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on 11 May 2012
In his 10th book on the 9/11 massacre, D.R. Griffin presents himself once again as a courageous intellectual, who doesn't betray his moral principles in the face of an immoral hegemonic oligarchy.

Blatant Lies
He summarizes the blatant lies and contradictions in the official version of the 9/11 massacre, the retractions and denials of former statements by witnesses and the revision of the timetables. He also gives possible new clues about the events.
He discusses mainly the straight-down free-fall of the three towers (while only two were hit) as well as the Pentagon attack, which destroyed mainly its accountancy department. The latter was examining a hole of 2.3 trillion dollars in the Pentagon books. All the records were destroyed.

9/11 and its consequences
9/11 was an inside job involving many branches of the government and dozens of powerful people. The evidence planted in the attacks served to make it appear that they had been carried out by Arab Muslims.
The massacre had very serious consequences. Internationally, it `justified' the `War on Terror' against Muslim nations and the direct military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. Nationally, it provoked an assault on the US constitution and on democratic civil rights.

9/11 and the `free' media
The media all over the world (continue to) conceal the extremely bitter truth. Nearly the whole Academy and Religious Institutions worldwide stay mute. For the author, the reason for this could be twofold. On the one hand, an evil deed like this is so heinous that it seems `highly unlikely that the government would do anything nefarious on a scale of this epic nature.' On the other hand, as Upton Sinclair has said (quoted in this book), `it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.' In this context, journalists even endorse miracles.
But, for reasons of morality and justice it is essential to get the 9/11 lie exposed openly and not only on Internet.

D.R. Griffin's book is a damning verdict and a must read for all those who want to understand the world we live in.
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on 22 December 2015
This book is quite simply a master class in cogent reasoning, acute analysis and powers of deduction. Unlike other reviewers I was already pretty sure something was very fishy about the official 9/11 story through my forays on the alternative media and youtube but this book provides a wide ranging deconstruction of the lies surrounding this state crime against democracy.

Even disregarding the magnitude of the subject matter, this book is a highly enjoyable read in its own right and my favourite read of 2015 - and I've read some truly great books this year. In fact I was engaged from the very first page, better than any crime thriller. This book gives new meaning to the adage that reality beats fiction. I look forward to reading some of the other books on 9/11 by this brave, honest and truth-seeking American.

Five stars
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on 2 May 2017
Essential reading. Absolutely destroys the official Bullsh*t a thousand times over.
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on 8 September 2011
Before the body of the review I would like to include a few of the many notable comments made recently about this notable book.

"In this, his tenth book on 9/11 and its consequences, David Ray Griffin continues to report the facts and marshal the evidence that the mainstream media continue to ignore. Having previously demolished the official 9/11 story, Griffin now explains how the government got away with its crime against democracy", said
Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the treasury (under Ronald Reagan) and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.

"Our civilization cannot survive if we do not confront the unanswered questions about 9/11. David Ray Griffin does that with the same clarity and meticulous documentation that characterized his preceding books. Frightening as the enormity of the truth about 9/11 may be, we should also bear in mind that it is a window of opportunity for addressing a whole range of problems threatening the lives of our children and grandchildren. I am sure those who follow will recognize David Ray Griffin s body of work as one of the most important contributions of the last decade."
Niels Harrit, Associate Professor Emeritus, Nano-science Center, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen.

