many questions and worries, this book answered them all and I found it very reasurring in those early months when you haven't told anyone yet and your head is buzzing. I scoured the internet for a book which looked like it had been written in the last decade at least, and was put off by lots that looked out dated, with photos that looked very erm.. 70's shall we say! It is quite a hefty book but don't let that put you off, if has everything you need to know in bite size chunks.
It is very well written, modern, up to date and the chapters are broken down in a very logical way, allowing you to easily dip in and look up specific subjects. There are lots and lots of informative, easy to understand diagrams, pictures and charts. I particularly like the layout of the week by week section, showing your stages of pregnancy, and a separate week by week section charting you baby's development and growth.
This book put my mind at rest on a lot of issues and explained the more scary ones in a down to earth and informative way. I would say it's a must for any pregnant woman but particularly if this is your first pregnancy.
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on 25 September 2009
I bought this book when I first discovered I was pregnant and found it a wonderful guide through the whole of my pregnancy and also when I first brought my son home from the hospital. Pregnancy is full of little 'what's happening now and is it normal?' questions and this book always had the answers I was looking for. I also found the section on caring for your new baby very helpful too, particularly the guide to keeping them clean. I would recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who is having their first child.
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on 8 October 2009
This does what it says on the tin! It literally is a bible about all things pregnancy. It includes the week by week guides so you can see how you're progressing and what's happening with your body and with baby, which at the early stages is really helpful when you can't yet see or feel the changes to your body and baby bump hasn't yet appeared. It's also a very useful reference tool if you need to look up something specific (and often something that's worrying you if it's baby number 1 as it is with me) like bleeding in pregnancy or something similarly scary. Likewise if you just want to read through sections about scans or labour, etc and get information as to what to expect it works that way as well.

It can be read from cover to cover or dipped in and out of; either way I'm finding it a brilliant buy!
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on 5 September 2008
Finding myself slightly overwhelmed at expecting another baby after twelve years, I thought I ought to treat myself to a comprehensive book as my previous antenatal carers didn't really have the time to answer all my questions and I was slightly concerned to be 40 and pregnant. Having acquired a copy of Your Pregnancy Bible, I'm not only feeling more confident about my having a successful pregnancy but also am much better informed about what I should be doing. There seems to be a lot that has changed! The advice about what to eat during pregnancy as well as avoiding environmental hazards ­ stories of which appear constantly in my newspaper ­ is very easy to follow and I'm more reassured about undertaking the different diagnostic tests. I've also caught husband, who to my knowledge, never read a book during my earlier pregnancy, looking at the book particularly the week-by-week photos and marvelling at the rapid pace of development. The book has become a great talking point between us.
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