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on 1 June 2017
What an absorbing book! The story centres on Kaz who had heard that her daughter, Jamie, had been killed in a car accident and passer-by Dev who came to offer her comfort as he held the dying girl in her last moments. However there is a problem as Dev notices that Kaz's house photos do not match the child he consoled. Therefore is Jamie still alive? Kaz and Dev then search for Jamie in Italy and this novel recounts their journey to its ultimate outcome and the people they encounter. Very enjoyable and well worth reading............
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on 9 July 2012
I read this as one of my book club's choices, as this is not something I would normally have picked up, however that is the very point of joining a book club! We initially chose it as a crime thriller which it is, to an extent, but I do agree with the reviews on here that it is probably just as comfortable in the romance section.

As a crime thriller it's an enjoyable enough romp: plenty of action and intrigue from the off with many a twist along the way. Every time you think we have reached the climax of the story, there is another blindsider to throw the reader off course. The key protagonist, Devlin, has an unspecified background in dark and dangerous goings on, which ups the ante of the journey. Throw in mistaken identities, a couple of psychopaths and the obligatory location changes which take us to the relatively unchallenging streets of Italy and the USA and you have a recipe for a good old fashioned 'how's it all going to work out?' style plot.

However, as the we get drawn deeper into the story and the threads continue to unravel, one can't help but begin to feel that this is all a bit TOO fantastical while at the same time, not really giving enough meat to its bones. To give an example: there are references to a character named only as 'Luce' peppered throughout the earlier chapters but even when he is brought into the main action, it is never clear who he is or what his motivation is. Similarly, other secondary characters such as Kaz's ex-husband do not really flesh out in any satisfying conclusion. The actual climax of the story, where we finally learn the truth behind the rollercoaster plot, had something of a 'Scooby Doo ending' feel to it. There is a rather unbelievable account of the reason for the masterplan, and the reader is left feeling that it was all wrapped up just a bit too neatly.

Moving on to the romance side of the novel, this is where I really struggled. Admittedly, I actively avoid most modern literature in this category, although I am not immune to a good love story within an over-arching plot. Unfortunately it felt as though the relationship between Devlin and Kaz detracted too much from the drive of the storyline. For a recently bereaved mother meeting a stranger who rakes up the most painful event of her life, she appeared to easily dismiss her grief in favour of fantasising about Devlin! Furthermore, the speed with which the two characters got it on eradicated any sexual tension that could have been mentioned, despite the author's avid attempts to create it. There is only so much one can take of 'Christ he was getting hard just thinking about it.' Yes, you fancy each other, we get it! Can we just get on with the story please?

It is fair to say that Devlin's character develops at a sound pace and we can clearly see how his character arc transforms. Kaz is slightly more ambiguous and other than physical attraction, is is not always apparent what the draw is for Devlin. Additionally, Kaz's response to some of Devlin's behaviour in their relationship is nothing short of masochistic. It's a kind of 'fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me' scenario. Again (and I don't think this will spoil the book for people) it all seems to wrap up a bit too neatly in the end.

Perhaps this is merely confirmation that this genre isn't for me - I like a bit more realism with my romantic heroes! - and as a poolside book for your holidays it would certainly spice up the sangria. For the grittier crime thriller fan, I would steer you back towards Ian Rankin!
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on 24 May 2017
OMG I loved this book! Straight away I was hooked and as soon as the bombshell was dropped, I couldn't put this book down. I was annoyed when I had to go to sleep and go to work!! Such a shame this hasn't had many goodreads reviews as it is an amazing book! Will definitely be recommending it.
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on 25 April 2017
Really enjoyed this book, plenty of action to keep you turning the pages and a twist at the end. A must read.
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on 27 March 2014
I got into this story really well and thought the plot a good one and i really enjoyed it. Well worth the read and I got it for free for my kindle so was even more pleased. Good writing with a mixture of romance and the thriller about it. If you can read it. you will not be disappointed .
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on 31 March 2012
Having sorted the job in Atlanta, security consultant, Devlin is returning to Chicago, but with his hatred of flying he decides to drive part of the way. In the wrong place at the wrong time - it depends on your point of view, but coming upon an accident, he is in time to hold the hand of a dying girl.

Six months later, his job takes him to London, the home of the young girl who died in the accident, who he has since learned was in America on a visit to her father. Although he had left his details at the time of the accident Devlin had been surprised that no family member had contacted him to ask about the young girl's dying moments. Now visiting London he decides to at least call and leave his card.