"Anyone who has actually studied Griffin's writings on 9/11 knows that the evidence against the truth of the official account is overwhelming. It is not surprising that the mainstream response has been to ridicule and ignore rather than to engage in reasoned discussion. What is disappointing is that leading liberals and responsible journalists have joined in by affirming ideas that contradict basic science and condescendingly rejecting solid research without examining it. In this book, Griffin describes the behavior of these journalists and attempts, in a remarkably charitable spirit, to understand it."
John B. Cobb, Jr., author of The Earthist Challenge to Economism and (with Herman Daly) For the Common Good

"Why yet another book on 9/11? Because, as David Ray Griffin points out clearly and persuasively, 9/11 continues to be not only the greatest crime in American history, but also the most strenuously covered up, and certainly the crime with the greatest political consequences. He shows how over a decade the events of 9/11 and the reports on them have been used to attack the American democratic system. Above all, he documents the success of this attack by the refusal of the media, the academy, and religious institutions to openly discuss these matters, and by the numbers of critics who at one extreme have made fools of themselves in echoing the Orwellian official version, and at the other extreme have been either fired or silenced after their dissent from it."
Peter Dale Scott, poet, former Canadian diplomat, professor at the University of California (Berkeley), and author of American War Machine.

9/11 Ten Years Later is David Ray Griffin s tenth, and maybe his equal-best book about 9/11 (may I mention one of the other best New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-up and the Expose ?.

David Ray Griffin in his new book, 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER: WHEN STATE CRIMES AGAINST DEMOCRACY SUCCEED, takes stock of what we know, after the passage of a decade of intensive grassroots research and analysis, about what really happened that day, and of the present state of the 9/11 truth movement - its strengths and its weaknesses, and how it can move forward most effectively. The book is a combination of important lectures given by Griffin in the last few years, revised and updated for publication, and of completely new essays on key topics, such as the strong evidence that the phone calls from the hijacked airliners must have been faked, and the powerful consensus about the Pentagon events that has been achieved by the movement.

The first four chapters highlight the strongest evidence that 9/11 was an inside job and the clearest implications of that evidence: the lack of evidence that Muslims attacked the US on that day (making clear that the ten-year-long series of wars on Muslim nations is morally and legally unjustified); the multiple occasions on which the laws of physics were miraculously inoperative in the destruction of the World Trade Center, if the official account so ferociously defended by erstwhile critics of government like Bill Moyers, Robert Parry, Alexander Cockburn and many others is to be believed; and the extraordinary case of WTC 7's classic demolition, which has been assiduously covered up by the mainstream media and government agencies (its collapse was never even mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, and the final report on its destruction issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in November 2008 was fraudulent).

Chapter 5, "Phone Calls From The 9/11 Planes: Why They Are Not Authentic," examines all the evidence that has been discovered regarding phone calls from the hijacked airliners. The phone calls have been a crucial part of the official story of the day's events, purportedly establishing that the planes were hijacked by Arab Muslims and that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. But after a careful, critical analysis Griffin is forced to conclude that the phone calls were not made from the planes. First he shows that there is no evidence that the alleged hijackers actually were ever onboard any of the planes, and further, that the failure of any of the eight pilots to "squawk" the hijack code into their transponders is "strong evidence that the official story about the 9/11 planes -- that the cabins were taken over by hijackers - is false." He then shows that the calls to Deena Burnett, which registered on her caller ID as calls from her husband Tom Burnett's cell phone (he was a passenger on board Flight 93), could not have been completed because cell phone technology in 2001 was not capable of completing calls from airliners at high elevation. Griffin concludes the calls had to have been faked, and suggests that they were faked by voice morphing, already a well-established technical capability at the time. After examining the claims made for many other calls, including those for Barbara Olson, wife of then Solicitor General Ted Olson, which were the basis for the claim that Flight 77 was still in the air and subsequently crashed into the Pentagon, Griffin concludes that "the evidence that the `calls from the planes' were faked is strong, ... far stronger than the evidence for the view that the calls were made by passengers and flight attendants, describing the activities of Middle-Eastern hijackers."

