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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 15 April 2013
You can imagine the scene at any of the leading airlines when a little orange airline started way back in 1995 with just 2 aircraft, I bet they laughed and imagined it wouldnt be long before the big boys walked all over them! Well how they were wrong this little upstart now has over 180 aircraft and flies millions of passengers all over Europe, they have contributed to the fundamental change in how we all fly.

This book talks you through how the little airline by thinking different and doing things differently managed to make an awfully big impression. You get to hear about the personality that is Stelios and his clean desk policy, the takeover of Go the British Airways low cost alternative. All in all a very interesting and fascinating read if you want to hear how the little orange airline made such an impression!l
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on 11 October 2010
What a FANTASTIC read! Anderson has managed to describe in a fun yet insightful manner the way in which a group of individuals can turn a dream into reality. This unpretentious - rare in marketing - look at the creation of what is now a household name is a must read for anybody with an ounce of an entrepreneurial spirit.

He has managed to construct a really easy read in a format that makes you want to read on. Genuinely one of the most enjoyable reads for a long time. This is real life, not a text book account of marketing. You can imagine the team being at Luton Airport thinking up new ideas, manually counting the bums on seats and tap dancing through a host of challenges. A fantastic demonstration of how simple hard work and determination can win through.
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on 1 November 2010
If you're looking for a marketing text that gives you bullets, lists and graphs, then this isn't the book for you. If you're looking to get to grips with how a smaller organisation can use its shorter decision making process and `balls' to its advantage, then this is a must. It also happens to be laugh out loud funny on occasion - quite a USP for a business book!
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on 15 November 2010
When a cheeky little upstart airline, with just two leased aircraft painted in lurid orange, takes on the mighty British Airways the sparks begin to fly! This fascinating book is a `must read' for anyone interested in marketing, public relations, and even the slightest bit curious about the world of aviation and low cost airlines. The fascinating story of how easyJet took to the skies, together with the incredible `out of the box' thinking which produced some gloriously outrageous and innovative marketing and public relations coups, has been superbly caught by Tony Anderson in this excellent book.

You could spend a fortune on books covering management techniques, company operations, the art of marketing and public relations and so on. Don't. Rush to buy this book instead. You will be entertained, educated and amazed at the cunning with which Stelios and Tony, and the rest of the team, took on the big boys of aviation who were, as events turned out, rather too quick to dismiss the new boys on the aviation blocks.

You also need to buy and read this book to discover a newspaper headline that could have been. It made me roar with laughter so much I nearly fell out of bed! The headline? Ah, now that would be telling - buy the book and discover for yourself!
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on 9 January 2012
Get on board, fasten your seat belt and get amazed discovering how a small start up company has been able to play in the arena of commercial aviation and to win its place among 800-pound gorillas!
If you expect from this book a kind of lecture about the most consolidated techniques of marketing you'd probably better look for an academic book but if you really would like to learn from a first hand experience how marketing can drive to excellent results through passion, dedication, enthusiasm, sacrifice and intuitions that's a state of the art piece of work.
It's an adventure across difficulties and success. An adventure made up of women and men, of a team of persons working together not for the sake of a mere employee book but for the consciousness of being part of something new, challenging yet demanding and, to a certain extent, risky.
The words and the rhythm of this book are perfectly able to transmit the adrenaline that the author, Tony Anderson, first marketing director at easyJet, experienced during the first five years of life of the company.
I would recommend this book. You might encounter some turbulence that will destabilise some of your preconceptions and, by the time of landing you will surely consider to change your point of view about marketing and, why not, about your approach to day by day work.
Happy reading and enjoy your flight then!
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on 24 September 2010
What a fun, yet insightful read. Anderson really draws you into the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mentality of the early easyJet and the instinctive fashion in which Stelios and co built the business. You'll find yourself inwardly cheering as blows are rained down on the Gorillas in question, who had long depended on regulation and travel agents to maintain the status quo, though you may cringe at the litigious nature of the airline industry, a route that Stelios was only too happy to pursue.

It's fascinating to read how a culture of collaboration and good treatment of the junior staff manifested itself in a determination to get the customers to where they needed to go but yet the senior management were chained to the coal face. How things have changed. Next time you find yourselves stuck in a queue at an easyJet boarding gate, be armed with this book and treat yourself to a bit of perspective.
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on 24 February 2011
Whatever size, sector or type of business you have you will take great heart in hearing how the marketing ideas of one tiny start up airline took on the might of the Gorilla to become king of the jungle.

I not only had the privellage of reading this book cover to cover but have also watched the story unfold by Tony Anderson himself on a recent speaking tour of Persia.

Tony is a true marketer who lead the airline into the Jungle with great guile and energy.

The pr stunts are pure genius and the way in which they utlise advertising spend and creativity is a joy to watch and read. From telephone numbers on the sides of planes to orange boiler suits you will love the ideas and concepts which have made this airline one of the most successful in the world.

If you don't get to see Tony live then you quite simply must buy this book!!!
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on 24 October 2010
The book offers a nice accurate account of the start up and infancy years of easyJet. I was privileged to be there to witness most of the incidents recalled in the book and especially work with Stelios. Reading through the chapters floods of memories came rushing in. It made a very pleasant read and could hardly put it down. It's amazing what a brilliant leader, a bunch of inspired enthusiastic employees and the right market forces can produce. It was the best 10 years of my working life, been alongside most people mentioned in the book. Thanks to Tony Anderson, the start up years of easyJet will stay in history. A unique airline that changed the way people perceived travel in Europe. Without easyjet and the few bold ones that defied the norm we would probably still paying through the nose for air tickets. Probably we would never know what a hen party in Amsterdam is all about. Stelios intention was to revolutionise the air travel industry and bring it to the masses. I think he succeeded it and this book is a lovely memento of his vision, pioneering thinking and no nonsense approach to his working practices. Just following his gut feeling as Stelios used to say but also by keeping an eye on the figures got easyjet where it is today! A must read that will inspire anyone thinking in venturing into business.
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on 2 March 2011
A great read from cover to cover and makes a huge change from the usual self aggrandizement or merely tedious recital of facts that some businessmen turned authors are prone to turn out. Tony brings the remarkable story of the launch and success of easyJet to life in his own inimitable manner. It takes a lot to be a part of a start-up; few realise how much until they try themselves and many a corporate individual fails to make the transition. I should imagine it was a wonderful time and lots of fun as well as frustration was had - taking on the Big Boys has never been easy. 'Have a Plan' but don't be afraid to change it is a great lesson to take from this book, and finding different/better ways of doing things rather than just bigger is a great way to challenge the norm and the Gorillas in the corporate environment. Use this book to inspire entrepreneurial thinking in any size of organisation and you can only do well by it.
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on 15 November 2010
This book provides great insight into the start-up phase of easyJet described by Tony Anderson, easyJet's first Marketing Director. A great read written in a straightforward and quirky manner, describing the tough challenges easyJet faced in the early days taking on the established airlines in a fiercely competitive industry, where many others had tried and failed. I was lucky to have been part of the team working alongside Tony and Stelios and reading this book brought back fond memories. The entrepreneurial spirit at easyJet as described by Tony, stimulated a culture of doing things differently (very differently!) and taking risks, which made it a really fun and exciting environment to work in.
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