His visit to Kaz Elmore, the young girl's mother brings unexpected revelations. Could Jamie still be alive? His quest to find the truth uncovers deception, murder and obsession.

Although this book is classed as romantic suspense, I found it a most intriguing mystery. It moves at a cracking pace with constant surprises. The story twists and turns. But it is also a love story as the two people with initially no current interest in embarking on a relationship find in each other an overwhelming attraction. Kaz vulnerable and still grieving for her dead daughter, and Devlin a man with a dangerous past. If you like a good mystery that keeps you on the edge of your chair, with a strong love element, this has both in spades. Highly recommended.
Lizzie Hayes
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on 19 September 2013
This was recommended to me by a friend - she knew I enjoyed thrillers - and I wasn't disappointed. I was caught by the many twists and turns and loved the way we were led on several false trails, one of which which led to a dramatic ending. Yes, there were one or two expected tropes, but this is a thriller and a well-written and fast-paced one.

The past of each character is nicely unfurled, sometimes tantalisingly, so we itch to know more. Inevitably, we don't find out everything about everybody - there aren't enough pages - but I would have like a little more about Luce's motivation apart from the fact he was a nasty piece of work, but that's a niggle.

Kaz, the heroine, her life inevitably coloured in grieving for her dead child, is resilient without seeming artificially feisty. The hero, Devlin, with a delightfully murky past, becomes affected by his attraction to the heroine, and after much inner conflict, faces up to a radical change in his life. I thought their developing relationship well handled and realistic.

The title is clever; not just referring to the missing Jamie, but to Devlin, so divorced from reality, he is convinced he'll never reconnect and to Kaz who struggles to find closure after the death of her child. An enjoyable read and one I'd recommend.
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on 15 March 2012
Never Coming Home by Evonne Wareham

Kaz Elmore has allowed her 5 year old daughter to go on an access visit to the US to spend time with her father, Kaz's ex-husband. There is a tragic accident and Jamie, Kaz's daughter is pronounced as dead at the scene.

Devlin a Security Consultant happens to be driving by and cradles a little girl whilst she dies in a car crash, on a visit to the UK he feels compelled to visit the mother Kaz and offer his condolences and reassurance that her daughter did not suffer.

Without too many spoilers we then follow the story to Italy, Germany, we have family skeletons, a protégée, and many surprises. At no point whilst reading this book is it possible to predict what is coming.

Wareham treats her readers with respect, and the book is pacey, but reliable and has enough depth to be worth reading, but it is not stuffy, difficult or taxing.

Brilliant book, and if you only buy one book this month I would recommend that this is the one.

Personal read 5/5
Book group Read 5/5

The Commuting Bookworm 15/03/12
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on 20 July 2012
What a fabulous début novel, on her website welcome page the author claims to write romantic suspense, romantic thrillers, romance with a darker edge, well it is true, she does! If you like your romance with more than a dash of suspense then Evonne Wareham is going to be an author to look out for. Her next novel Out of Sight, Out of Mind is due to be published next year and I will certainly be adding it to my wishlist.

A missing child, assumed dead, not a scenario that is going to immediately appeal to parents but get beyond your initial apprehension and pick up this book to read. You will not I do not think be disappointed as the author deals with this sensitive issue in a compelling way, as the mystery unfolds in the lives of the protagonists Devlin and Kaz Elmore. Devlin is the mysterious stranger that comes unexpectedly into the life of Kaz after he witnessed the death of her young daughter. Whilst on a business trip to London he decides to introduce himself to Kaz to hopefully give her some comfort knowing her daughter was not alone when she died. It turns out to be a lot more complicated though when seeing a photo of Jamie Elmore, he realises that maybe it was not her in the car at all! The police however consider the incident closed so Kaz decides to investigate enlisting Devlin to help her do so. The mystery thickens and the search leads them into danger as they try to discover the truth, while the intrigue is building so is the emotional connection between the two of them.

No need to say more though, as spoilers can ruin a book for others, except that if you are looking for a mystery that will keep you turning the pages with a romantic relationship then this has what you are looking for. Oh yes an added bonus for me was the fact that part of the story is set in Italy!
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on 21 August 2013
I was totally enraptured by this story, where was it going, how would it end? The characters were razor sharp, and the dialogue real and edgy. Sometimes it made me flinch but I had to keep turning the pages. Brilliant debut from a talented new writer.
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