Chapter 6 discusses Vice President Dick Cheney's changing account of his whereabouts and activities at key times during the morning of 9/11. After admitting on national TV five days later that he had been present and in charge in the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the basement of the White House before the Pentagon was attacked, he changed his story in November and claimed he did not reach the PEOC until after the Pentagon attack. Griffin shows that the 9/11 Commission Report upheld Cheney's otherwise unsupported second account, which absolved him of responsibility during two key incidents, the Pentagon attack and the destruction of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. He shows further that much evidence, ignored by the Commission, contradicted Cheney's second story, including Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony before the Commission, Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke's published account of the morning, and reports from ABC News on the first anniversary of 9/11, all of which the Commission buried without mention.

The gem of the book is the seventh chapter, "The Pentagon: A Consensus Approach." In this very detailed analysis Griffin shows that the 9/11 truth movement has developed a complex, broad-based refutation of the official story of what happened at the Pentagon (that "the Pentagon was attacked by American Airlines Flight 77... under the control of al-Qaeda"). He examines fourteen facts which have been established by independent researchers, upon which there is universal agreement, and any one of which is enough to demolish the official account. Griffin argues that the movement should concentrate its Pentagon energies on further strengthening and advocacy of these points of agreement, and avoid dissipating time, energy and trust on a question which has taken up much of these resources in recent years, the question of "what hit the Pentagon?" He shows that this question is unanswerable with the evidence available; only a genuine investigation of the 9/11 attacks will enable it to be answered.

Chapter 8 illuminates the psychology of resistance to the truth about the 9/11 events which is so widespread, arguing that the real faith of the nominally-Christian US is "nationalist faith." The critique of the official story laid out by the 9/11 truth movement is literally unthinkable for many, even for devout Christians whose religion calls upon them to avoid all kinds of idolatry, including nationalism. Griffin concludes that "[w]hen Christian faith is subordinated to faith in American goodness ... it becomes a blinding faith, producing Christians with eyes wide shut."

The subtitle of the book indicates that the 9/11 attacks, in being a false-flag operation carried out by elements of the US government, were a "State Crime Against Democracy" or SCAD, with the primarily political purpose of imposing policies by force upon the country, and that the failure to carry out a genuine investigation, arrest the perpetrators and reverse the policies adopted by the government after 9/11 means that the operation has succeeded. But only to this point in time: the future is still open. Griffin provides in a powerful conclusion (Ch. 9, "When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed") suggestions for how the 9/11 truth movement can continue to press forward to the necessary investigation of the 9/11 crimes and the reversal of the tragic course taken by the US while under the control of the criminals.

This superb book is written with the usual clarity, logic and argumentative power readers have come to expect from David Ray Griffin, which he has now employed in ten books on the 9/11 attacks. 9/11 TEN YEARS LATER continues his advance at the cutting edge of 9/11 truth, and should be read by everyone who wants to take stock of what the movement has achieved and how to press on into a future in which illegal, immoral wars have been stopped and the country's democratic ideals reaffirmed.

Thomas C. Fletcher.
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on 29 September 2011
I pretty much stumbled across this book whilst passing through an airport and its title almost downplays the enormity and sensational subject matter contained therein. I have barely been able to put it down and have read it in almost record time. Until the moment of buying this book whilst I had occasionally since 9/11 heard muted strains of a Government conspiracy, Inside Job etc I had never given it much attention and whilst not being an American had probably unconsciously subscribed to the American 'Nationalist Faith' mandate as covered by the author in Chapter 8. That is essentially that the Government of supposedly one of the world's freest and most democratic Nations could never conceivably do such a thing of atrocity to its own people.
Well this book exhaustively supported by evidence, facts and sources blows that faith out of the water in my opinion.
In my 48 years of life thus far and being an avid reader I have been simply 'blown away' by the revelations in this book and more so astounded that none of this material has reached mainstream news.

May I add that prior to reading this book I had no preconceptions, views or even any actual knowledge on stories supporting 9/11 'conspiracy theories' (as defined by the mainstream press and US Government to describe any view that differs to the official US Government story), before I accidentally came across this book 2 days ago and had never even looked at a website on the subject until now so I started reading simply as an interested an open minded semi intelligent British male. Having just completed it I defy anyone choosing to read this book not to be stunned by the weight of evidential facts, proof, contradictions, lies and unanswered questions against the official government version of events surrounding 9/11.

