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on 7 February 2016
This book is a must for anyone thinking of starting out in business. Brad explains exactly what life is like when you leave the safe world of employment and start to shape your destiny in the land of self employment. It is refreshingly honest, humorous and full of tips which sound common sense but yet most of us have never thought to put them into practice. Which makes It great for people to read who are already in business, like me, but their businesses are not where they want them to be. It is written in a very readable style and will give you lots to think about. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to reading the sequel.
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on 28 May 2017
So, GOYA is a book for those thinking of making a change, but are hesitant to do so.
The message is clear, clue is in the title, just get off your arse and do it.

Brad Burton, the author, does a very good job at telling his story, from nothing to where he is today.

Many of us are not very good at self praise and realising our self worth, this book doesn't give you all the answers, but it gives you the questions you should be asking yourself and what those possible answers translate into.

This book is not just for people who have a business, it is also for people who have a life, that's right, the principals applied to the business side of you can also be applied to your actual life, in terms of goals, achievements amongst others.

I won't go into the content, but if you ever find yourself wishing you were doing something else, or dreading that Monday morning commute into the loving open armed place we call "Work", it's worth a read, it'll open your eyes if not make you change yourself for the better.

To summarise, the book isn't going to be for everyone, some will find it useful, others not so, I found it useful, I do believe that everyone, even if you don't admit it, will find some useful tip or information in this book!
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on 19 January 2015
I've read a ton of business books and they, broadly speaking, fall into two categories. "Page Turners" or "Book Burners" and this was a complete page turner: read in one sitting, part auto-biographical, part motivational it maps Brad's journey through the pain and suffering of building his 4N Networking. Lessons learned and "going for it" advice. Full of energy and easy to read, written in a very conversational and light tone. There's not one big "AHA!" but there are several recognisable moments which I've shared. It is always interesting to read the unvarnished truth as it happened, you instantly trust the people who share genuine human moments.
If you want a text book of theory this ain't gonna be for you, but if you want a warts-n-all insight into starting your business and some good motivational moments from someone who was not born with a spoon in his mouth then Brad is going to be right up yer jitty!

Thanks you Brad, "Get of Your Arse Two" Review on its way, after I finish reading it, it promises more of the same!
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on 2 November 2015
Brad Burton! A straight talking bloke. There is no wasting time when your in his presence and I can tell you from personal experience that Brad is a great fella. Back in 2014 on the 18th of September I flew sown to England from Scotland to attend the Business Networking Show at Brad's request and i can tell you from reading this book He's every bit the super motivated get up and achieve kind of bloke you could expect.

This book is a great read from start to finish and it's not your typical boring self help kind of style either. Brad mixes up the real hard lessons you and me can expect to experience growing up in Manchester and then going through all the crazy wonderful experiences he did and it's infused with a sense of pride and honesty that held my attention for the few hours it took me to complete this book.

I still have my copy in my book shelf and from time to time open it up at random pages and instantly receive a fun or real life reminder of who i can be,

You wont be disappointed with your purchase and i can attest to the real and down to earth style that you can only come to expect from the very down to earth bloke that Brad is.

He's a family man. An honest business man, A hard worker, and yes he is completely nuts! But the good kind.

Brad made me feel very at ease in his presence but he didn't hold any punches and demanded i stretch beyond my current belief systems. Which i did and i am very grateful for.

Go grab your self a copy of the book right now and start to get off your arse!

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on 4 February 2015
GOYA is an incredible book, for putting life and your attitude to life and business into perspective. I recommend if your exploring the idea of taking the leap of faith into the 'being the BOSS' world, I would suggest you invest some time into this book. Brad's motivational attitude is felt through out which make it utterly engaging. Might I also add the simplicity of GOYA means its easy to understand, ultimately making it a more productive read. The strength of this book is certainly BB's inspirational story and immediately I knew BB is my kind of person and have to meet him! Your feel his energy while your reading GOYA and its great having some laugh out loud moments too.
GOYA opened my eyes and I feel has supported the preparation of my journey and I actually owe a lot of gratitude to both BB and this book because I got off my arse! I want to share with you a quick story; Within 3 days of reading this GOYA I had resigned from that sole destroying job. You know that job when what you really WANT is to be in BUSINESS, its never going to be satisfying as that's not your purpose or your passion. That's the reality! So 3 days later = no job, 5 days later = a limited company, 5 days later = a CEO, 7 days later = my own office... that's the power of this book in a nut shell. Yes I had been working and perfecting my master plan for 14 months, and yes I had been reading business's books throughout and beyond this period but none of them induced them light bulb moments! None of them have caused me to question my mentality in quite the way GOYA did and conclusively none of them got me off my arse. Now my dream is my reality and finally I am ALIVE. If you haven't clicked buy yet, why not? This life is no dress rehearsal - get off your arse and enjoy the read/ride! BB is number 1 for a reason!
Thank you BB for your sharing your story in such a way, that's a gift.
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on 2 September 2015
This book is as refreshingly direct as the title suggests. No frills, no pulled punches, just simple and direct advice for both the aspiring business owner and for those of us who have been in the game for many years. Its one of those 'I wish I had read this when I started' books but then again like all advice received when we are younger, would I have taken any notice? I appreciate it now, its wealth of valuable information and shared experiences, because I have been through many both similar and exactly the same as Brad. He writes as he speaks (I checked out some of his YouTube videos) and he is honest, vulnerable and funny. He has clearly achieved success now but shows that he hasn't forgotten the pain, the frustration and the self-doubt that everyone on the entrepreneurial journey feels. Its a short, punchy read which reminded me of things that I had forgotten and kicked me in the arse to get doing with things that I know I should be doing as well as offering a few new (to me) ideas. Well worth the read. I recommend it.
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on 31 May 2018
Brad has to be the greatest self help mentor of our time. His no nonsense & down to earth approach to becoming a success is a breath of fresh air from the guff you get in most personal development books I have read.
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on 3 May 2016
In his own inimitable way, Brad shares his personal story of down and not quite out – but close to becoming one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and the Founder of 4 Networking, one of the UK’s biggest networking businesses. It’s a great motivational read. Do what Brad suggests …. And you’ll achieve the success you want too.
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on 6 October 2014
Let's be frank - Brad Burton tells how it is. He doesn't bath anyone in horsepoo, by offering some general advice nicely wrapped in big corporate language. He nips in the bud all the issues with running a small, one man operation. Cash flow problems, lack of sale, inability to pull wool over the wife's eyes any longer. And more importantly - he doesn't offer "an-instant-money-making-pyramid-like-shit-you-ain't-gonna-make-a-buck-unless-you-send-me-a-cheque-for-5-shitillions-quid" scheme. Instead, he says how it is.

Some said in their reviews that Brad Burton would do with a proofreader or a ghost writer. To me, his writing style is true with the idea behind the book. The 4N creator seems to say "Well, I'm not a professional writer and I call 'em as I see 'em." He's not pompous. He gives it straight.

It inspired me to sit down and re-evaluate my life. Perhaps I may come back to running my own one-man band? At least now I know what I've been doing wrong for all these years...
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on 16 May 2016
Absolutely fabulous No Nonsense, common sense book. You read it and think... "Yes" that makes sense and "Bloody hell I did that," I would say that it is like sitting in a pub talking to someone about where you went wrong in business when you started and the other person telling you where they also went wrong and what they did to put it right. Do not buy this book if your head is up your posterior but do buy it if you want some honest guidance and a wake up call with where you may or may not be doing the right or indeed wrong thing.... #topmanbrad
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