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i have knitted the entire royal family from this book plus a few separate queens & corgis for people who fell in love with it! it's really easy; the assembly takes longer than the knitting, but it's great fun sewing on sequins for medals on the men's uniforms. everything you could wish for including designs for guests' outfits (knit yourself in a snappy suit and a partner in top hat & tails!) and kate's blue engagement dress. plus a cardboard fold-out balcony for the royals to stand on. my grandson (3) is convinced prince william is postman pat, and the archbishop is a lady (despite the beard?!) but generally an unqualified success. ive also adapted the basic body pattern to knit other little dolls & fairies. ...cant wait for the author's next book on knitting noah's ark...
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on 10 March 2011
Just received my copy this morning. It is delightful and I shall need to get the knitting pins out now to have it all done in time. Just one question. where is the delightful, smart, unspoilt Mrs Middleton. Kate's Mum. Surely the second most important lady at a wedding, even if your new ma in law is the Queen. I shall knit her up regardless but she wont be going in jeans and I have no idea of her style, so going to do her in Pink unless she asks otherwise. I adore the corgis.Thank you Fiona
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on 28 March 2011
I spotted this in the bookshop on saturday and had to buy it for my mum for mothers day. It is hilarious!! I doubt she would actually knit this as it looks quite fiddly but its a nice unsual gift and i know it'll make her laugh. On the otherhand she might be itching to knit it and i will end up with a knitted Royal Family for my birthday......should have thought of that before!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 April 2011
I saw this book last week and thought I could resist but have given up and now have it on order.

I was speaking to the lady that owns my LYS and her complaint was Kate's face is not pretty enough in this knitted version to make her want to stock the book.

I was not deterred, especially after hearing that when she recently make a knitted Little Mermaid, the face went totally wrong.

I'm looking forward to doing the embroidery on the faces and those TOTALLY CUTE teeny little hats.

I think the Duke medals and stuff are going to be a lot of fun.

This is a fantastic idea for a book, a knitting binge and a keepsake.

I will update this review when I've got a couple of the figures under my hat.

I was so glad that it uses DK, I'm no fan of 4-ply.

I might also make the little dogs into key fobs or bag charms..... oH WHAT FUN !!!!!


I have now received the book and am extremely happy with it. All the little clothes and the figures themselves are constructed by making 2 pieces. That means you won't need Double Pointed Knitting Needles ! How fantastic is that!
The increasing and decreasing methods are my favourites: K2tog/ SSK + KF&B/ M1F
As all the pieces (except for the shoes) use Double Knitting Yarn, that means you can get lots of colours from the TAPESTRY WOOL range at your local yarn store.
I'm so excited about this book because eventually I intend to use the pattern templates to create versions of my own family !!!
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on 13 May 2011
This book has quite literally saved my life. I work in a low temperature environment (cold meat storage in lidl). This can be uncomfortable in long streches as I carelessly complained to my nan during one of our countdown marathons. From the following week I found myself in receipt of a steady stream of knitted garments designed to ease my suffering. Alas they had the opposite effect. I'm not a strong willed individual at the best of times so couldn't bring myself to refuse the hat and gloves that came first, even though the "pigtail" attachments on the hat and linking stretch of braided wool between the gloves drew some scorn from the gathered hoodies at the precinct. I have to admit they were cosy and I had grown rather fond of them but one particular young man with a BMX and an ASBO thought they'd provide more warmth by being set on fire on my walk home. The followig week it was a Dave Starsky zip up cardigan... at least the cut was Starsky, the colour scheme was more Timmy Mallet. This went in a rather tiresome mugging the same evening in the Greenock badlands; the muggers removed my shoes to prevent me pursuing them, a wholly unecessary precaution on their part as my girlfriend had told me she would dump me if I ever wore it in public again. The fact that she did this over the tannoy in Greenock Lidl where we both work was i felt a little on the cruel side but she's a lot bigger than me so I didn't complain. The final straw came with the aztec smock in week 3, hoodie hell on the way to work, public domestic in lidl and a threat to set me on fire next time on the way home had me at a low, but the sight of the flourescent green knitted trainers my nan had done to replace the ones that went in the mugging meant I had to act. I got this book on express, emergency next day delivery and it arrived just in the nick of time. Nan struggled at first with Beatrix and Eugenie's hats but she's now storming through Elton and David Furnish and say's she's starting on the coach and horses next week..... phew!
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on 11 March 2011
What a fantastic and inventive way of celebrating the wedding!! I received my copy this morning and I have already started on the patterns. It is very clearly explained and easy to understand, and should suit knitters of any ability. Im going to need to get some more wool though!!!
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on 23 March 2011
Knit Your Own Royal Wedding An excellent product which is keeping my wife busy all day and she has only done two of the Royals.I just hope she will get it all knitted by the 29th April.
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on 31 March 2011
I have been knitting for 60 years so my knitting needles and not metric, you need old size 11 for most of the knitting and size 12. If you find this too fiddley just go up a size needle, you can hardly see the difference in the size of the "family". Good Luck..
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on 4 April 2011
This is a really fun book! I have just finished the royal couple and have started on the adorable corgis. The patterns are really easy to follow. Stitching the figures together is a bit fiddly as they are very small but everything does come together in a very satisfying way. I would have liked suggestions on which wool to buy as I couldn't find all the shades I need in the wool brand I eventually settled on. I also had problems finding the little bits and bobs (ribbons, sequins etc) - maybe someone could come up with a kit with all the necessaries?
Some friends of mine are getting married in June and I'll knit them a wedding party next.
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on 11 March 2011
As soon as I heard about this book, I had to have it and it does not disappoint. The figures look easy to knit using DK yarn and ordinary needles and there are extra patterns, so keepsakes can be knitted for any event, Royal or otherwise. Let your imagination run riot.
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