Others who have reviewed this book have done so in a far more detailed and eloquent way than I will even attempt to try and I will simply sum up by saying that if you were told today that you can ever only read one more book then this must be it if you want to educate yourself on what must surely qualify as the greatest governmental conspiracy and cover up you are ever likely to read about in your lifetime. This will be your greatest ever Crime Fiction read but it is in fact a true and mind blowing one.
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on 21 September 2011
"9/11 Ten Years Later" is the second book by David Ray Griffin I have purchased. The first was "The New Pearl Harbor". On the one hand it is sad these books had to be written. But they most certainly did and I am so grateful to David Ray Griffin for writing them because someone has to counter the criminals (terrorists really) our government has fallen under.

Like his earlier book, David Ray Griffin's "9/11 Ten Years Later" does not disappoint! It is clear that it was carefully researched. It is also written clearly and logically, thus easy to follow.

Early on David Ray Griffin points out that the official explanation for the events of 9/11 is every bit a conspiracy theory as those presented by '9/11 Truthers', thousands of professionals, now including over 1,500 Architects and Engineers.

After acknowledging the many miracles required in order for the govt's official explanation to be true and accurate, one wonders how anyone with a reputation to uphold such as a journalist would align themselves with the government / NIST's official account.

In fact, as David Ray Griffin points out:
"...virtually no scientist or professionals in the relevant fields have gone on record in defense of the official story except for people whose livelihood would be threatened if they refused to support it."

"...virtually everyone who has expertise in a relevant field, and who has seriously studied the evidence, rejects the official conspiracy theory. It is time, therefore, for journalists and everyone else to take a look."

I fully concur! Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country (and the world) and it begins with reading this book.

Roark Dority, Vancouver, BC
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on 2 December 2012
...because he was instrumental via his original masterpiece (the New Pearl Harbour) for creating a thoroughly logical and highly persuasive critique of the Bush administration's official account of what happened on the morning of 9/11.

After that, many highly thoughtful people around the world became convinced that Griffin's case was hard to dismiss. As astonishing as it seemed at the time, the official account just could not be true, because Griffin proved that it was riddled with serious inconsistencies.
Griffin is a master logician and he elucidates the problem with the official account better than anyone else writing about it and he is the acknowledged father figure of the 9/11 truth movement.

The world of 9/11 truth is dimissively referred to as 'truthers' by the mainstream media (like the anti-obama people who claim that Obama cannot be president because he was not born on US soil are called 'birthers') . It's ingenious to call people who are after the truth 'truthers', the irony is astonishing. It's easy and intellectual lazy to label people pejoratively a priori as a cover and permission to thoroughly ignore them.

David Ray Griffin's world of 9/11 truth is manifestly not one of lizards, illuminati, hidden japanese gold, the zionist did it, and all sorts of other disreputable nonsense that you can dredge up on the internet. It is instead, a world of careful empircal analysis, a very clear presentation of both sides and it is so succintly put that it's a joy to read, a joy tempered only by the grave nature of the subject matter.
Because the subtitle is '10 years after, when state crimes against demoracy succeed', much has been learned since Griffin's first book in 2004.

3 things stand out for me in this extremely important and superbly written book.

1) The fact that the mainstream media dismisses 'truthers' even though they now have more and more accredited professional scientists (particularly engineers, architects, pilots and chemists) who are thoroughly sceptical of the official account.
Anyone could say 'so what' there are controversies about everything, these scientist are clearly duped by a few internet movies and the mainstream is right. However, you can't do that honestly if you refuse even to engage with their evidence. And the evidence is overwhelming.
That's the key, the media is on the side of George Bush and the neocons when it comes to the scientific explanation of why 3 towers fell that day. This, given the record of that mendacious and disastrous administration is a very shaky place to put your faith.
A much more honest thing to do would be to engage these scientists in open debates against any accredited scientist who would want to back the official version and if you really think they are wrong, have a vote at the end by a large audience and if they lose the vote comprehensively you will at least have given them a fair airing and helped to discredit them. The Trouble is, the evidence that the towers were blown up is extremely persuasive and the 9/11 truth movement is growing all the time around the world amongst the general public and for the purposes of this review, much more importantly, experienced highly trained building professionals. This is a very good reason the media don't want to give them an airing.
It is simply not a credible stance for a media organisation to simply say to a qualified structural engineer who is willing to risk career suicide, "what you are saying is by definition nonsense, therefore we are right to ignore you and in fact we are going to do our best to marginalise you". Clearly what is happening here is an organised campaign to hide the truth and much more sinisterly to pretend that there are no dissenters and to destroy their credibility using underhand tactics and arguments that are not befitting of a media organisation in a democracy. We know on the record that the New York Times was a handmaiden to The Bush administration in his campaign to prosecute the illegal Iraq war. What we have here now is basically a media that acts as a fig leaf for the murderous abuse of power. This is thoroughly disheartening. If the media were even remotely interested in the truth, they would not try to bury the story of the millenium and shore up further the criminal elites whom they clearly serve. I'm not surprised that newspapers are dying out, I think many people are disgusted by their sycophancy, hypocrisy and obvious toadying to power. A society that blocks the flow of information, that has a press that is an organ of state propaganda is a society in serious decline, and we can see that in the US.

Something is seriously wrong in the world, when a group of Architects and engineers at great personal risk to their careers, credibility and maybe even lives, put together a thorough 2 hour presentation full the brim with EVIDENCE and make it freely available for people to see, and still people will say, "I don't need to see that, this is that mindless conspiracy rubbish".
I mean, surely, the very existence of a 2 hour presentation by industry experts who have nothing to gain and everything to lose from what they are saying, mandates that every human being should at least watch it. If they think it's nonsense after, well, at least they watched it

Griffin quotes Hitler's following remark, and I found it very appropriate:

because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation

lastly...2 people who joined the movement after their whistleblowing lost them their jobs

Kevin Ryan (on the fraudulent official NIST report into the WTC collapse)
"To me the report in question represents a decision point, not just for the US, but for humanity as a whole. We're at a point, we must decide if we will live consciously, or literally give up our entire reality for a thin veneer of lies"

The 2nd is Tony Farrell an intelligence analyst for the UK police who came to understand that the biggest threat were internal (i.e inside jobs and not from the so-called terrorists) and was dismissed because his strong christian conscience forbade him to conceal his beliefs. This was a position of profound integrity, which cannot be said for the whole rotten edifice of lies issuing from the corrupt and dysfunctional US political system, whose out of control warmongering around the world is in plain sight for all to see.
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on 3 October 2011
This, David Ray Griffin's most recent book on 9/11 re-affirms his undisputed title as the World's Intellectual Super Heavy Weight Champion. There simply is no other title contender who comes even close to David. His clarity of thought transferred so elegantly onto written words backed by thorough and meticulous exercise of due diligence makes David the true pioneer in the battle against the "War of Terror". I have read almost all his previous books on the subject matter. Just as I think that David cannot possibly better his last book, he pleasantly surprises me with yet another masterpiece.

David's, by now familiar, uncompromising style in backing his statements with irrefutable and indelible evidence has of course continued in this book. But what make this book different to the others is that he is clearly now asking the truth movement to step up the fight and intellectually challenge the left-wing gatekeepers of the establishment and the status quo. People who so often in the past had themselves been the pioneers seeking truth, but have somehow now bought into the fabricated and vacuous notion of Nationalist Faith.

I fully recommend this book for all seekers of truth and justice, David Ray's latest masterpiece - and hopefully not his last.
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on 30 May 2016
Griffin continues to write excellent material, but shies away from a full understanding of the security camera footage. Having independently demonstrated that the forward cam is edited to excise the vehicle and display only smoke (interpreted as a 'nose' or 'missile') it seems I am anticipated by Pier Paulo Murru and 'Boolean subtraction", (which I refer to as pixel-reveal).
However Griffin fails to record further evidence that can be gleaned from the images, as well as downplaying the significance of the deception. Tampering with evidence in a criminal trial is itself a criminal offence, making the US DoD editing a criminal offence, perhaps the first and only such verifiable offence, and yet which has not been prosecuted.
Griffin avoids further details regarding the images, so the following may also have been anticipated but I state them here and my analysis can be seen and read in "911 Pentagon Strike: US DoD Criminal Action". The images show that:
a) the flight path of the vehicle is at least 60 degrees and as much as 90 degrees off the 'official' track (taking it across empty parkland and terminating in a military facility)
b) the vehicle cannot (contrary to Griffin et al) have been a B757
c) a well defined but faint vehicle outline is present with consistent airplane/missile planform (fuselage, hint of wings, vertical tail, single engine)
d) that vehicle outline can be scaled off the Pentagon and track and shown to be far too small to be a B757 (supporting b) but approximately the right size for eg: an AGM86
e) contrary to the WTC 'fuel' explosion which occurs deep inside the building, the Pentagon explosion occurs primarily at the face of the building (though I mention that as only a secondary matter)
Using the pixel-reveal technique:
f) there are no pixels available to be a vehicle ahead of the forward cam 'smoke' confirming that the image is a composite, whence tampering and a criminal offence; supported by discoloration
g) there are no pixels available in the rear cam shot other than those of the small 'vehicle'. Those attempting to show a B757 have no pixels with which to do so
The trajectory of the vehicle is supported by:
h) a linear smoke-trail with smoke-trail shadow away from the Pentagon which is:
I) at least parallel to if not converging with, as it moves away from the Pentagon, a path feature clearly discernible in overhead shots
j) which itself is angled to the right (north) from the perpendicular, rather than the left (south)
k) thus the trajectory is at least from the north of the perpendicular
l) That is further supported by the perspective convergence of the vehicle/smoke trail to shadow line (wide to the right, narrow at point of impact)

In short, proper analysis of the image, contrary to Griffin, is sufficient to render all other analysis superfluous, precisely the reverse of his position.

It shows that:
A) The US Govt lied about the trajectory, the nature of the vehicle
B) That the US DoD evidence shows a vehicle the size of a cruise missile or similar munition, such as operated only by the US military and government
C) That on the trajectory, the 'witnesses' to the B757 (which may have existed but didn't hit the Pentagon) are irrelevant
D) That this eliminates the absurd 'melting balsa airplane' required for the lack of impact damage on the face of the Pentago
E) That regardless of opinion, the tampering is itself a criminal act by a US government agency regarding 9/11

In short, it is all that is needed for a rational human being to recognise that the government lied, used military munitions, and lied again.

Everything else is supportive, and reinforces what even the most ardent loyalist might have trouble refuting, that 9/11 was indeed a false flag event.

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on 17 October 2013
Overall a very well researched and well written insight into the events of 9/11. I would have given the review five stars except from time to time David Ray Griffin strays into unsupported supposition which in my view detracts and perhaps devalues the more factual evidence he produces.

As an example, he queries why so few passengers on the hijacked aircraft made phone calls, suggesting that in his view far more would have called loved ones once they new the planes had been hijacked. Of course, there's no evidence to support this view, and it would be just as easy to argue a contrary position, questioning whether any passengers would have had the presence of mind to make a call in such a situation, and instead casting doubt over why the number of calls was so high.

Despite this minor criticism, I'd recommend this book strongly for anyone looking beyond official accounts of the events of 9/11.
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